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Economic Policy in the European Union Member Countries
Šíchová, Tereza ; Konečný, Zdeněk (referee) ; Bočková, Nina (advisor)
This masters thesis is focused on a comparation between agricultures of Czech republic and Hungary. The comparison is done for the periods before and after entering the European union. The goal of the thesis is to observe the influence of the Common agricultural policy on the agriculture of both countries. An analysis of development of selected macroeconomic indicators and products was performed.
Postgraduate medical education in Czech Republic: Young doctors captured between formal and informal institutions
Šíchová, Tereza ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This master thesis deals with the field of postgraduate medical education. The main goal of this thesis is deeper understanding of problems in the educational system. By means of a qualitative research the thesis explores the problems and causes of current postgraduate educational system from the perspective of young physicians. The research is based on a series of semi-structured interviews with physicians who are currently passing through a phase of postgraduate medical education. Results of the survey show the most questionable fact, according to participants, is the lack of the educational leadership which is supposed to be secured by the assigned supervisor. Despite the formal rules, this role is often ensured merely formally or is missing at all. Participants also mentioned difficulties related to accomplishing of specialized practical training and required procedures. Both of them are frequently subordinated to informal rules. The main findings are based on revealing the causes of problems mentioned above. The reasons of ascertained discrepancy are introduced with the theoretical help of the theory of informal institutions by G. Helmke and S. Levitsky. Through the lense of chosen theory the issue is that there is insufficient efficiency of formal institutions. Therefore, prospective solution should...
Current problems of work and family life synochronization in Czech families
Šíchová, Tereza ; Zrcková, Alžběta (advisor) ; Čadyová, Kateřina (referee)
Bachelor's thesis: Current problems of work and family life synochronization in Czech families Tereza Šíchová 2013-05-17 Abstract The bachelor thesis "Current problems of work and family life synochronization in Czech families" deals with situation of preschool childcare. One of the goals is to find the right place for this kind of services in the context of work and family synchronization. Due to bad situation about the capacity of the public kindergartens (which are completely full) it really is necessary to find some other possibilities how to make work-life balancing easier. Because it is a dealbreaker for the parenthood. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic puts forward a proposal of using the alternative way of childcare in the sense of private care. But the opinion about private childcare - if it is proper, available and if it comes up our expectations - is still kind of questionable. That is why there is also an empirical part of this thesis. It includes a modest survey. The leading goal of this survey was to find the attitude of Czech parents to the alternative childcare services. Also it tries to evaluate important connection between the formal and informal services. There are also positive and negative aspects of single of them from the parental view. In the conclusion the...

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