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Vliv dividendové politiky na hodnotu firmy
Říhová, Jana ; Dědek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Janda, Karel (referee)
This thesis is focused on the dividend policy in the Czech Republic. We describe the basic about dividends as types of dividends, process of declaration and payments, dividend-paying methods, determinants which can influence the dividends and so on. The main part is devoted to the issue of dividend policy in the Czech Republic and its impact on the firm value. We use the event studies, based on observing the abnormal returns to shareholders around the record date. Then we apply regression of abnormal returns on relevant explanatory variables. And we also make an analysis of some of explanatory variables, as volume and dividend yield. Finally, we also shortly mention the share repurchase, the alternative to the dividend payout.
Evoluce genomu bakteriálních symbiontů vši \kur{Polyplax serrata} (Phthiraptera, Anoplura)
Blood-sucking louse Polyplax serrata harbor two phylogenetically distinct symbiotic bacteria from the orders Legionellales (Gammaproteobacteria) and Neisseriales (Betaproteobacteria). Based on rigorous phylogenetic analyses, the first bacteria was confirmed as member of genus Legionella, and the name Candidatus Legionella polyplacis, sp. n. was proposed. Vertical transgeneration transmission was proved by visualisation of the symbiont in host tissues. Improved genome of latter symbiont is considerably larger and possesses more metabolic functions. In the genome, I found horizontally transferred operon, which encode synthesis of enzymes involved in urea cleavage.
Kateřina Hradecká of Montfort (1556-1631)
The presented diploma thesis is dealing with the life of Katerina Hradecká of Montfort, noble foreigner, married to Adam II. of Hradec. The author is using older as well as more recent literature, written, tangible and iconographic sources to analyze, based on historical-anthropological methods, transformation of the inner world of the noblewoman. She is firstly introduced as a maid of honor in the hofstadt of archduchess Maria of Bavaria in Graz. Author also looks into her marriage to Adam II. of Hradec, investigating it within political and religious context of that period, as it was associated with the connections of the lords of Hradec to the House of Habsburg. Author also pays attention to the noblewoman as a wife, a mother, a Jesuit confidant, a widow and a strict catholic, that had a substantial influence on the social life of Hradec and its surroundings due to her religious views. Author does not omit the tangible cultural aspects connected with the activities of Katerina Hradecka of Montfort and her impact on the ecclesiastical and secular architecture in Jindřichův Hradec.
Work – life balance of students
Fesslová, Tereza Anežka ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Říhová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the importance of work-life balance, which means balance between work and life. The aim of this thesis is to find out current status of satisfaction with work-life balance for students of universities. In the theoretical part is explained the concept of work-life balance and another concepts related to this topic. The focus is drawn on four individual parts of human life, where people must be able to allocate their time. The practical part is devoted to characteristics of current students in general. Then a research is conducted on survey. The respondents are the current students of universities in Czech republic. Based on the research an evaluation of results is find out and a solution is proposed in order to further adjust the conditions for improvement of work, life and study balance for these students.
Perception of climate change impacts and adaptive capacity in organic agriculture
Říhová, Jana ; Vačkář, David (advisor) ; Pražan, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the perception of climate change issue and adaptive capacity of organic farming systems in the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis it to investigate organic farmers' attitudes toward climate change and their willingness to adopt adaptation practices. The method used in this thesis is based on questionnaires that were distributed among organic farmers in the period of January-March 2015; 52 questionnaires were subsequently analysed. The results indicate that the majority of organic farmers surveyed believed that the global climate change is occurring, expected negative climate change effects and observed higher frequency of extreme weather events. Most of the respondents also acknowledge the importance of adaptation practices and their own responsibility in adaptation. The statistical analysis revealed that both the belief about climate change and perception of associated threats may serve as predictors of the willingness to implement adaptation measures.
Long-term population trends of birds in North America and Europe: a metaanalysis of existing studies
Říhová, Jana ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Voříšek, Petr (referee)
Since the beginning of the last century there have been significant changes in the environment, farming and the landscape structure. Because birds are one of the longest- studied groups of organisms and are considered to be good indicators of environmental quality, it is advisable to relate environmental changes to changes in bird abundance. Understanding these relationships enables better and more accurate formulation of conservation plans and priorities, and therefore a large number of studies were dedicated to them. Although these studies achieved great progress in the knowledge of the most important factors that affect bird populations, their findings remained somewhat incomplete and fragmentary due to their limited temporal and/or spatial coverage. Therefore, it was not entirely clear which patterns are general and which are confined to some specific regional conditions. The fill this knowledge gap, I collected all studies on long-term trends in bird abundance in Europe and North America, which I was aware of, and made a meta-analysis of their results. Using linear mixed-effects models, I found a significant decrease in open-habitat species, probably as a result of agricultural intensification and abandonment of agricultural land. This pattern was consistent regardless of region or time period...
Population structure of the gray wolf (Canis lupus)
Říhová, Jana ; Hulva, Pavel (advisor) ; Pivnička, Karel (referee)
Gray wolf (Canis lupus), is historicaly the most widespread carnivore with the former range including most of the northern hemisphere. The ambivalent relationship of humans to this predator resulted in extermination of this species in many areas, on the other hand led to the evolution of the dog, unique domesticant with vast phenotypic variation. The effort of conservation biology in last decades resulted in the shift of perception the role of big carnivores in ecosystems, with consequent recolonization of many regions by wolf, including the Czech republic. This changes brings the elevation of interest in this taxon by both experts and laymans. Present review aims to assemble published information regarding distribution, phylogeography, population structure, social and spatial behaviour of the gray wolf. The chapters describing the domestication process of the dog and hybridization with his wild ancestor are included.
Coaching - the part of professional development
Říhová, Jana ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee) ; Wagnerová, Irena (advisor)
This work deals with subject of coaching as a part of the professional development. The first part is devoted to the theoretical initial data of the coaching. There are summarily described definitions that can be found in specialized literature. A strong attention has been given also to historical and philosophical principles of coaching. Having presented this essential information the work defines coaching compared with its related branches as consultancy, training, mentoring or psychotherapy. In a separate chapter, the process of coaching, its principles, stages and basic models have been treated. Two main types of coaching are mentioned in brief. A more extensive chapter has been dedicated to the personality characteristics of a coach and his function depending on his position in the company. Conclusion of the first part is focused on questions of ethics in the coaching process. The second half of this work is represented by a practical part describing two research studies - a qualitative and a quantitative. In the course of the qualitative research there have been obtained information and opinions on coaching in semi-structured interviews from the leading Czech coaches. The quantitative research is focused on analysis of efficiency perception of the coaching as a method by persons that took use of it in...
The wedding of Adam II. of Hradec and Catharine of Montfort
This thesis deals with the wedding of Adam II. of Hradec and Catharine of Montfort. In a connection with the wedding strategies in the early modern period, this thesis explains the choice of a bride which was very crucial in the aristocratic environment not only for the married couple but also for their wide social surrounding. Then this thesis focuses on the whole ritual of wedding celebration from the courtship to the bride's arrival to the castle in Jindřichův Hradec in 1574. The nobleman's need to represent his noble estate is reflected in this celebration and Adam II. spent a huge amount of money on this wedding even though his domain was highly in debt. The thesis also analyses the wedding poems written in honour of the married couple by humanistic poets. Latin poetry refers to the nobility and ancient origin of the noblemen of Jindřichův Hradec and emphasizes the continuation of the generation which could be achieved only by the posterity. The marriage is observed in a political and religious context of the period because it is closely related to the noblemen of Jindřichův Hradec who had numerous links to the House of Habsburg and also to the following religious development in Jindřichův Hradec, which were catholic thanks to the influence of Catherine of Montfort.

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