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Accidents and catastrophes in totalitarian media
Šírová, Tereza ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Děkanovský, Jan (referee) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
The aim of the dissertation "Accidents and Disasters in the Totalitarian Media" is to describe and compare the way how daily press in communist Czechoslovakia informed about transport and industrial accidents that happened in Eastern and Western Bloc. In the practical part, the media coverage of pairs of similar accidents that happened in a short time period (one in Eastern Bloc, the other in Western Bloc) will be analysed. The theoretical part deals with negativity from the view of media studies as well as other social sciences.
Media image of the Apollo 11 spaceflight in the Czechoslovak press
Krumphanzl, Filip ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on media image of the Apollo 11 spaceflight to the Moon and back, including the days right before and after the event. In particular, it is about the image as it was depicted by a three contemporary Czechoslovak daily newspapers - Rudé právo, Mladá fronta and Svobodné slovo in the months of July and August of 1969. Among other things, the work examines whether forenamed newspapers distorted the facts or otherwise misinterpreted the reality that would denigrate the ideological enemy. In other words, whether they were ideologically biased. It is only logical given that the United States was in a state of high alert with the Soviet Union which had it's own cosmic programme. The chapters explaining the international situation, the role of the space program in the Cold War and the conditions of Czechoslovak media back then are part of the theoretical part. This work can serve as an addition to the previously known facts about the propaganda purposes of the Czechoslovak press during the culmination of the Cold War. Due to the detailed analysis of the material, it is possible to distinguish not only how but also the intensity of every specific newspapers about the event.
Transformation of company newsletters on the example of the Jiskra výchdočeských horníků
Králíková, Kateřina ; Vlasák, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis "Transformation of company newsletters on the example of the Jiskra východočeských horníků" deals with mentioned company newsletter, which was issued mainly on biweekly basis in period from 1940 to 1998 by East Bohemian coal mines. The first part of the thesis briefly explains historical frame in which Jiskra was issued. The mining history of Trutnov region and East Bohemina coal mines as company are introduced to the reader. There is described the legal frame of printed media issuing in the second part of the thesis. Practical part is monitoring transformation of company newsletter Jiskra with focus on its function, content and design in each decade of its existence.
Picture of Václav Havel in Czechoslovak press in november and december 1989
Vosáhlo, Jakub ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
Bacelor thesis analysis medial reflection of Václav Havel in czech press in the time of "November 1989". Analysis is focus on changes in presentation of disident and "persona non grata" on medial scene, that changed in very short time to public leader and then president od Czechoslovakia. Thesis first introduces czechoslovak press in specific time of social change, and then analysis, how this change influenced presentation of Václav Havel. For analysis vere chosen influential czech daily papers, that covered whole spectra of opinions on Václav Havel. Medial contents were primarily analysis qualitatively, separated on timelines, to recognition developing tendencies. Then contens of these media was compared in quantitative study, that has analyses differences in relationships to Václav Havel in dependence on events of "November 1989". Thesis acknowlidges same known facts about medial presentation on Václav Havel, but in other parts it openes a new themes and questions, that has not been so much explored to this times. For example ambivalent relationship of daily paper Mladá fronta.
The reaction on Marshall plan in chosen periodics of Czechoslovak press in 1947
Zima, Michal ; Suk, Pavel (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
The Marshall plan meant important step in recovering of European countries from World War II. The aim of this thesis is to describe the Marshall plan and put it into historical context of Czechoslovakian republic. The main emphasis is to analyse selected journals such as Rude pravo, Svobodne slovo and Pravo lidu. The author will focus on the reactions of journals on refusing the Marshall plan by Czechoslovakian government. The main question of the thesis is to answer what were the reactions on this process in journals and in society like.
Massive online open course (MOOC)
Všetíček, Adam ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) bachelor thesis deals with the educational potential of media, focusing on a modern phenomenon in education - the massive open online courses. It traces their development, evaluates the benefits of online learning and identifies the differences between graduates of the massive open online courses in the Czech Republic and abroad, using the questionnaire method. Moreover, the paper documents what preceded the massive online courses, through the development and defining of distance education, e-learning and lifelong education. The readers are also made aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the massive open online courses in comparison to traditional education. The conclusion then summarizes all our findings and research results, as well as it outlines the possibilities of further development of the MOOC. Powered by TCPDF (
Lockerbie disaster in Czech newspaper
Kodera, Martin ; Cihlářová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
The Lockerbie bombing, which happened in December 1988, brings an interesting and unique situation to Czechoslovakian newspapers. A US aircraft is destroyed over British territory, causing 270 people, mostly American and British citizens, to die. Both those countries are perceived as hostile in the media, given they belong to the West, whilst Czechoslovakia is part of the East. However, international terrorism is condemned regardless of the political situation. This paper describes how two biggest Czechoslovakian newspapers - Rudé právo and Mladá fronta - covered the subject. Reporting the incident has two major stages. The first one is informing about a plane crash which unveils as a bomb attack over time. The second stage is marked by suspicion that the explosive used was Czechoslovakian-made Semtex and possible links between Czechoslovakia and terrorist is hinted upon. While the first stage is covered without taking any sides, even though the scale of the coverage is much lower as the incident suggests, the second stage is marked by both newspapers taking a defensive stance against these speculations and are daily reporting about the efforts of Czechoslovakian officials to disprove this claim. The largest deviations from the objectivity criteria is a deviation in impartiality and not in facticity.
How CTK reports: analysis of news agency production on example of air accidents in the Czech republic in 2011
Zuska, Adam ; Trunečková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Šírová, Tereza (referee)
Air accidents related to both airplanes and airliners are often at the centre of heightened media attention. Whereas commercial media often choose to include in their news service only those accidents that result in number of fatalities or in a significant property damage, public service broadcasters should not take into account these criteria on order to provide balanced and versatile news service promoting an independent formation of opinions. In the case of news agencies, whose general mission is to collect and provide information, this assumption is doubly true. This thesis aims to analyse textual news products of the Czech News Agency using the example of the Agency's news coverage of air accident which happened in 2011 in the Czech Republic. This analysis will be used to determine the information quality on The first part of this thesis offers a theoretical basis for analysis - it describes the circumstances of the selection of news and related critical thinking approaches. The second part involves the actual qualitative content analysis of the news, mainly through comparison of media production with institutionally processed data depicting the real state of aviation accidents in the analysed period.

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