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An Optional Research-oriented After-school Science (Biology) Programme at Elementary School Level During the Times of Distance Teaching
Hylmar, Ondřej ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
ANOTATION: This thesis deals with elementary characteristics, methods and ways of education with the overlap to the topic of free time and its connection with the concept of research-oriented education.This way it creates a comprehensive picture of different ways of effective teaching, learning and spending of free time. The first part of the thesis defines the terms of formal and informal education. It deals for instance with family and school as important factors influencing the free time of children and youth. It also introduces the term, content and principles of research-oriented education. The second part directly focuses on free time, research-oriented programmes which can be used both in standard classroom and distance on-line education. The main goal of the thesis is both to deliver a comprehensive picture of research-oriented education by means of freetime after-school research workshops, and to find out the advantages of both classroom and distance forms of education by their field-testing.
Subject Matters of Experiments and Observations in School Aquarium
Siegelová, Michaela ; Hanel, Lubomír (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the use of aquariums and aquatic animals in biology and natural history lessons. It contains ideas for school experiments and observation of various groups of freshwater animals, which are selected so that the teacher could capture them in Czech waters or buy them in pet shops. This paper presents instructions for observation and experiments regarding aquatic larvae of insects, hydrozoans, turbellarians, molluscs, annelids, arthropods, amphibians and fish. The written school experiments are accompanied by illustrative pictures and videos that will help to understand the experiment or observation. For each of the mentioned animals, its brief characteristics and information about the keeping and establishment of the aquarium are provided. The thesis also describes cold-water and hot-water aquarium keeping. For each type, the species of animals and plants that can be kept and grown in these aquariums are listed. The thesis also includes a brief description of the basic aquarium equipment such as lighting, filtration, heating and aeration. It also gives a description of the maintenance, positioning and basic care of a school aquarium.
Carabid Beetle Breeding at School
Smrž, Martin ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The main focus of this work is the collection and breeding of ground beetles (Carabidae) for use at schools. In the theoretical part, attention is paid to the morphology of images and larval developmental stages; occurrence, food specialization, reproduction and importance of carabids. The following is an overview of selected representatives that can be found in Europe. Furthermore, the collection of insects is generally described, including methods of trapping ground beetles. In addition to the individual collection, various types of traps can be used as well. Part of the work is not only the theoretical part, but also a practical description of the implementation of own collection and breeding, which were performed on the base of the theoretical part. A total of 27 individuals were collected at four sites in the Hankovec Forest, which is located in the Karlštejn National Nature Reserve. The method of individual collection and collection using traps was used for collection. Of the three types of traps, the jar proved to be the most effective. 15 representatives were used to carry out the research, and were placed in three types of insectariums. They were placed in various places to cover the needs of sunlight, shade, moisture, etc. The insectarium made of a plastic crate, the so-called faunabox,...
Leeches (Hirudinea) and Their Usage in Teaching
Koldová, Anna ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Škodová, Jana (referee)
TITLE: Leeches (Hirudinea) and Their Usage in Teaching AUTHOR: Bc. Anna Koldová DEPARTMENT: Biology and Environmental Studies, Faculty od Education Charles University SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Dagmar Říhová, Ph.D. ANNOTATION This diploma thesis is focused on leeches (Annelida: Hirudinea) in the Czech Republic. It provides a description of all species occurring in the Czech Republic, as well as the key to their classification into families. A detailed guideline about the organization of field trip and implementation of extracurricular teaching is part of this thesis. The field trip is focused on sampling, observation and determination of leeches in an excursion to a site with a traditional occurrence of the European medical leech Hirudo medicinalis - national nature reservation Hrabanovská černava. In addition, the work defines the advantages, disadvantages and other possibilities of application of the proposed program, and the inclusion of extracurricular education. KEYWORDS the European medicinal leech, Annelida, field trip, extracurricular lessons, Hrabanovská černava
The Psárský forest in the district of Prague - West as a location of school science excursion
Prokopcová, Michala ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
Thesis TITLE: The Psárský forest in the district of Prague - West as a location of school science excursion AUTHOR: Bc. Michala Prokopcová DEPARTMENT: Department of Biology and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Education, Charles University SUPERVISOR: doc. RNDr. Vasilis Teodoridis, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The aim of the thesis is to examine the Psárský forest locality in the Prague-West region as regards its suitability for a school science excursion. The principal objective of the thesis was to prepare and take a comprehensive science excursion to Psárský forest and verify its educational efficiency for pupils of lower secondary school grades by means of pedagogical research. The research was carried out through didactical tests comparing the initial knowledge before the excursion (pretest) and acquired knowledge after the excursion (posttest). The didactical concept of the science excursion to Psárský forest was elaborated in accordance with the key aspects of the field biology didactics and based on complex evaluation of the fields of interest for the excursion planned to become a basis for the excursion contents and selection of suitable places for excursion activities. In addition to this, subsequent research via the attitude questionnaire to identify the excursions benefits within natural science education from...
The Life in the Soil: Practical Exercise for Elementary School
Müllerová, Romana ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Škodová, Jana (referee)
My thesis's topic is life in the soil. This thesis discusses soil itself and organisms that live in it. At the same time it describes an implementation of the topic Soil in schooling into an educational program in a specific primary school. The theoretical part contains eight basic areas - soil formation, its characteristics, soil types, functions, soil degradation and protection, soil nutrients, methods of studying soil fauna and, last but not least, topic of soil in general education schedule for primary schooling and school edaucation schedule of a specific primary school. Empirical part of the work contains an analysis of the natural history textbooks on the topic of soil and a description of teaching material which was used during lessons at the Primary School Bystřice. The aim of the work was to verify the functionality of the resulting teaching materials which were evaluated in post and pre-tests. Both tests were first evaluated separately and then compared together. The resulsts were very similar. In th both of class was the same number of students were get better or get worse. The class 9.B had better point evaluation. KEYWORDS soil, soil fauna, soil practicals, analysis of textbooks, teaching materials
The Finds of Mollusc Shells From the Lumbe Garden in Light of the Conchological Analysis
Oravec, Jan ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Juřičková, Lucie (referee)
The submitted thesis focuses on the analysis of conchological finds from archaeological layers in the Lumbe Garden situated on the north forecourt of Prague Castle (Prague, Czech Republic). The collection of the conchological finds was discovered during archaeological research realized in the years 2018 and 2019. The first part of this text describes the historical development and the effect of the usage of conchological methods in archaeology, taking into account the results of some other research. The following description of the garden area formation helps to understand the fundamental features of this area, where the geological subsoil allowed the conservation of this large collection of malacological finds. The core of this study is the analysis of conchological material. Together with the description of used methods, all detected taxa of molluscs are identified and described. Four species of common freshwater and terrestrial gastropods, four taxa of routine freshwater bivalves and two genera of marine molluscs were identified. Further, their presence in archaeological layers is explained and discussed, with support of other conchological analysis. The limited number of the detected mollusc species contributed to the knowledge about the area under investigation where natural conditions...

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