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Evaluation of influence of privatization methods on effectiveness of firms with special emphasize on firms privatized by foreign capital
Řežábková, Martina ; Ježek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Doležal, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this thesis is an evaluation of influence of privatization methods on performance and effectiveness of firms which were directly privatized especially to the hands of foreign holders. Within its theoretical framework, the thesis performs crucial aspects and the historical development of the entire privatization process. Nonetheless, the core of the theoretical part of the study contains the argument for usage a different privatization forms in terms of options for foreign investors' participation. The main subject to the practical part of thesis is the quantitative analysis of a broad sample of companies privatized by both Czech and foreign capital. Subsequently, the qualitative analysis extends the robustness of the outcomes. The basic criteria for valuation of enterprises performance are the indicators of profitability, leverage and productivity. The main outcome of the thesis is the verification of the hypothesis that enterprises privatized by foreign capital reported higher performance at the all examined sub-periods covering the period 1995 -- 2005. At the end of the examined period, the trend of performance convergence between Czech and foreign owned firms took place. Conclusions are supported by the relevant and broad database and therefore it may be accepted as a significant contribution to the research which refutes the statements of some politicians and citizens about the negative influence of foreign capital on Czech economy.
Selected aspects of pension reform in the context of economic and political situation in the Czech Republic
Řežábková, Martina ; Szabová, Lucia (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on topic of pension reform in the Czech Republic. The substantial change in demographic structure and fiscal unsustainability of current (pay as you go) system emphasise unavoidability of pension reform. Experiences from reformes of pension systems in several countries give many comparisons and lessons learned for designing of czech pension reform. Study classifies options in pension reforms financing, describes status of current pension system including its historical developement and presents key elements of proposed reform. Study continues to present risks and benefits of implementation of second pillar (fully funded) and what requirements it means for fiscal sustainability of current (PAYG) system. Study shows that diversification of financing sources is a necessary step in order to maintain long term sustainability of pension system. Experience with implementation of reformed pension schemes in other countries and studies and recommendations local expert teams enable to asses governmental reform plan by comparing with their conclusions and recommendations. Study deals with selected aspects of pension reforms, especially related to the implementation of second pillar, its costs and benefits, institutional base as well as ways of financing of gap in first pillar (PAYG) caused by outflow to the second one. Study finishes by formulating fundamental barriers of the succesfull implementation of proposed pension reform.

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