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SSI Dividing Numerical Integrator
Suntcov, Roman ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
The thesis deals with numerical integration and hardware division operations. The reader is familiar with the numerical solution of differential equations through several different methods, for example Taylor's series. Furthermore, it is discussed the operation of division in the hardware and the method of its implementation in the FPGA. Subsequently, a parallel-parallel and serial-parallel integrator is designed. The practical aim of the thesis is to design and implement a serial-serial dividing integrator and create a simulator for it. 
Hardware Realization of Higher Order Numerical Integrator
Matečný, František ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
This work describes numerical integration and solution for ordinary differential equations by the Taylor series by different types of integrators. The next part is a description of floating point and fixed point arithmetic. Subsequently, we are presenting designs and calculation methods for parallels multiplication and division integrators in floating point and fixed point arithmetic. The designs were realized in VHDL and implemented on FPGA. Finally we summarizes the proposed solution and compare time complexity with another numerical methods.
Application of Music Therapy in Special Education for i-CT Framework
Bártů, Tomáš ; Šátek, Václav (referee) ; Fiala, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes development of virtual guitar application for the purposes of music therapy in environment of special education for mentally challenged. Hence this thesis deals with issues of development of similarly focused applications, an analysis of some already existing applications of this kind and a design, implementation of a new application. The resulting application follows on design principles of " Computer as Therapy " project and it is based on i-CT Framework simplifying design and development of applications in indicated environment. The development is focused on multi-platform development with support for operating system Android and iOS. The verification of the application has been done in environment of mentally challenged people.
Analysis of Methods of Differences for Partial Differential Equations Solving
Zpěváková, Jana ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
In this thesis, we discuss the numerical solution of ordinary differential equation and numerical methods of solving partial differential equations. We propose and implement an application, that converts partial differential hyperbolic equation to a set of ordinary differential equations using finite difference method. After that, the system of equations is solved using the Taylor method programmed in Matlab environment. Finally, we compare the time complexity of proposed solution with parallel numerical computation.
Electronic Circuits Simulation
Žabka, Michal ; Kocina, Filip (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce the most popular numerical methods for solving differential equation. Following part describe a electronic circuits and simulation programs. First part of this thesis is focused on the Taylor series method computation and its parallel solution. In another chapters, it will be describe the methods for solution of electronic circuits, the process of designing a model of CMOS inverter, CMOS NAND and CMOS NOR. The final part of this thesis is focused on simulation in various simulation programs and evaluation of the effectiveness of individual methods.
Multiple Integrals
Valešová, Nikola ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
The problem of definite integral and differential equation computation is still a significant part of many scientific branches and the solution of integral calculus tasks can be found in many industrial fields too. During the computation of such tasks, the accuracy and high-speed requirements are often confronted. These requirements are crucial during the process of the suitable method choice. The aim of this thesis is to propose, describe, implement and test a new numerical method, which combines the solution of definite integrals by transforming them into differential equations solved by the Taylor series with the traditional methods, which use the Newton-Cotes formulas. As a result, a new application has been developed, that provides fast results of definite two-dimensional integrals and reaches at least the precision of MATLAB. The major accomplishment of this thesis is the development of a new numerical method and its comparison to other established ways of computation.
Numerical Integrators in Control Theory
Novák, Adam ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deal with the topic of partial differential equations of parallel solutions from focus on control of dynamic systems working with real-time built-in control model. First, it is focused on real-time systems. The next section deals with the analysis of differential equations and types of differential equations. Consequently, numerical integration and derivation are discussed. The thesis deals with individual numerical methods, which are used to calculate a differential equations. This thesis also deals with individual fluids that can influence the calculation of differencial equations in the Modern Taylor method. The result is a competitive application that allows a quick and accurate solution of real-time management model and the subsequent calculation of the differential equations generated using the Modern Taylor Series Method.
Application of AAC in Special Education for i-CT Framework
Čajánek, Martin ; Šátek, Václav (referee) ; Fiala, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of communication needs in special education during sessions with mental disabled people and also focuses on application, which addresses this problematic. Developed application enables users to create sentences by choosing picture symbols representing words or their own creating and subsequent voice synthesizing of constructed sentence. This application is designed for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems and was develop in accordance with " Computer as Therapy " design principles and serves as extension (add-on) for i-CT Framework, which encapsulates and simplifies interaction and management among applications designed for special education.
Multiple Integral Effective Computations
Iša, Radek ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design system for multiple integrals for diferential expression with space variables. Today, integration is one of engineering problems. Reader is acquainted with different method of integration, then with numerican integration and Taylor series. The practical aim of this work is to design software and hardware system of numerican integration multiple integrals.
Software for Data Processing and Control of CNC Machine
Kraicinger, Lukáš ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the design and impelementation of a control system for a CNC machine producing gears with specific integrated CAM system. The study includes practical verification of system functionality, which includes the design and creation of an electronic circuit on this machine. A prototype of a 6-axis machine is being developed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering BUT in Brno as a master thesis simultaneously with the creation of this term project. It is a compact automated gear producing machine (all in one) which requires only appropriate semifinished product and correctly set parameters of teeth using the touch screen on the machine.

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