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Migration of Czech Ice Hockey Players to North America
Tkadlčíková, Iveta ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Migration of Czech ice hockey players to North America. Objectives: The main objective of this diploma thesis is to evaluate the current development of migration of Czech ice hockey players to North American highest competition - NHL since 1990. The sub-objective of this thesis is to investigate migration factors, then to describe historical developments within migration and to compare with other ice hockey powers. Further analysing the influence of Czech ice hockey players on the performance of teams in North American competitions, as well as introducing leagues themselves. Methods: This thesis used qualitative research which abnormally consists of a questionnaire survey and precedes quantitative research, which includes deskresearch, a method which is also referred to as secondary data analysis, data are mainly drawn from the outputs of mass media and virtual data for this work. Next method of comparison and correlation analysis. Hereinafter the comparation method and correlation analysis are used. Results: This study reveals the importance of focusing on the experiences of the migrants themselves as well as on the factors related to migration. They exist not only in professional field, but also in personal life. All this affects the overall adaptation process. The most motivating factor...
Development of Czech Floorball between years 2007 and 2018
Furmánek, Jakub ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Development of Czech Floorball between years 2007 and 2018 Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to create a development plan of Czech floorball for the years 2020 to 2030. The partial goal is to analyze the re- course of this plan; the supporting goal is to evaluate the development plans from year 2008 to 2018. Methods: This thesis performs analyses of data from internal and external envi- ronment, material, financial, personal and intangible resources, using PESTLE and situation analysis. The analyses are applied on data col- lected from primary and secondary resources. Evaluation of the development plan for the reviewed period is per- formed using the method of weighted averages of fulfilled partial goals. Results: The offered development plan for the years 2020 to 2030 includes 134 individual goals. 49 partial goals were not modified; parameters for evaluation were suggested in 34 goals; 22 goals were modified or clarified; 29 goals were added. Overall, 63 % of the development plan was modified. According to overall weighted average, at 76 %, Development and youth is the most successfully fulfilled area. Next, at 69 %, is the area of Communication, media, and marketing, followed by Finance and economics at 68 %; Success and attractiveness is at 62 %, Education and metho-dology is...
Determination of manganese in food supplements by atomic absorption spectrometry
Melicharová, Zuzana ; Hraníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
EN The main content of this thesis was the determination of manganese in the form of manganese ions in food supplements by the atomic absorption spectrometry. It was necessary to find the optimum conditions for this method, to conduct interference studies, to find a suitable way of transferring samples into solution and to determin manganese to achieve this goal. Following parameters were examined in optimalization study: beam height above burner edge, burner horizontal position, acetylene flow rate, torch angle, and spectral interval width. Copper, iron, sodium and calcium ions were investigated as interferents as they were present at the highest concentration in selected food supplements. The conversion of solid samples into solution was carried out in water and nitric acid at a room temperature as well as elevated temperature. These food supplements were selected for analysis: Calibrum 50 Plus, Caltrate Plus, Center A to Iron, DAS Gesunde Plus A-Z Multispectrum, GS Extra Strong Multivitamin, Spectrum 50+ and Supradyn Energy Complex. The manganese assay was performed on a GBC 933 AA spectrophotometer. Standard solutions were measured to determine the detection limit and the limit of determination of the instrument. The detection limit was 0.001 mg/l and the limit of determination was 0.004 mg/l...
Satisfaction of volunteers at running and badminton contests
Starzewski, Viktor ; Pecinová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Satisfaction of volunteers at running and badminton contests Objectives: The main goal of this work is to find out what are levels of volunteer satisfaction in selected marathon and badminton competitions. The methodology of acquiring volunteers and their cooperation with organizers is described before, during and after events. Based on data obtained from multiple forms of questionnaires, the characteristics of volunteering within organizing coordinators are defined. Secondary task of the work is to develop a recommendation based on research, which would help the organizers to increase efficiency of cooperation with volunteers. Methods: In this work is used quantitative method through electronic questionnaire and qualitative in a form of interview. The method of analysis is applied in case of theoretical background. Results: The research results point out to clear differences between volunteers in large and small projects. On the other hand, mutually common features may be also found. Comparing the results of both researches is discussed and described in an analytical part, which includes the formulation of recommendations for both subjects. Keywords: volunteering, volunteer, running, marathon, badminton, sports events
Cooperation of Pilsner Urquell with Czech Olympic Committee
Müllerová, Anne-Marie ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Collaboration of the Pilsner Urquell with the Czech Olympic Committee Objectives: The main object of this bachelor thesis is to suggest recommendations how to improve communication of Pilsner Urquells olympic advertising campaign on each communication channel based on the information about the cooperation between Czech Olympic committee and Pilsner Urquell and data concerning to advertising campaigns of the Pilsner Urquell. Methods: The thesis used qualitative methods of marketing research, namely semi-structured interviews with representatives of the Pilsner Urquell brand. Another part of the work was based on the analysis of secondary data, whether publicly available or provided by the company. Results: The results of the work showed that the brand uses all suitable and accessible communication channel for promoting its olympic campaingns. However, there is space for possible improvement. For example, higher promotion of their activities at the Olympic festivals through their social networks, add more fun activities for visitors in Olympic house or establish a closer relationship with one chain of supermarket and create special offer for their customers. Keywords: sport, promotion, sponsorship, image, Public Relation, marketing OBSAH 1...
Comparison of alternative league formats in european football
Pešková, Tereza ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Kolmistr, Martin (referee)
Title: Comparison of alternative league formats in european football Objectives: The aim of this work is to analyse play - offs of chosen european league formats. The other aim is to make a prediction about czech league. Methods: A method of comparison was used in this thesis. A placement of each team before play - offs was compared to a placement of the same teams after play - offs. After that, there was a comparison if play - offs have more impact on championship round or on relegation round. Based on conclusions from these comparisons we have made an estimate of development in Czech league. Results: We discovered that play - offs have more impact on teams which played relegation round. In most of analysed seasons play - offs did not change the winner of the league and neither helped a lot of teams to enter European championships. We estimate that play - offs of Czech league will help more second league teams to promote to first league. Keywords: football, tournament systems, league, prediction
Customer Profile Characteristics For The Betting Industry in Czech Republic
Med, Daniel ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Kunzmann, Lucia (referee)
Title: Customers typology of Czech betting companies. Objectives: The main objective of this research is to create a typology of curent customers typology of Czech betting companies. Methods: In order to obtain the results, marketing quantitative research was conducted in the form of both electronic and personal questioning. The basic set was all bettors in the Czech Republic and the sample was composed of 210 respondents. They were represented by customers who bet online through the computer and through the application, as well as those from physical bookmakers. The field ran for two weeks. Results: The results of the research are presented in the analytical part of this work. They are a source of hypothesis validation and, for the synthetic part, in which, by means of mathematical-descriptive methods, the bookmakers were divided into three types, briefly named as Computers, Applications and Offices. Keywords: Typology, customer, segmentace, betting companies, bets, lottery, marketing, marketing research
Popularity of the Olympic Games among high school and university students
Svobodová, Petra ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Popularity of the Olympic Games among high school and university students Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out the knowledge of the Olympic games among the Czech students. The data are compared by type and field of study. Methods: In order to meet the main goal of the bachelor thesis, primary data collection was required. Marketing research used quantitative method, questioning. Knowledge of the students were investigated using an electronic questionnaire created on The research file included 206 respondents. Results: The knowledge of Czech students about the Olympic Games can be considered as average. From the final comparison of the results, we can state that the differences between the types and fields of studies are significant. Students of bachelor degrees with their knowledge exceeded students of secondary schools and master's degrees especially in questions about history, past and future Olympic games. Among study fields dominated the students of sport fields. They know sports and year of the first Olympic games almost perfectly. Keywords: Questioning, Olympic games, popularity, marketing research, knowledge, respondent
Financing of the biathlon and skiing club
Krause, Veronika ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Financing of the biathlon and skiing club Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to identify financial resources which are used to fund the activities of the club, and to find particular failures of their funding. Afterwards is the aim to create recommendation to improve their funding. Methods: The main method used in this thesis is qualitative method, specifically interviews with employee of office of Prague 5 and with delegate from the club. The descriptive analysis of detected data was used too. Results: From the interview with the delegate of the club and the analysis of data I realized that the club is not using sponsorship to fund their activities. The club is also not using the grant from Prague 2. It was recommended to the club to ask for the grant from Prague 2 and a sponsorship packet was created to help the club to get a sponsor. Keywords: Subsidy, grant, nonprofit organization, sponsorship

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