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Comparison of legislative and executive branches in the US unincorporated territories
Tománek, Michal ; Kotábová, Věra (advisor) ; Říchová, Blanka (referee)
This Comparison of legislative and executive branches in the U.S. unincorporated territories thesis deals with political systems in unincorporated American territories - Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa. Today these territories stand as an integral part of the USA, but they do not hold federal state status. This study focuses on political systems of the individual territories, specifically on their legislative and executive bodies. It also explores relationships these territories have with the continental U.S., their status within American political system and it outlines genesis of autonomous government institutions of these territories. Concurrently, this thesis also elaborates on problem areas stemming from for example dual citizenship and citizens of these territories not being able to participate in presidential elections. This work comprises of five case studies that focus on political institutions of the individual territories. The main contribution of this study lies in the comparison work. In comparative analysis of the executive bodies and analysis of the extent of governors' authority within individual territories, and in the comparison with federal states. It also provides comparative analysis of legislative bodies of...
Falklands or Malvins? Czech view on teh War between British and Angentina governments
Semera, Jakub ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to explore the stance of former Czechoslovak media towards the Falkland and Malvina Islands war. The first part is focused predominantly on the conflict itself, historical claims of both countries, and their argumentation. Further, the steps of the United Nations General Assembly are listed, as an important part of media coverage at that time. The practical section represents the main pillar of this thesis. It investigates former printed media and their position regarding both sides of the conflict. Before the text analysis itself, censorship and other practices of former institutions are presented. These institutions were responsible for the stance of the media to be consistent with the Communist party ideologies. In the analysis, the daily press represented by Rudé právo, Svobodné slovo, popular science magazine 100+1 zahraniční zajímavost, magazine Nový Orient published by Academy of Sciences of the Czech republic and exile literature Demokracie v Exilu a Západ. The thesis also studies how much space was provided to the topic by individual publishers, in what ways did the publishers use the facts and whether they were neutral or if they were biased towards any side. The biggest difference in the interpretation of facts and support of the sides of the dispute can...
Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party i Contemporary British Politics
Vicanović, Siniša ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
1 Abstract Bachelor thesis "Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in Contemporary British Politics" is a case study focusing on two key areas, namely the election of Jeremy Corbyn, and ideological and programmatic changes in party policy since. The first part of this thesis seeks to understand the causes which led to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader in 2015. It begins by a short overview of 2015 leadership race, followed by a closer analysis of factors influencing the election. Specifically, it aims to identify the main reasons which motivated people to support Corbyn, and the mechanisms and underlying factors which enabled this. The resulting analysis demonstrates that a combination of numerous factors i.e. changes to the election process, influx of new members (many among them left-wing and lower-class), use of technology in the campaign, and personal appeal of Corbyn played a major role in influencing the election. The second part of the thesis is dedicated to examining the impact of his leadership on the ideology and policy of the Labour Party, and what distinguishes Corbyn's Labour from New Labour. Firstly, by analysing the data obtained by the Comparative Manifesto Project, and using the rile index it attempts to assess whether Labour under Corbyn underwent some significant ideological shift....
British Government relations with territorial offices in Scotland and Wales after 1998
Vincová, Nikola ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
The bachelor thesis "British government relations with territorial departments in Scotland and Wales after 1998" focus its aim on describing powers of government territorial offices Scotland Office and Wales Office, examine its relations with British government and the distinctions of their powers during devolution years. The main topic of this work is to analyse and describe the motives that lead to set those powers and resolve their changes. The case study is working with assertion that main cause to these changes is the political factor rising out of the centre therefore the work submits an analysis of government devolution acts and how these acts changed institutional framework and intergovernmental relations. In its major part, the work is focused on first and second devolution stage and deals with British government intentions in territorial departments. The attention is put on the roles of the Secretaries of States for Scotland and Wales, who in the nature of their posts influenced Scottish and Welsh politics but were also dependent on British government and their political parties. In the conclusion the work aim is to provide the analysis of change of the political representation across United Kingdom and the effect of this change on devolution arrangements and powers in relation to...
Comparison of party manifestos of Party of Free Citizens and United Kingdom Independence Party
Kunc, Martin ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Říchová, Blanka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a political program of Strana svobodných občanů. Firstly, the methodology used in this thesis is explored in the first chapter. Then, in the second chapter are defined and described relevant theoretical concepts. These are the concepts of Euroscepticism, anarchocapitalism and libertarianism. In the case of Euroscepticism, a typology by a French political scientist Cécile Leconte is used as well because Euroscepticism is a very complex term. In the next chapter there are described relevant aspects of political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů. The fourth chapter, with help of content analysis of the Strana svobodných občanů program, answers to all of the research questions: To what extent is Euroscepticism present in the political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů? How the presence of Euroscepticism in the political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů evolved since the founding of the party to the present? To what extent is anarchocapitalism present in the political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů? How the presence of anarchocapitalism in the political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů evolved since the founding of the party to the present? To what extent is libertarianism present in the political philosophy of Strana svobodných občanů? How...
Irish Party System and its changes in last 25 years (the role of Sinn Féin)
Lukášová, Hana ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Stauber, Jakub (referee)
This thesis' topic is The Irish party system and its changes in the last 25 years with a focus on the role of Sinn Féin. While Sinn Féin was the largest party in the first Irish parliament at the beginning of the 20th century, the rest of the century the party remained minor. Its strong ties to the Irish Republican Army kept the party from gaining official recognition both from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, since the party contests in both parts of the island of Ireland. The connection to IRA together with the policy of abstentionism, which the party practiced until 1986 in the Republic and until 1998 to the Northern Ireland Assembly, put the party on the edge of the interest of both scholars and voters. However, after the peace process in Northern Ireland, the situation changed rapidly, at least in the case of voters. Today, only twenty years after the process ended, Sinn Féin is the second largest (and the largest nationalist) party in the Northern Ireland assembly and the third biggest in the Dáil (the lower house of the Irish parliament), succeeding the Labour party at this position. And while the voters support for the party grows, most of the scholars still consider to be only a political wing of the IRA or a minor party. The descriptive part of this thesis narrates the...
Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru in the context of devolution
Skutilová, Marie ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The thesis deals with the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales and their transformation in the context of the establishment of devolutionary institutions: the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly of Wales. At first, it presents the main terms with which the work will operate, and the concept of regional parties, focusing on their classification based on the origin and stance on the territorial-political arrangement. Further, the thesis will deal with the development of tendencies leading to the establishment of devolution in both regions. The background conditions and the main purpose leading to the establishment of both parties differed significantly and played an important role throughout their whole existence. The Scottish National Party has demanded Scotland's independence since its establishment, while Plaid Cymru was formed mainly to protect Welsh culture and language. The emergence of devolution in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has provided regional parties with a new opportunity to strengthen their position in their regional political systems. Both the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru had to adapt to the new conditions and create a new strategy for the new political environment. The work should answer the question of how...
Party System of Catalonia
Baranyaiová, Gabriela ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Říchová, Blanka (referee)
The Parliament of Catalonia was restored in 1980 within the transition to democracy in Spain. From the beginning the coalition of Convergència i Unió was dominated in party system. This coalition was consisted by two parties and had absolute parliamentarian majority between years 1984 and 1995. Its dominance was disrupted by Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya in elections in 1999 and also in 2003. Until then, there was a bipolar system where CiU won elections to the Parliament of Catalonia and PSC-PSOE elections to Congreso de Diputados in this autonomous region. CiU won every Catalan parliamentary elections till 2012. After the collapse of CiU in 2015, one of its parties, Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya, started to cooperate with Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya primarily because of Catalonia's independence. The number of relevant parties started to increase in 2015. The aim of the thesis is to answer following questions: what party system according to Sartori's theory occurred/occurs in the Parliament of Catalonia and whether there was a change of party system or not. If yes, then which circumstances affected this change. Furthermore, the results of the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia and to Congreso de Diputados in Catalonia are compared. This comparison seeks to answer the question of...
Decision-making of Welsh People in 2016 United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum
Podhorský, Vojtěch ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Hájek, Lukáš (referee)
On 23rd June 2016 majority of Welsh people voted to leave in United Kingdom European Union membership. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse voting behaviour of voters from region which economically profited from the European Union membership and to find out which main factors determined their decision-making. Intergroup threat theory will be used in this work for describing realistic and symbolic threats with origin from immigration. Process of threat perception will be monitored from 2004 enlargement of the European Union till the referendum. A part of the work will be to describe the impact of 2008 financial crisis on Welsh people relationship to the European Union. The relationship will be determined by anti-European United Kingdom Independence Party preferences after the crisis. In this context others main Welsh political parties attitudes towards the European Union and the referendum will be explored. Main perceived realistic and symbolic threats by Welsh people will be compared with real situation in Wales. After this comparison, it turns out in which electoral districts the threats appeared the most and if they were real or if it was a consequence of anti-immigration and anti-European campaigns.

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