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Slovak-Italian relationships 1939-1945
Kubík, Petr ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Němeček, Jan (referee) ; Ďurica, Milan (referee)
Slovak-ltalian relationsbips between 1939 and 1945 Diplomatic relations between the fírst Slovak Republic and the Kingdom oOtaly began developing after Apri1 11, 1939, when tbe ltalian govemment acknowledged the independence of Slovakia. The first Slovak ambassador, 1M. Zvrškovec, served in Rome from the middle of May 1939 and was replaced in summer 1940 by B. Galvánek. The Italian consulate in Bratislava directed by F.Lo Faro was transformed Ínto an embassy in September 1939. Count G.Roncalli, the first ambassador, was succeeded by P. Cortese in March 1942. ln tbe years ]939 to 1943 tbe Slovak-ltalian relationships were very active and rapídly extended in many fields of diplomacy, business, culture, propaganda and sports. These activities are described in detail in several chapters. This period of contacts was very fruitful, but compilation of a cultural agreement was not fina1ized and the planned visits at tbe highest level never took place. Tbe above communication abruptly came to an end after the· ltalian miIitary and politica1 break down in summer of 1943. Slovak Republic tried to keep diplomatic contacts witb tbe ltalian Sodal Republic newly established in northem Italy by Mussoliní under German protectorate, but these relations could not be as íntensive as those in the ear1ier years. They functioned...

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