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Heritage of Julian Jaynes and contemporary psychology
Shtalman, Polina ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Heller, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the theory of bicameral mind established by Julian Jaynes in the 70s of the previous century - it describes the development and characteristics of human consciousness in the course of human history. Individual chapters aim, firstly, to provide a definition of the term consciousness in a traditional sense, subsequently, to clarify Jaynes' conception of consciousness, then introducing the readers to Jaynes' theories to later, give an account on the crucial topics in psychology that deal with his theory and its current studies. The research proposal for this bachelor thesis is focused on the comparison of auditory hallucinations of mentally healthy individuals and people with schizophrenia in the Czech Republic.
Discriminatory analysis of subjective well-being and psychological well-being concepts
Darániová, Lucie ; Blatný, Marek (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
In this thesis we dealt with two important theoretical concepts of well-being - subjective (E. Diener) and psychological (C. Ryff). Previous work has demonstrated the conceptual identity of both constructs, but at the same time highlighted their interdependence. The aim of the work was to analyze both concepts of well-being on the basis of their relationship to selected psychological variables: self-esteem, personality traits, coping strategies and basic human values. The research sample consisted of 2368 university students of Masaryk's University in Brno. Using Pearson's correlations, we have described relationships of subjective (SWB) and psychological (PWB) well-being to the mentioned psychological variables. In many cases, correlations suggested similar relationships between SWB and PWB with the variable. We further tested these similarities by the test of the difference between two dependent correlations and found statistically significant differences in the relationships between both concepts of personal well-being and self-esteem, personality traits of extraversion and conscientiousness, coping strategies of active coping, behavioral disengagement, planning, denial, positive reframing, acceptance and self-blame. Moreover, we found statistically significant correlations of PWB with values...
The Role of Music in Emotion Regulation
Jirásková, Veronika ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
The thesis presents the concept of emotion regulation in connection with music and its listening. It deals with the theoretical definition of emotions and in the context of emotion regulation supports the process model following the theory of appraisal. For further description we choose reappraisal strategy, with which is also worked in this research study in the Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ), which analyses 215 responses from 215 respondents by collecting online study data and finding that three variables predict this strategy, namely discharge (VE), entertainment (Z) and revival (R) of the used questionnaire Music in Mood Regulation (MMR). Furthermore, a negative correlation was found in the strategy of suppression with life satisfaction and a positive correlation of reappraisal with life satisfaction. The thesis by its research outcomes supports connection of ER concept together with mood regulation by music.
Sport confidence and its role in sports performance
Tesařová, Monica ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of the thesis is to build upon the existing research literature and to explore the relationship of sport confidence and sports performance, among which a positive correlation is often found. The theoretical part summarizes the present findings regarding this connection, as well as how sport confidence generally works, what constructs it relates to, or how it is measured. In the empirical part, quantitative research on a sample of Sri Lankan swimmers between 17 and 19, executed using the Sport-Confidence Inventory (SCI; Vealey, Knight, 2002), is then presented. Its results showed that participants scoring high at least in one of the three SCI subscales were performing better, regardless of how well the other components were developed, as opposed to participants whose scores were moderate in all the three subscales. The results also pointed to significant differences between the genders, where it showed that men generally scored higher on the level of sport confidence. Series of recommendations for trainers and psychologists working with athletes, but also for potential follow-up studies, can be drawn from the outcomes. Keywords: sport-confidence, multidimensionality of confidence, performance prediction, competitive swimming, SCI
Motivational aspects of running a personal blog
Štěpánková, Petra ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
The principal aim of this thesis is to examine motivations for running a personal blog among the Czech adult blogger population. The theoretical part covers the charakteristics of blog as a form of virtual interpersonal communication and explores the historical development and the current status of the Czech blogosphere, with regard to potential motives that it reflects. Furthermore, it introduces motivational theories associated with the production of blog content and specific motivational factors based on previous research both in the Czech and foreign countries. In addition, it examines motivation for blogging in terms of characteristics of bloggers such as age, gender and personality. The empirical part of the thesis consists of a combined research design of a questionnaire. The exploratory factor analysis has discovered seven key motivational factors: Harmony and introspection, Self-actualization, Socialisation, Profit, Information spreading, Broadening one's horizons and Documentation. The first four factors show a negative correlation with age. Women are more motivated by Harmony and introspection, Socialisation and Profit than men. The motive of Broadening one's horizons increases during the bloggers' career. The results are accompanied by qualitative insight.
The possibility of using projective method PFT in screening for autoimmune diseases.
Šilha, Martin ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Čáp, David (referee)
Summary: This diploma thesis deals with the relation between autoimmune processes at biological level (through proven neurological autoimmune disease - multiple sclerosis) and possible autoaggressive processes at the mental level. It is divided into several points. The first one introduces human immunity in general. The first part is followed by immune system description, including autoimmunity and the principle of diseases of this system. Thereafter, psychological aggression is described, in which the division into aggression and auto- aggression fits. This is followed by chapters on projective psychodiagnostics taking into account the detection of various forms of aggression. Then, the thesis focuses on the study of possible auto-aggressive manifestations in patients suffering from the most widespread neurological autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. The second half of the thesis describes the author's research on this topic.
Psychological issues in severe burn trauma
Širancová, Katarína ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Fajtlová, Zuzana (referee)
Burn injury is one of the most serious traumatic events with possible psychological and psychosocial consequences. This paper deals with a topic not yet explored in Czech Republic - (especially) psychological factors affecting the response to trauma in order to identify patients with worse response, who require more attention of experts. The theoretical part of the paper describes burn injury as an extremely stressful event and presents factors that co- determine the individual's response to the trauma. It also describes the most common mental problems observed in people with burns. The theoretical part serves as a basis for the empirical part of the paper which presents our own research of exploratory character. The aim of the research was to identify the factors related to depression, anxiety and patient's perception of health, in a research sample of 52 adult patients shortly before hospital discharge. Minority of patients in our sample reported moderate and severe depression and anxiety symptoms. Health perception of most patients corresponded to average values in normal population while depression was found as its predictor and it also correlated with the personality traits neuroticism, introversion and consciousness. We found the predictors of depression to be the personality traits...
Psychological aspects of compassion
Bouberlová, Sabina ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Loneková, Katarína (referee)
The goal of this work is to introduce the phenomenon of compassion from the aspect of psychology. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis presents efforts made up to now to define compassion from a psychological point of view. The theoretical part of this work deals with the description of compassion in terms of evolutionary, social psychology and neuroscience. Based on the theoretical assumption that the relationship of a person towards himself or herself and towards other people is interconnected, this work also focuses on a description of a psychological construct of self-compassion. The empirical part of the diploma thesis is devoted to the translation of a new self-evaluation questionnaire called the Multidimensional Compassion Scale from USA, and the verification of the psychometric characteristics of the questionnaire and its convergent and discriminant validity. For the sake of questionnaire verification, the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) was used, as well as the Interpersonal reactivity Index (IRI), a dimension called Compassionate reaction to one's own experiences from the Self-compassion Scale (SCS-26-CZ) questionnaire, and a dimension called Nonjudging intrapsychic experiences from the Five Aspects of Mindfulness Questionnaire (DPAV). Items of low difficulty were found within...
Psychological aspects of singing in a achoir
Randáková, Eliška ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee) ; Blatný, Marek (referee)
This dissertation focuses on the psychological asepcts of non-professional choral singing, especially on the relationship between non-professional choral singing and well-being. At the theoretical part of the dissertation, choral singing and well-being are defined. There are also introduced selected concepts and contexts of well-being. The theoretical part of the dissertation concentrates primarily on the relationship between non-professional choral singing and well-being. There are, therefore, discussed researches dealing with the benefits of choral singing, motivation for choral singing and choral singing negatives. The theoretical part of the dissertation also deals with the other aspects of choral singing (characterics of a choral singer), social factors of choral singing and measuring of benefits of choral singing. The empirical part of the dissertation consists of two parts. In the I. part of the research (quantitative nature), the demonstration of the relationship between non-professional choral singing and well-being was tested. Choral singers (n = 148) were thererefore compared with the control group of non-singers in the level of well-being and experienced stress. The measuring was repeated with choral singers (n = 72) after one year. In the II. part of the research (qualitative nature),...
The gratitude and its effect on life satisfaction
Povalová, Martina ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Hacklová, Renata (referee)
In a theoretical part of diploma thesis is presented a gratitude and psychological conceptions of this phenomenon. Gratitude can be an emotion, disposition, life approach or a virtue. Gratitude has effect on different aspects of well-being. We can measure gratitude by different tools and cultivate it by different ways. In our research we tried to increase well-being by intervention of gratitude. We compared efficacy of the intervention of gratitude with the intervention known as ,,three good things". We also wanted to know if a belief in efficacy of intervention can change a scores of well-being. We tried to discover short-term and long-term effects. Our sample was created by 153 university students but only 56 of them stayed up to the end of study. We chose following method for measuring: GQ-6, Questionnaire of life satisfaction, Positivity Self Test, Zung's self rating inventory of depression and Beck's inventory of anxiety. Participants were randomly put into the one of three group (intervention of gratidue, intervention ,,three good things" and comparison). Data were counted by multilevel linear regression. We found out no significant differences. Due to very small sample this conclusion is not surprising.

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