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Festival of Defiance? "Majáles" in 50s and 60s of 20th century in Czechoslovakia.
Šťástka, Jan ; Himl, Pavel (advisor) ; Roubal, Petr (referee)
In this thesis based on research of historical sources I try to reconstruct the Prague festival of majales in 50s and 60s of 20th century and understand if they were truly meant as an act of defiance against the communist "régime" as some historians say. My point of view is base around the theory of Michail Bachtin and carnival as form of culturally creative force which act as form of social order negotiation. Worlds of play and laughter exist as a parallel to the official mundane world with their own different rules and they can be used as a form of social negotiation even in totalitarian or strongly conservative "régimes". Majales is a form of carnival that grants the transition into the world of play. Students in Czechoslovakia could use this possibility to negotiate about many otherwise taboo topics. Even if the worlds of play and mundane seem to be separated they influence each other in many ways and even the rules of mundane world can be changed through play and carnival. Students are also protected by their liminal status between being a child and an adult. Which grants them more rights than children but less duties than adults.
Larp - Theater without spectators
Šťástka, Jan ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Kopecká, Anna (referee)
This work deals with the phenomenon of role-playing games with emphasis on social action and dramatic games of the larp. Introduction explains the basic anthropological and sociological ideas of game theory from the works of several leading theorists of the game theory. The following section deals with the game and non game predecessors of LARP, especially the theme of history and social significance in society. LARP itself is defined and described in terms of gaming and its history in the world and in the Czech Republic. Part of it is dedicated to larp subculture whose existence may not be obvious at first glance. In another part the classification of different types of games in the CR is done and well-known and most significant associations are listed that have contributed to the Czech larp community. In the research section is a compilation of data and observations from three different games. he aim of this case study is to understand the meaning of these games and their importance for the life of the player. In conclusion the work summarizes the findings from the previous text.

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2 Šťástka, Jakub
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