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Identification of beach volleyball marketing opportunities
Sixta, Petr ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Identification of beach volleyball's marketing opportunities Objectives: The goal of thesis is to find marketing opportunities that can be helpful for beach volleyball in ways of finding new sponsorship opportunities, new audience and spectators as well as new more active players. Next part is based on this research and gives a suggestion for improvement of marketing in beach volleyball. Methods: This work analyse in-depth interviews with experts in different sections of beach volleyball. These experts are chosen in purpose of this thesis. Interviews are half-structured and then transcripted. The method of the analysis is constant comparative. Results: The work summarises and compares answers of all respondents who talks about marketing situation of beach volleyball in a world and in the Czech Republic itself and about possibilities of improvements. Second part gives a suggestion of possible directions of marketing improvements. Key words: beach volleyball, law, marketing, rules, social networking, systematics of competitions
The correlation between football teams' market value and their achieved result in chosen european leagues
Podlipný, Jakub ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Dependence of football clubs' market value on their result in selected European competitions Objectives: The main objective is to determine the strength of the relationship between the market value of football clubs and their result in selected European competitions. Another objective is to compare these relationships between individual leagues or groups of leagues (big, medium, small). Methods: Correlation and regression analysis were used for the calculation of the strength of the relationships. Regression analysis showed which of the teams influenced the strength of the relationship with their weaker or stronger performance. Effectivity was also calculated for another option of comparing the teams. Results: As the results show we can observe a certain dependency of the result of the clubs on their market value. In the leagues with weakest relationships (0,562 and 0,565) we can notice a particular influence of uncommon performances by the leaders and underdogs. In other leagues the relationship varies between 0,651 and 0,877, which shows very strong relationship between the market value and achieved result. Effectivity-wise it was observed, that the most effective teams are usually the ones with lower market values and they usually place in the lower half of the table. Whereas the least...
The effect of material demands and socio-economic status of families on the choice of sport
Veselý, Štěpán ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: The effect of material demands and socio-economic status of families on the choice of sport Objectives: Find out if material support in the form of renting hockey gear enables families to overcome the barrier of financial demands when choosing ice hockey as a sport for children. Using the material support may be related to level of socioeconomic status. Therefore, the dependence of using material support and level of the socioeconomic status will be examined. Results can be utilised for better planning of projects which aim at supporting and expanding the membership base of ice hockey or other sports. Methods: In the thesis secondary data analysis method will be used. Moreover, primary data will be collected, using quantitative method of questioning. Results: Failure to provide material support is not a significant barrier for choosing ice hockey as a sport for children. The possibility of material support rather allows parents to easily and quickly provide their kids with hockey equipment in one place. Thanks to this, their children can try ice hockey for the first time. Possibility of renting equipment free of charge means that parents do not primarily look for a reduction of costs on purchasing of hockey gear. The socio-economic status of families whose children play ice hockey is rather...
Customer satisfaction with services of Avalon fitness center
Roztočil, Jiří ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Customer satisfaction with services of Avalon fitness center Objectives: The main goal of this diploma thesis is to determine customer satisfaction with the services provided by Avalon fitness center through the SERVPERF questionnaire. Based on the results, make changes and propose recommendations that should lead to improved quality of services in the Avalon fitness center. Methods: A modified SERVPERF questionnaire method was used to determine customer satisfaction with the services in the Avalon fitness center. This questionnaire measures the actual perception of the quality of services provided. In addition to the questionnaire survey, semi-structured interviews were conducted to deepen the issue with management, trainers and selected customers of the fitness center. Results: The results of the questionnaire survey are shown using graphs and tables. It is clear from the results that the customers of the Avalon fitness center are very satisfied with the services provided. Customers are most satisfied with the opening hours, equipment, provision of services at the agreed time and coaches. On the contrary, they negatively perceive the cleanliness of the background, the behavior of the receptionists, lockers in the locker rooms and updating the schedule. Keywords: customer satisfaction,...
Marketing Research of the Customer Satisfaction in CrossFit HomeTown.
Baborová, Klára ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Marketing Research of Customer Satisfaction at CrossFit HomeTown. Methods: For this thesis, a questionnaire has been used as a quantitative method, specifically the SERVQUAL method to assess the level of customer satisfaction. An in- depth interview has been used to obtain information about the gym. Objective: The aim of this thesis is to find out customer satisfaction for CrossFit HomeTown in Prague and recommend possible changes leading to higher customer satisfaction based on the obtained results from the research. Results: The results of the customer satisfaction research for CrossFit HomeTown show, that not all researched areas fulfil the customers' expectations. There were certain limitations in promotional materials -0,44; lectures beginning on time -0,5; willingness to solve problems -0,41 and interest in customer needs -0,55. Total final gap attains a negative degree of -3,18. The first recommendation is to improve promotional practices. Firstly, the gym should improve their website, mobile application and YouTube channel. Second recommendation is to implement a text-message informational system, through which the gym would notify the customers in case the start of their session has been postponed. Thirdly, with willingness to solve problems, the gym should consider doing a...
Customer satisfaction with services povided by VSH Slaný
Šťovíček, Radek ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Customer satisfaction with services provided by VSH Slaný Objectives: The primary aim of this thesis is to suggest precautions to increase customers' satisfaction of Aquapark Slaný run by VSH Slaný. Methods: In the thesis it was used a method of quantitative questionnaire, tangibly the electronic questionnaire. The questionnaire was created by modification of the SQAS method of authors Lam, Zhang and Jensen (2005) applied to facility environment. The individual items were evaluated by Likert's scale. Further was used the semi-structured interview with facility management. Results: According to questionnaire results it is obvious, that customers are mainly satisfied with service provided, but they can see some shortages in it, which can be for example caused by the time of usage. Respondents were satisfied with the personnel and facility cleanness. Dissatisfaction was expressed with the safety of walking on the floor in the dressing room and in the area of swimming pool. The locking system used in lockers was evaluated as obsolete. Option of laying aside personal things before using showers were evaluated as insufficient. Respondents mentioned the lack of free parking places caused by using of many visitors of others sport facilities. After the questionnaire research the results were...
Evaluation of the quality of service from the perspective of parents in street hockey - category mini-mite team and mine team.
Švanda, Petr ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Evaluation of the quality of services from the perspective of parents in street hockey - category mini-mite team and mite team Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to evaluate the level of quality of services provided by extra-league street hockey clubs throughout the Czech Republic from the perspective of parents as customers in the categories of mini-mite teams and mite teams with subsequent delivery of recommendations to improve these services to increase the overall level of service and the attractiveness of the stated sport for children. Methods: The obtained data are collected based on a standardized SERVQUAL questionnaire, used to measure the quality of services provided and respondents' satisfaction. The questionnaire was distributed to 12 extra-league street hockey clubs in a form of online questionnaire through representatives of these clubs who directly send it to the parents of 357 children falling into the category of mini-mite team and mite team. Results: Based on the survey, it was possible to identify gaps within the basic five categories (according to the SERVQUAL methodology - material security, reliability, responsible approach, sense of security, empathy), where the highest gap reached belonged to the category reliability, followed by material security. The...
The perception of VAR technology by fans of Prague first league football teams
Zelinka, David ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: The perception of VAR technology by fans of Prague first league football teams Objectives: The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to find out, by means of marketing research, how fans of Prague's first league football teams perceive the current functioning of VAR technology in the football environment. Methods: In this thesis quantitative methods of data collection were used. It was a survey. The questionnaire was published electronically. The results were captured using graphs and tables. Results: Based on the information obtained from the respondents, it became clear that the vast majority of respondents perceived VAR technology positively. However, they have objections to the current functioning. Keywords: Opinions, football league, fans, VAR, public relations, feedback
Comparing of the impact of salary caps in NHL and NBA
Hynek, Vojtěch ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Comparing of the impact of salary caps in NHL and NBA Objectives: My objective for these Theses is to compare impact of salary caps in North American professional sports leagues NBA and NHL. Methods: For comparing of the impact of salary caps my Theses using methods of measuring of competetive balance and descriptive analysis of salary caps development. Results: Results indicating how big is impact of salary caps in sports leagues and how that impact shows itself and what it's cause. Keywords: Salary cap, competetive balance, NHL, NBA,
Determination of Te(IV) by photochemical generation of volatile compounds with atomic spectrometric detection
Ruxová, Helena ; Hraníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of a method suitable for determination Te(IV) by UV-photochemical generation of volatile compounds (UV-PVG) in liquid samples. Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and atomic fluorescent spectrometry (AFS) were used as detection methods. The basis of the apparatus for UV-PVG was a mercury lamp wrapped by PTFE capillary. Firstly, the experimental parameters were optimized for both methods. The optimized parameters were the type, concentration, pH and flow rate of the reaction medium, the length of the PTFE reaction coil, carrier gas flow rate (argon), supportive gas flow rate (hydrogen) and atomization temperature. The figures of merit with both detection methods were determined and compared after the method was optimized. Detection limits achieved for these two detection methods were 6,0 µg dm-3 for AFS and 1,50 µg dm-3 for AAS. Performed interference study confirmed a significant effect of many cations of transition metals and hydride forming elements on tellurium determination. The influence of nitric acid in the sample was studied separately. The suitability of the method for tellurium determination was confirmed by using a spiked certified reference material.

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