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Taxidermal and Skeletal Mounts of Fishes
Hájková, Magdaléna ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
This thesis is conceived as a detailed guide to the creation of didactic aids, namely the creation of dermoplastic preparations and fish skeleton for teachers of natural science and biology at various levels of schools. In this work we describe individual prepared fish species. The diploma thesis works to verify the diploma thesis Martin Chlad, who recently developer a detailed methodology for body preparation of the whole fish. The result of the practical part of the thesis are fish models that serve to extend the collections of the Department of Biology and Ecological Studies and to extend the collections of the Biological Cabinet to my current work place at elementary school in Prague 9.
Bird Census in the Chosen Site in the Vysocina District
Pospíchalová, Martina ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The thesis deals with inventory survey of birds in the area of natural park Čeřínek. This paper examines the various data points from bird census, which took place from March 2017 to November 2017. The aim is to compare my inventory survey with results of Czech Society for Ornithology in Vysočina. Keywords: inventory, bird, species, nature park, dominance, frequency
The Birds of Agricultural Landscape and the Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) Population Decline in the District of Rakovnik
Gregorková Vicjanová, Vladimíra ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of birds of the agricultural landscape of the Rakovník district, covering an area of 930 km2, which is situated about 35 km west of Prague. The work focuses mainly on the occurrence of the Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) in this area. Between 2016 and 2018, a total of 19 sites were visited on which the occurrence of the Northern Lapwings had been monitored in the previous years. The Northern Lapwing was found only at four of these sites. The successful breeding of three Lapwing chicks was observed at one of the monitored sites - near the village Petrovice (11th May 2017). The diploma thesis analyzes the data obtained by monitoring the areas with proven (even non-nesting) occurrence of Northern Lapwing and is compared with the census of Milan Tichai from 2012 to 2016. The comparison shows that the numbers of the Northern Lapwing nesting in the Rakovník landscape are dwindling, even though the birds still pass through the area in relative abundance in migration. E.g. there were three cases of successful nesting recorded in the monitored localities in 2014, but only one at the time of my observation in 2017. The occurrence of the Northern Lapwing in the studied area is related to the state of the Rakovnik agricultural landscape. At the end of the thesis are...
Concept of Paleontology Teaching at Primary Schools
Honskus, Adam ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Řezníček, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the teaching of paleontology and historical geology at the 2nd level of primary school within the educational subject of natural history. The theoretical part summarizes a problematic of paleontology in the Czech Republic, including its historical development, and presents the system of curricular documents of the Czech Republic primarily the Framework Education Program for Elementary Education. The main aim of the thesis is to compile five thematic teaching blocks from historical geology, which can be used in the teaching of natural history at the primary school and in the corresponding levels of multi-year grammar schools. The practical part described the teaching blocks including their methodology and three research surveys thematically aimed to identification of students' interest in paleontology within the blocks, students' ideas about an appearance of the dinosaurs, and their evaluation of dinosaur images from various popular books, feature films and toys. The interest of students in the teaching blocks was evaluated using a questionnaire survey (113 participates). A "correct" appearance of the dinosaurs was studied by comparing drawings of dinosaurs with four characteristic features drawn by 107 pupils. The evaluation of dinosaur images was carried out by...
Taxidermal Mounts of the Fish Body
Chlad, Martin ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The thesis presents methodology of creating whole-fish dermoplastic models. It is primarily intended for teachers of natural history and biology. The results are based on mapping out both modern and traditional methods of fish taxidermy. By empirical verification and introduction of new methods, a comprehensive manual of fish taxidermy was created. It can serve as a useful didactic tool. Methodology also describes the issue of obtaining and preserving fish specimen. Profound knowledge of fish anatomy is a necessary prerequisite for specimen taxidermy, thus methodology also includes anatomical overview and guidelines for fish anatomical dissection. The output of the practical part of the thesis are dermoplastic fish models which became part of the specimen collection at the Department of Biology and Environmental Studies at the Faculty of Pedagogics at Charles University, where they are meant to be used for educational purposes. Methodological part of the thesis evaluates the experience gained during the process of model creation. Certain recommendations regarding suitability of particular fish species for taxidermy, material and tools required, choice of method and its advantages and disadvantages, were made. The thesis discusses several specific technologies, such as producing eyes for the...
Monitoring of the Wintering Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) in the Czech Republic Territory
Moravcová, Alberta ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Hačecká, Kristýna (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the monitoring of the Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) on the wintering grounds in Kladno Kročehlavy between 2015 and 2017. The monitoring is focused on spatial activity linked to food sources and food analysis. The research aimed at finding out whether the maximum distance of night overflight is within five kilometers from the night shelter. Another focus was on the discovery of the variability of the food supply in relation to the weather over the past 10 years and the comparison of the data with the results of the already published works. Several methods were used in the research. Method of observation, capture into impact ornithological nets, ringing, collection and analysis of pellets and modern method of GPS telemetry. Using mentioned methods, it was found that the maximum distance of overflights linked to food sources is not only within five kilometers from the night shelter. These distances may vary in length. The research managed to track the overflight less than 30 kilometers away. Further findings on the content of food supply and weather showed that there has been only slight variation in the occurrence of the main boar loot in the last ten years. KEYWORDS Long-eared Owl (Asio otus), frequency, telemetry, night shelter, migration, monitoring

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