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Measurement of tissue impedance during electroporation
Uher, Jakub ; Novotná, Veronika (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis is devoted to the impedance of tissue in relation to the modern medical method electroporation. The Bachelor's thesis is divided into five chapters. The first three chapters describe the behaviour of the tissue and its impedance, whether during the passage of an electrical current or a phenomenon before and after the electroporation procedure. The fourth and fifth chapters examine those phenomena in the previous chapters on measurements made on animal and plant tissue.
Subwoofer for PA applications
Tylich, Ondřej ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Martiš, Jan (advisor)
The content of the bachelor´s thesis is theoretical knowledge in the field of loudspeaker baffles, their construction and design of the subwoofer according to the assignment. The work describes various types of used loudspeaker baffles. Their properties are defined for each of them. Some of the simulation programs are used for proper design. A suitable speaker is selected for the subwoofer application in PA technology. The parameters of the selected loudspeaker are verified by measurement. Based on these parameters, the design of the selected loudspeaker is calculated. Furthermore, the thesis addresses deals with the complete design process of the baffle for the selected speaker and its subsequent construction. After the construction, the port is tuned to the selected parameters. The resulting parameters of the designed subwoofer are verified by measuring the amplitude and frequency characteristics.
Modeling of the thermal effects on living tissue during electroporation process
Kafka, Roman ; Cipín, Radoslav (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The work deals with the current state of knowledge of heat transfer in living tissue. It is described here what the distribution of heat is affected with and the existing calculation options. For solving Pennes equation using finite element method COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 is used. From the current state of the published studies, three are selected and described, each using a different approach. Based on the benefit of each of the studies described, a simple model of its own that simulates an ablation catheter attached to cardiac tissue is solved. A change in electrical conductivity as a function of the electric field intensity is taken into account, but there is also a comparison with anisotropic tissue that has electrical conductivity in different directions. The result of the calculation is voltage distribution, density of electric current and losses, temperature distribution in the model at several time points and graph of temperature development over time.
System with AC generator for cell electroporation
Lukoianov, Petr ; Folprecht, Martin (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is observing a system with AC generator for cell electroporation. The first paragraph keeps an eye on description of methodology of biophysics mechanisms. In the 2nd part several kinds of devices were described. In the last paragraph you can see a non-assembled construction and operating principle of the device. Apart from that the control circuit logic explored and device manual is included.
LiFePO4 battery with BMS circuits for a battery drill
Fiala, Václav ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with problematics of lithium accumulators. There are listed properties and practical use of lithium accumulators. There is also the chapter of lithium-ion-iron-phosphate accumulators, which will be a practical part of this thesis Next part of the thesis solves a safety electrical circuit system for new lithium batteries which will be able to protect batteries against overcharging or undercharging. In the practical part of the thesis new LiFePO4 batteries for the cordless drill were designed. Also, the mentioned safety electrical circuit was designed and tested.
Three-phase converter for synchronous servomotors
Perout, Miroslav ; Folprecht, Martin (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the design of a DC / AC converter for the control of PMSM motors. In the first step, the type of motor and the possibilities of sensing the position of the rotor are described. Subsequently, the power section is designed and the losses, heating, and approximate efficiency of the inverter are calculated. In the following step, the processor is selected and individual communication and protection circuits are designed. At the same time, control algorithms are analyzed. The last part is describing the implementation of the PCB and the inverter as a whole.
Induction heating apparatus for artistic blacksmithing purposes
Šmarda, Vladislav ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This Diploma thesis deals with the design of induction heating inverter. The main subject is optimalization for blacksmiths. There is described the designing procedure for power components and also designing of control part. Then prototype of 10 kW induction heater was made.
Power supply module for servo-drive
Kudláček, Pavel ; Procházka, Petr (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to theoretically design and to put the mains power supply module for two-axis servo amplifier TZG 560 with the total power 28kW for the company TG Drives into practice. The analytical design of the power part with the braking circuit, the calculation of power components’ heat balance, EMI filter design and realization of measuring, controlling and indication circuits are described in the thesis. In addition, the mechanical device construction, structure of the controlling program and the results obtained in the verification process of the module functionality are presented.
Half Bridge Switch Mode Supply
Botek, Lukáš ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Folprecht, Martin (advisor)
This master´s thesis describes switch mode power supply and discusses the design of its individual parts. It also contains a simulation of the power part of the converter and a reseach in the area of DC/DC converters.
Analysis of electrical and thermal effects during electroporation
Novotná, Veronika ; Richter, Aleš (referee) ; Hána,, Karel (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This dissertation thesis describes a phenomenon called electroporation. It is about its theoretical aspects as well as about modeling of processes in the tissue during electroporation. Further, it describes the technical design of two developed unique experimental generators of DC and AC pulses for electroporation purposes. It also includes a description of experiments which were done using discussed generators.

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