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World War II Posters and Propaganda
Studený, Dominik ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Gvoždiak, Vít (referee)
The thesis offers semiotic analysis of the World War II poster. It examines the fundamental rhetorical and visual examples based on specific ideological context. The thesis presents the representative war posters of the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States of America and Nazi Germany. Selected samples of the Czechoslovak posters are also included.
Machine, movie and human perception
Pechoušková, Klára ; Fišerová, Michaela (advisor) ; Řehořová, Irena (referee)
The main topic of this diploma thesis is the relationship of movie and human perception. Movie is a purely technical medium that moves images for the first time. The starting point of the work is the book written by French cultural theorist Paul Virilio and his reflections on film and technology. Virilio's position is negative in many ways due to cinematography. He blames technology for horrors inflicted during world wars. Cinematography is guilty of a revolution of perception that leads to the decomposition of the vision and the disintegration of the classical dimensions of space and time. In my work Virilio's views are confronted with the reflections of Virilio's contemporary, also the French theorist, Gilles Deleuze. Deleuze understands movie in many ways differently than Virilio. Also his opinion on the technique is quite different. The movie after World War II is a medium that no longer attempts to imitate natural perception. Such film can cause a shock to the audience. This shock opens up new possibilities of thinking and perception, and the viewer gains the opportunity to achieve a specific spiritual life through a movie.
The genre expectation from an advertising photography in magazines from 1970 up to the present
Kubíčková, Lucie ; Fišerová, Michaela (advisor) ; Řehořová, Irena (referee)
1 Abstract This master's thesis deals with a genre expectation from an advertising photography in magazines from 1970 up to the present. The intent of a theoretical part of the master's thesis is to characterize the advertising photography and compare it with other photographic genres such as journalistic, documentary or artistic photography, because each of those genres is characterized by different modes and so, each carries considerably diverse expectations. And thus, an attention is paid especially to a photography composition within the scope of those individual genres. However, in connection with the comparison of the advertising and journalistic photography, I also focus on regulations, which limit these genres. Further, the aim of this thesis is to map the limits of the genre of the advertising photography and depict, with the use of the particular examples, what stereotypes, prejudices and standards are used in the creation of the advertising photographs and how it ends up, when they are broken. Nevertheless, in the theoretical part I also deal with it, what does it mean a term illustrative photography and where this term is used. The practical part of the master's thesis makes it the goal to clarify, thanks to a research method of a qualitative analysis, what female readers of the lifestyle...
The Notion of "Scened Communication" in a Process of Second Language Acquisition
Černotová, Martina ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Marcelli, Miroslav (referee)
The Notion of "Scened Communication" in a Process of Second Language Acquisition The master thesis compares communication, which is based on an unwriten script, with communication, which is authentic and results from natural communication situation. The goal of this thesis is to define the concept of scened communication and describe differences between these two kinds of communication. Methodological base for this work is comparison of scened communication with authentic communication, using conversation analysis of interviews from places connected to the programme Icelandic Village and outside of Icelandic Village, in authentic situations. Then it's describing the factors which are changing the communication into scened. Theoretically is this work based on studies about second language acquisition (Theodórsdóttir, Wagner). As sources of methodology it uses literature about discourse analysis (Fairclough, Kraus, Schneiderová) and then specifically about conversation analysis (Ten Have, Sidnell, Jefferson). Key words: authentic communication, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, Icelandic language, scened communication, second language acquisition, transcription.
Content Analysis of television series from aviation environment - On the example Letiště and Pan Am.
Havelková, Tereza ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is the image of the airport environment in TV series. On the example of Letiště and Pan Am, a comparative content analysis is carried out according to established criteria. The core elements of comparative analysis are several aspects that the author maps and compares across the two series. The diploma thesis deals primarily with the characteristics and depiction of the airport environment, the image of the airport staff, the construction of the story in terms of seriality, the stereotypes and the ways to keep tension in each frames. The purpose should be a clear mapping of television series issues from a specific (aerodrome) environment, with an emphasis on the evaluation of matches and differences that come from the serial presentation.
Christmas and Czech Visual Culture
Růžičková, Aneta ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Fišerová, Michaela (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to find out how the Christmas holidays are represented in products of Czech visual culture. This representation could have changed in times, based on cultural influences and ideologies and in terms of particular product where Christmas was represented. We'd like to evaluate if the constant representations of Christmas which are anchored in our culture still exist. In theoretical part of the thesis we focus on historical development of displaying Christmas in Czech region. The analytical part of thesis analyses television broadcast of four Czech area-wide channels during Christmas time in 2017 and observes which cultural influences are contained in. Other part of thesis looks into visual culture and pictures. For we mainly focus on television in analytical part, another part of thesis includes information about this media and about particularity of mass media in general. For analysis of media information we've chosen a combination of two type of research: quantitative content analysis and semiotic analysis.
The construction of fictional world of fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire
Kollárová, Veronika ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire written by American author G. R. R. Martin and the analysis of its fictional world. It explores saga's genre classification and focuses on elements that depart from its genre and which enrich it. Through the narratological analysis of the work, it focuses on the main principles of the construction of the fictional world and its specific characteristics. The basic theoretical framework for the analysis of the saga consists of contemporary fictional worlds that are not called fictional in the sense that they would form a fictional narrative but create a new narrative universe. It is designed to help construct further sequels or narrative turns. The diploma thesis also refers to the phenomenon of transmediality, thanks to which the narrative universe continues to expand and the fictional world becomes more realistic.
The Problem of Communication between Man and Machin in Contemporary Visual Culture
Horáková, Petra ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Ivan, Michal (referee)
In present diploma thesis called The Problem of Communication between Man and Machine in Contemporary Visual Culture I will analyse the movie by Spike Jonze called Her (2013), in which the topic of interconnection between Artificial Intelligence and real human world is presented. I will deal mostly with the themes of virtual reality and communication between man and computer. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first is based on the analysis of chosen theories of new media in order to reveal the theoretical foundation of the theme of interaction between the man (as human body) and machine (as computer); also I will analyse the development in the fiedl of AI to describe various forms of human-computer communication. The second part of the thesis is based on the case study/analysis of the movie Her, in which the theme of communication between human and computer is presented. In the first part of the thesis I will follows ideas of Lev Manovich, Marshall McLuhan, Pierre Lévy, Paul Virilio, John Searle, Jakub Macek and Mark B. N. Hansen. Keywords Machine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new media, computers, internet
Tranformation of television from the perspective of its audience
Pěničková, Barbora ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Aleš (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis will focus on television as a constantly evolving medium and the question whether the present TV audience is still a viewer and is suitable for the classic mass media, or that television is so close to the new media that it would be more convenient to talk about its "users ". Based on the assumption that society's access to television has changed over the years of its existence, we will archaeologically investigate television from the perspective of several leading media theorists over the past decades. We will examine first of all how the interface between the television medium and the viewer has changed, and especially the possibilities that television offers to its audience. At first, we will focus on the perspective of Marshall McLuhan, the theme of the remedation of the authors Jay D. Bolter and Richard Grusin. Subsequently, we will focus on the research direction of media archeology, based on the work of Michael Foucault's Archeology of Knowledge, and will examine the television and the discourse it is part of. We will focus on the ideas of writers such as Jussi Parikka, Siegfried Zielinski, William Uricchio and Axel Bruns. The work of Lva Manoviche and others will also appear. Particular attention will be paid to the gradual development of television as a medium and its...

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