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"And these soldiers have come to us..." The town of Slaný during the Thirty Years War as seen through the papers of its municipal government.
Kmochová, Romana ; Čornejová, Ivana (referee) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy nám. Jana Palacha , 6 8 Praha IČ: 6 8 DIČ: CZ 6 8 Jed á se o rigoróz í práci, která je uz a ou diplo ovou či disertač í prací. Děkuje e za pochope í.
Students of Philosophical Faculty Charles University in Prague in 1920 and 1938.
Zilvarová, Věra ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
The present dissertation Female students of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague in the academic year 1920/21 and 1938/39 is concerned with the comparison of the profile of female listeners from the various of perspectives. The discussed topics are among others: the increasing number of female listeners and their social, geographical and religious profile as well as their age, nationality and later in their life achieved success. The dissertation also reconsideres the development of female education in 19th and early 20th century, namely until the end of the First Republic. It also characterizes the development of women's feminist movement which since the 19th century sought primarily on women's right to education and career opportunities in areas that were previously defined only by men. One of the chapters is devoted to the issue of the penetration of women into the scientific area. An important part of work shows the approach in the organization of girls' High-school education in Bohemia in the second half of the 19th century and in the interwar period. The detailed analysis of studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University during the 20's and 30's of the 20th century has been done. The results of empirical research have been supplemented with data illustrating the overall...
Prague Utraquist University students from Rakovnik (1550-1622)
Chmelíková, Pavla ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the educational process of some students from the town of Rakovník between the years 1550-1622. The main aim of this work is to observe these students and the process of their education in particular schools, the university in Prague and another universities in Europe. Furthermore, it also deals with different types of careers that the students from Rakovník chose after they had finished their studies. Certain parts of the thesis consider some more general features of the system of education in Bohemia and Moravia and the development of the town of Rakovník during the early modern age. The thesis consists of seven chapters, the introduction and conclusion.
Dishonourable Townspeople of the Early Modern Times (Executioners and Knackers in Eastern Bohemia in the 17th Century)
Pultarová, Marie ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
The thesis deals with the theme of social groups of individuals, historically known as "disreputable people", among whom the executioners, knackers and bailiffs belonged. The main aim is to capture the social status of these people, who are historiographically considered as the individuals standing on the lowest rung of the social ladder. Detailed analysis of the sources of urban provenance is to show both the interaction of this group and its individuals with the rest of the urban community, especially with individuals considered as honorable, and also the everyday life of disreputable people in the urban environment. The thesis is divided into three parts, which are further thematically divided. The first part shows the theoretical and methodological level with an emphasis on previous studies dealing with the phenomenon of honor and also issues of discreditable people and of capital punishment. The following two parts contain an analysis of the situation of dishonourable people in the East Bohemian town of Pardubice in 17th century and because of the necessary comparison of regional differences, there was also the research of analogous conditions of another East Bohemian town Náchod included. Inside the urban society the professional functions of these individuals, their property background,...
Middle European Military Camps in 1550-1650
Andresová, Klára ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the problematics of the military camps of Christian armies in the Central Europe between 1550-1650. We focus on the camps of the Habsburg Monarchy and German lands, yet some space is given to the situation in Poland and Hungary. The introductory chapters consist of a characterization of the source material and an overview of the present state of research. Furthermore, excursuses into several topics related to the military camps of the early modern period are made. Thus, characterizations of the crucial war conflicts of the period, contemporary strategies and tactics, principals, composition and equipment of the armies, of the ranks, and of the life of soldiers are provided. The core of this work is an interpretation and comparison of treatises written by military theorists, who dealt with the problematics of camps, namely of the works by Jan Tarnowski, Guillaume du Bellay, Leonhardt Fronsperger, Lazarus von Schwendi, Giorgio Basta, Johann Jacobi von Wallhausen, and Raimondo Montecuccoli. Additionally, an analysis of the military orders of the Roman emperor Maximilian II and of the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf is supplied, followed by memoirs and diaries of soldiers of that era, and contemporary literary fiction. Although the thesis includes brief characterizations of...
Testaments of Náchod in the 17th century
Matyska, Jan ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
Subject of this bachelor thesis is a probe into preserved testaments from the Náchod archive in the 17th century. These testaments can be found either in 2 books of testaments or in the files. They offer new possibilities of view into the everyday life of the town, mainly in the assets and family conditions. The thesis presents the testaments as information sources and describes local way of their origin. The main goal of the thesis was identifying the group of people who created their testament and also the analysis of their legacies. The testamentmakers were considered according to gender, family status, occupation, assets, place of living and engagement in the life of urban community. The analysis of legacies studies not only their character, but also the scope of recipients, pious and profane. In the end, legacies heading to recipients out of the town are examined. Powered by TCPDF (
World from the point of view of the citizen in Early Modern Age
Sojková, Alena ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis covers the individual citizens' perception of suburban events in order to discuss the point of view of the early modern Czech citizen and their ability to gain information of the world around through the analysis of such suburban events that were registered in the chosen chronicles, originating between the years 1575-1600, a period that is considered "a golden age of the Czech cities". First, the background of the chroniclers is outlined, because it might have influenced the choice of events they decided to include in their works, i.e. the position of the concrete city, the level of education in the said period or the author's personal life. Second, the general knowledge of the authors is described in the thesis through the means of analysis of the type of recorded information (e.g. Turkish wars, the deaths of famous persons, wildfires, councils and the like). In other words, the thesis is to point out what type of information was considered to be the most interesting or extraordinary to the wider public, and which circles were usually covered by the chroniclers. Therefore, the reader is to discover the world of thought of the early modern citizen, which has been restricted to us because of the lack of other than administrative materials, and the impulses that influenced and...
"And these soldiers have come to us..." The town of Slaný during the Thirty Years War as seen through the papers of its municipal government.
Kmochová, Romana ; Hojda, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
During the Thirty Years War the life of the inhabitants of Central Bohemian Town Slaný was (like the life in other central European towns in this period) mainly influenced by soldiers and various war events. Nevertheless, many changes in their lives were brought by the pawn and subsequent sale of the town to nobleman Jaroslav Bořita z Martinic. This thesis is mainly focused on the municipal administration, especially on war events impacts on the town government and also on the new elements in municipal administration related to the change of its legal status, respectively on encroachment of the new manorial lords on the municipal administration. It also deals with mechanisms used by municipal officials (authorities) to protect the lives and property of town's inhabitant against the rampage soldiery. It is not omitted the interactions occurred between the townspeople and soldiers including self-preserving mechanisms and adaptation strategies that allow them cope with soldiers presence as well.
Cheb's trade in 16. century
Sečkař, Petr ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
City of Cheb, lying on crossroad of old trade roads, gains by favor of czcech kings and roman emperors many privileges supports trade activity. Sixteenth century was period of trade prosperity of this region: silver was discovered in Joachimsthal and some new deposits of tin. Prosperous mining areas are source of prosperity even for near and farther neighbourhoods, and on main route from western Europe lies Cheb. Assumed prosperity of trade shoud make impact on prosperity of city inhabitants, even city as a whole. Goal of this work is to analyze city income books (Umgeldbücher) and qualify and quantify income from trade and proportion of this income in whole city income.
Social position of the czech executioner in the modern times
Pultarová, Marie ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
and key words: The work deals with the social status of executioners in modern times as a group of people who were considered to be dishonourable. The bachelor's thesis attempts to watch contacts of executioner's families and general public, their financial situations and especially to find out how much the society discriminates against hangmen. It is given emphasis to the issue of Modern honor and its interpretation in the context of an executioner and their families. Moreover it is primarily focused on family of Zelinger, that lived in the late 17th century in Pardubice and surrounding areas. Thanks to studying of Jiří Zelingers life and local conditions in Pardubice it is possible to make comparison with historiography. The conclusions of the thesis are based on studying mainly czech historiographical literature and sources of city administration of Pardubice. The key words: modern times, executioners, city

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