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Effect of some factors on passive immunization level in calves
The base for rearing healthy calves is a high level of passive immunity, which protects calves in a challenging period after birth. In examined herd of the Holstein cows was evaluated the influence of selected factors on the level of passive immunization in 57 calves, expressed as total protein content in calf blood serum. The selected factors were: the quality of colostrum, the time of first intake of colostrum after birth, the weight and sex of calves. The proper level of passive immunization was found only in 33 (57, 9%) calves in the studied breed. Insufficient immunization resulted in a high mortality which reached rate of 10% in 2017. The level of the passive immunization was most affected by the quality of colostrum (P < 0, 001) and the time of first drinking after birth (P < 0, 0230). The other observed factors (calf weight and gender) were not statistically significant. Adequate care for the youngest age category is crucial and influences the profitability of the breed.
Gastrointestinal ekosystem and probiotics
Intestinal microflora is a postnatal acquired organ. Its metabolic activities are comparable with liver metabolism. Intestinal microflora, the mucosal immune system, and the intestinal mucosal barrier constitute a highly integrated complex, the gastrointestinal ecosystem. The full morphological and functional maturity of individual components requires interactions marked with a brittle equilibrium. Probiotics have been defined as viable microorganisms that (when ingested) have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of specific pathologic conditions. The probiotics stabilize the functions of individual components of the gastrointestinal ecosystem and contribute to the constitution and preservation of the physiological equilibrium. Using of the probiotics have the prerequisites to become a new method of biological therapy.

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