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Paralympic classification in table tennis players with physical impairments
Půlpán, David ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Čichoň, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Paralympic classification in table tennis players with physical impairments Objectives: The aim of this work is to create systematic text by literary research follow up issue about classification in paralympic sport with focusing on table tennis players with physical impairments. Methods: In this thesis we used qualitative research methods. It is based on the analysis and synthesis of available literature resources, key organizations, and expert consultations. Results: A comprehensive text about issue of classification in the paralympic table tennis of physically disabled players was created. This work can help national table tennis classifiers of physically disabled players to classify players. In the future, research in this area needs to be carried a way that the classification is truly based on scientific evidence. Keywords: health impairment, evaluation, paralympic games, classifier, sport classes, eligibility
The impact of unilateral transfemoral amputation on job offer - employment.
Nieć, Tomáš ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
5 Abstrakt: Cílem této bakalářské práce je u vybraných jedinců s jednostrannou transfemorální amputací analyzovat možnosti ovlivnění zaměstnání. Práce byla vedena jako pilotní sociologický průzkum a empirická rešerše. Z hlediska metodologického jde o sběr dat formou řízeného rozhovoru. V teoretické části se zabývá empirickými studiemi a definicemi amputací, protetiky a pracovní legislativy. Výzkum je zaměřen na kvalitu návratu do zaměstnání, dobu od amputace, přizpůsobení pracoviště, aspekty přispívající k lepšímu návratu, dopad na kvalitu práce z fyzického i psychického hlediska. Zdali jde o stejný post, nebo o změnu pracovního zařazení, popř. změna zaměstnání aj. Klíčová slova: protetika, dolní končetina, amputace, pracovní uplatnění tělesně postižených. Abstract: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze possibilities of influencing employment in selected individuals with one-sided transfemoral amputation. The thesis was conducted as a pilot sociological survey and empirical research. From a methodological point of view, data collection is a controlled interview. In the theoretical part it deals with empirical studies and definitions of amputations, prostheses and labor legislation. Research focuses on quality of return to work, time from amputation, workplace adaptation, aspects contributing to a...
Prosthesis for high amputation of geriatric patients
Cypris, Libor ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
Title: Prosthesis for high amputation at geriatric patients Objectives: The aim of this work is to prove the importance of prosthetic device at geriatric pacients after amputation of the femoral part and comparison with functionality of knee joints at primary prosthesis, which can be applied according to the activity and financial possibili- ties of insurance companies in Czech Republic. Methods: For this pilot qualitative research will be applied empirical method and the use of controlled structured interview in probands with amputation in the thigh area. Results: After the amputation of femoral part, geriatric patients have got the opportunity for neces- sary prosthetic equipment and compensatory aid financially limited by the insurance com- panies. To live a full life, they are equipped with primary prosthesis, it is covered by insur- ance company and they can purchase the wheelchair from their own resources. Keywords: Amputation, prosthesis, knee joint, transfemoral amputation, compensatory aid, prosthesis aid
Orthotic equipment patients after stroke
Loveček, Jakub ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
Title: Orthotic equipment of patients after stroke Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive set of data on the availability of orthotic devices of people after stroke. Methods: It will be a pilot qualitative research, where it will be applied empirical method using Rize Joint-structured interviews with subjects after stroke. Results: Persons after stroke are equipped with a serial orthotic devices in the full-payment of healthcare insurance. Companies with these tools are adequately represented on the Czech market. Keywords: orthotic care, orthotic device, stroke, orthosis, rehabilitation, ischemia, hemor- rhage, physiotherapy
Integration phenomena Paralympic cyclists
Diepoldová, Tereza ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Zapletal, Viktor (referee)
Title: Integration phenomena Paralympic cyclists. Objectives of work: Try to find integration phenomena in relation to sport training and its impact on selected cyclists with disabilities. Methods: Case report structured interview, data collection method - the method of interrogation. Results: Based on case studies developed a structured interview, we found differences in the integration, which we have divided into phases - before obtaining disability, acclimatization, sports integration. Furthermore, we found differences in load on the three specific physical disabilities. Keywords: Disability, handicap, disabled sports training, biking persons with disabilities.
Children orthotics and prosthetics
Nedvěd, Vladimír ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
Title: Children orthotics and prosthetics Objectives: The aim is to provide a comprehensive form of basic information about birth defects, systemic disease, amputations and disabilities in children, which in turn have an impact on the motor system, its development and use specific assistive devices. Methods: This is a qualitative research method of synthesis of information from various professional publications and non-standardized interviews with experts who are dedicated to this issue. Results: Work is to be summary information on selected diseases and disabilities, focusing on a child patient. The work includes the drafting of information material for parents. Keywords: orthotics,rosthetics, child, birth defect, compensatory aid
The reimbursement and the calculation of the custom-made medical devices - the relationship between health insurance companies and prosthetic workplaces
Drobná, Monika ; Půlpán, Rudolf (advisor) ; Čichoň, Rostislav (referee)
Title: The reimbursement and the calculation of the custom-made medical devices - the relationship between health insurance companies and prosthetic workplaces Objectives: The aim of this work is to define the various stakeholders in the production of the custom-made medical devices (hereinafter MD), a description of their roles, the ways of interdisciplinary cooperation and communication. Another objective was to analyze the evolution and the current state of an evidence and a reimbursement of the custom-made MD and the method of determining the contract prices and hourly billing rates for the custom-made MD manufacturers, including the method of VAT calculating. Methods: This is a theoretical work of the search character when I examined the Acts, regulations and other norms of the Czech legal system, consulted the given area with the practitioners, including the representatives of the General Health Insurance Company. Results: I managed to define the stakeholders involved in the production of the custom-made MD. I defined the list of laws that regulate the area of the production and the reimbursement of the custom-made MD. I analyzed the most important legal norms that affect the operation of a private health care facilities. I defined the operating cycle of the company from its establishment to...
Effects of the trainning with the krankcycle on wheelchair users
Doubrava, Ondřej ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
Master's thesis topic: Effects of the training with the krankcycle on wheelchair users Author: Bc. Ondřej Doubrava Branch of study: Physiotherapy Disertation Tutor: Mgr. Rostislav Čichoň, Ph.D. Year of Defense: 2014 This work was focused on training and strengthening of wheelchair users as a prevention of their health problems, a regulation of wrong physical and physiological mechanisms and an increase their fitness and motional skills. In this training the new instrument designed to strengthen the upper extremity and to improve the function of the cardiorespiratory system was used. This device is called krankcycle and its popularity has increased dramatically especially in the recent years. Therefore it became the main purpose of this work to determine whether completing a 12-week continuous training with krankcycle will lead to changes in monitored parameters evaluating physiological, physical and motional skills of subjects and thus identify the true value of its use. At the same time, we wanted to verify previously confirmed advantages and effectiveness of this exercise especifically for wheelchair users and reveal the krankcycle to them and the wider public as well. Values of body composition were measured in the biomedical laboratory of the UK FTVS by caliperation of four skinfolds method on...
Kinematic Analysis of Tennis Serve
Havel, Michal ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Čichoň, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Kinematic Analysis of Tennis Serve. Objectives: To evaluate tennis serve realization in the selected performance category, to review speed of particular serve types and define the differences. To create detailed movement analysis of the slice serve from the right side of the court and set up a trajectory of the centre of gravity. Methods: Case study using kinematic 2D and 3D analysis was made. Results: We found out that the flat serve is the fastest type of serve. There are differences in the body centre of gravity trajectory by comparison with elite tennis players. We also found out that serving from the right side of the court is being hit higher, than from the left side. We assume there is a very close connection between serve speed and the point of impact. Keywords: tennis, serve, kinematic analysis, 2D, 3D

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