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Device for magnetic stirring of suspension with ferromagnetic particles
Zítka, Jan ; Knobloch, Jan (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The aim of this work deals with the design and manufacture of a device for mixing of magnetic beads in solution by magnetic field. It is based on my previous bachelor thesis, where the device was created for one microtube (one sample). In this following work, the three improved variants for mixing and separation of 96 samples at one time were designed. The first variant of device, derived from functional prototype from bachelor thesis, was manufactured. First, the magnetic circuit and power converter were designed. Subsequently, the device was manufactured just for one microtube due to functionality testing. The third variant was realized only experimentally, the construction was designed in CAD program, and individual parts were created using 3D printer. As an alternative solution, which should be the compromise among electromagnetic and mechanical stirring, additional prototype was manufactured using 3D printer and CNC instrument. This prototype utilizes neodymium magnets and a stepper motor. The capability of magnetic beads mixing in solution was verified.
DC-DC converter for onboard charging of electric vehicles
Holub, Miroslav ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Folprecht, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design of DC-DC converter for onboard charging of electric vehicle. Developed converter will mainly be used for charging stationary traction battery in laboratory. Output voltage of this charger will be adjustable by user in between 200 V and 450 V depending on the current charged battery configuration. Output current limit is set at 8 A. Since the converter will be supplied from standard household socket, the problem of power factor correction must be solved during the design. That is because a large part of this thesis is focused on describing the problematics of power factor correction. After that, active PFC module is designed, completed and performance of this module is verified. To achieve low overall losses and thus be able to keep small volume of the system, modern switching components based on Silicon Carbide were preferred. Beside laboratory use, completed system will be used to emphasize volumetric difference between onboard chargers based on old versus modern switching components.
Universal controller for car or motorcycle dynamo
Picmaus, Jan ; Knobloch, Jan (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issue of design of an electronic controller of charging for historical cars using a dynamo. It contains theoretical analysis of the machine itself (dynamo) and analysis of a shunt wound dynamo and a seperately excited dynamo. It~is also focused on possible usage of a dynamo in various vehicles. The work compares industrially produced controllers with amateur manufacture as well as confronts their positives and negatives. All requests for the implemented controller are deduced from the analysis of the industrial and amateur controllers. The thesis consists of process plan of controller connection including the final working version and also the project and realization of a PCB as well as following description of putting the controller into practice and installation in the car. The thesis includes the project of current and voltage controllers, following adjustment and operation tests with use of the real device.
PLC systems in education process
Král, Radek ; Ctibor, Jiří (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with programmable logic controllers for teaching. The thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter describes the basic programming languages as well as their resolution with graphical preview. The second chapter deals with programming environment GX Works2 from Mitsubishi Electric. Chapters three and four describe the SoMachine programming environment from Schneider Electric and Automation Studio from B&R. The fifth chapter of this bachelor thesis compares individual programming environments from the perspective of a common user. Nine laboratory tasks are proposed in the final part. For each lab task, a lab tutorial is created, and for most, an example of a logical program and visualizations.
Converter for BLDC motor
Bedlivý, Michal ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Knobloch, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with problematics of BLDC motor controll in sensorless and sensored mode. Then it deals with design, manufacturing and performance measuring of transistor motor inverter. Nominal motor power is 2 kW at 48 V.
DC/DC converter for car-audio amplifier
Šmarda, Vladislav ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the design and construction of a resonant switching power supply for car audio-amplifier. The main subject of the theoretical part is the mathematical description of the applied ZVCS Push-Push topology. Also a general guide, for designing this type of topology is mentioned. There is described the optimalization procedure of the main switch mode power transformer with respect to the high efficiency of the proposed power supply. Then the designed power supply is made and tested.
Model of Electric Direct Current Locomotive
Januška, Adam ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Pazdera, Ivo (advisor)
In this bachelors thesis you can find two ways of controlling direct-current traction motors in locomotives. The main power circuits of two locomotives, which have different motor speed control, are described in this work. The first type of control is the resistors switching control, which is simulated on the E 499.2 locomotiv series (150 series). This controling is compared to thyristor circuit control used in E 499.3 (163) locomotiv series. The simulation is made in the Simulink environment, which is the extension of the Matlab program.
Power inverter with active rectifier
Dvořáček, Daniel ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Rubeš, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis deals with the principle of functions, constructions and possibilities of the control of inductions machines. There is also briefly described the issue of the power transducers from which the frequency converters are coming out, as well as is described here the process of designing of the power part of the converter.
Experimental electromagnetic acceleration device with more stages
Kovařík, Martin ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Martiš, Jan (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design and realization of multistage electromagnetic accelerating device (gun) and possibilities to increase its effectivity. This work contains a simulation of a magnetic circuit and designs of each components, inclusive of control circuits. Reached effectivity will be measured by appropriate methods.
Battery monitoring and protection system
Hladík, Jan ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Knobloch, Jan (advisor)
This work deals with design of battery management system. Requirements for battery management system and its conception is discussed in the first part of the work. System is able to disconnect load or charger from battery using MOS-FET transistors. It measures battery cell's voltages and is capable of passive balancing. Microcontroller is used for data processing and system control. Schematics, printed circuit board layout and control algorithm was designed. Prototype of the battery management system was then manufactured and tested.

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