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New Approaches in Presentation and Popularization of Archaeology. Research of the Didactic Aspects of the Archaeological Contribution to Contemporary Society
Puhačová, Veronika ; Popelka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee) ; Tichý, Radomír (referee)
This thesis concentrates on new approaches in the popularization of archaeology in the light of its social contribution to the society of the 21st century. Its main research issue is the problem of didactical transformation of the archaeological data and knowledge for the needs of an efficient popularization of the discipline. An effective popularization is considered to be a complex of interdisciplinary processes leading to a multi-layered usage of archaeological in-formation and data by the general public. The author as well emphasizes the substantial educational dimension of archaeological popularization. According to this fact she tries to apply the pieces of knowledge gained from field didactics, museum education and experiential learning on the duplex communication with general public. Thesis consists form a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with information and experiences from public archaeology, history, sociology and philosophy and analyses both familiar and neglected roles of archaeology within the contemporary society and situates them into a broader educational context. The second - practical - part of the thesis focuses on new approaches, methods and themes within the research issue, and introduces several model examples of good praxis as well as seven...
The Life in the communities of the School Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis in 1971-1989. Everyday life and gender roles of women's religious communities during socialism.
Libánská, Anna ; Zdichynec, Jan (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee)
The work deals with the everyday life of the School Sisters of St. Francis on the Czech territory in 1971 - 1989, but it aims to cover the history of the congregation throughout the whole period 1948 - 1989. The use of the oral history method captures mainly the life in secret monastic communities, both female and gender, in which sisters lived especially for the purpose of leading the noviciate. In addition to describing the strategies that sisters have developed during the given period for the maintenance of religious life, the thesis also deals with gender modifications and their transformation, not only related to the specific conditions of the communist regime, but also to the Second Vatican Council, which brought about fundamental religious reform.
Return of Baťa Lost: Post-socialist Transformation of Czech Cultural Memory
Babička, Martin ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
After 1989, Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic, undergoes a transformation not only political or economic, but also a broader cultural or semiotic one. Collective remembering processes are entered by multiple agents who compete with, pass, complement or contradict each other. They further differ in the extent of their institutionalization, motivation, or way of representation. Legitimizing role of the past becomes an issue of negotiation, linked to the search for different collective identities and arrival of different ideologies. The case of Baťa can well render this process: at the beginning of the 1990s, Baťa's historical significance is changing; he starts to be used by diverse actors in diverse representations (news articles, memoirs, non-fiction and popularizing books, documentary films, public space) for diverse purposes; at the same time, Baťa is a synecdoche of remembering interwar Czechoslovakia and can thus become an instrument of constructed continuity. Mapping the forms of Baťa's representations in Czech historical culture after 1989 will point to broader changes and consequences of the transformation of Czech collective remembering in its heterogeneity. The paper proceeds primarily from memory studies concepts approaches of contemporary history to the study of post-socialism. Key...
Figures and Traces of Memory. Changes in Dynamics of Cultural Memory in Relation to Visual Culture
Průchová, Andrea ; Dvořák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
Thesis Abstract The thesis deals with the visual content of the media of official memory, in particular the visual material of history textbooks and the exhibition of the National Museum. It examines the formal and content features of the representation of four key events of modern Czechoslovak and Czech history which entered the awareness of the general public as "eight" events: the founding of Czechoslovakia (1918), the signing of the Munich Agreement (1938), the communist coup (1948) and the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies (1968). Moreover, it relates the modes of representation of these events to the issue of the political transition of 1989. By means of mixed methods research, it examines a sample of textbooks published during the communist era (1967, 1973, 1982, 1983, 1983), the post-communist era (1995, 1996, 1999, 1999, 2000, 2009, 2011) and the exhibits from the permanent exhibition Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak Statehood (opened in 2009). In its findings, the thesis presents 34 visual memory figures related to the representation of the selected historical events. It points out the circulation of these images between the medium of the textbook and the historical exposition, thus following the dynamic concept of memory discussed in the theoretical part of the thesis. It finds both...
Barrandov Teraces as a place of memory
Veselá, Jaroslava ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
(in English): This bacelor's work is focused on presentation of the Barrandov Terraces multifunctional areal as a place of memory. Using the analysis of cultural media resources - newspaper articles, documents, photographes and memories, it shows in which way is the knowledge of the Barrandov Teraces represented in the society. Through the methodology of memory studies of eminent historians this work illustrates the actual perception of Barrandov Terraces in a popular opinion.
Images of of Roma in the Czech cultural and communicative memory.
Čápová, Lada ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
(in English): This work aims on understanding the media image of Roma in various types of media as textbooks, Wikipedia and Corpus for Czech language. The aim of this work is to find out, how these media form images of Roma, which are shared by Czech majority. I tried to solve the problem by discourse analysis of media representations, relating to the category of Roma. Through research I have identified one of the possible causes of today's socio-economic stereotype of Roma which is shared within the Czech society and the analysis of Wikipedia showed that the depiction of Roma within this medium is strongly influenced by the way in which certain subject are communicated in the society.
Modernization of the countryside connected with the establishment of collective farms in the Strakonice region
Jirsa, Jiří ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
(in English): The subject of this thesis is the modernization of rural areas. I use the case studies of three villages (Třebohostice, Mečichov, Chrášťovice), with similar amounts of owned land and population sizes, to analyze this process. I approach the study as a micro-historical probe. The main sources of empirical material are the local chronicles and archival documents from the local governments (MNV and largely ONV Strakonice and OV KSC Strakonice). I supplement this "history from above" with oral history interviews, which I use to glean how collectivization was evaluated retrospectively and the ways in which it was seen as having contributed to the local communities. I map the impact of the emerging collective farms, whether positive or negative, on the development of the individual villages, and describe the changes that took place in them.
Reprezentation of Master Jan Hus Being Burned in Contemporary Czech Society
Chládková, Kateřina ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
The presented bachelor's thesis is concerned with the topic of the portrayal of Jan Hus in the connection with the 600th jubiliee of his death, which was commemorated in year 2015. It is focused primarily on the way particular media perform the story of Jan Hus and on the influence of the nature of the media to the resulting image of Hus. There are three types of media which serves for this thesis as the main source: an exhibition of the Hussite museum in Tábor called Jan Hus 1415/2015, a movie by Jiří Svoboda also called Jan Hus, and a novel by Vlastimil Vonduška called The Hussite's Epopeia I. The character of contemporary commemorative practice is here analyzed by way of comparation with the older representations. This thesis also observes mechanisms which are used by particular representations in order to push through within the commemorative culture. The analyses of the sources in this paper is based on the concept of Cultural Memory Studies (Jan Assmann, Astrid Erll, Aleida Assmann) and on the concept of Memory Sites by Pierre Nora. Key words: Jan Hus, cultural memory, memory site, new media, politics of memory, historical culture Powered by TCPDF (
The Historical Imagination of Late Enlightenment.
Smyčka, Václav ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; Tinková, Daniela (referee)
The dissertation deals with the transformations of historiography and perception of the historical time in the last third of 18th and at the beginning of the 19th centuries. The central questions it investigates are: How has the way of locating (Czech) society in time changed? How did representations of past fundamentally change between 1760s and 1820s, in the era of the so-called "Sattelzeit"? What is the relationship between these changes and the way in which history was represented? What impact did the changes of media, book markets, and culture of reading have in this time? What are the political and aesthetic consequences of these changes? The answer to these questions is found in five fundamental innovations of Enlightenment historiography. These innovations (understood according to Niklas Luhmann's system theory in order to reduce complexity) - fundamentally influenced the way in which late Enlightenment thinkers conceptualized the flow of historical time and the praxis of historiography. It is about the spread of cumulative concepts of knowledge in historia litteraria related to the growth of book markets, narrativisation of the historical experience (as a result of emergence of the newly incoming fictional genres of the historical novels),, philosophy of history as a new idealistic...
Towards new Prague! Traditions, visions and constructing the city and its image after 1945
Kurz, Michal ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee)
The thesis focuses on the construction and symbolic encoding of Prague from 1945 to the late 1950s, with emphasis on the Stalinist era. Based on an analysis of historical texts and architectural projects, the thesis studies the motivations and tactics, which the post-war political and professional elites sought to manifest their own values and ideological principles in the area of the capital city. Through the analysis of historical concepts of "old" and "new" Prague examines the thesis the changing relationship between tradition and modernity in the image of the city. The sociocultural phenomenon of Stalinism is thematized as a specific part of the long process of modernization, which passes through Prague during the first half of the 20th century. The thesis deals also with the attributes that should characterize the "new" socialist Prague and with the ways of using the Soviet patterns and local historical traditions. Keywords: Prague, city, image of the city, architecture, urbanism, memory, heritage, socialist realism, stalinism, 1950s

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