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This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of transsexualism, also known as gender dysphoria. The theoretical part tackles the questions of gender identity and role, which are followed by the introduction of the historical development and the definition of the term transsexualism. Following the summary of the psychological and biological perspectives on the problematics, the thesis approaches the questions of trans people in the population, the differences between the selected states of the world and the phases of gender reassignment. The theoretical part is then concluded by summarising the legal aspects of transsexualism. The empirical part of the thesis offers insight to the lives of trans people by using semi-structured dialog. Its aim is to present individual processes of recognising and dealing with gender dysphoria by each of the respondents, their views on the transgender people community and the reactions of others. Furthermore, it strives to compare trans men's and trans women's answers.
Optic Disc Detection in retinal video-sequences
Černohorská, Lucie ; Odstrčilík, Jan (referee) ; Labounková, Ivana (advisor)
This semestral thesis deals with the detection of optical disc from retina images taken by experimental video – ophthalmoscope. There is briefly destribed anatomy of human eye, its illness and also overview of imaging and diagnostics methods of retinal. The thesis discussed several methods, which can be used for the detection of optical disc. The practical part of semestral thesis is focused on application of Hough transform on images from ophthalmoscope. The suggested algorithm is tested on 25 retinal sequences. The accuracy of detection of optical disc on still image is 71,10 %. The thesis deals with detection of OD movement and the accuracy of the detection is evaluated using a reference movement signal.
The Amendment to the Insolvency Act (Focused on Personal Bankruptcy)
Černohorská, Lucie ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the current amendment of the Insolvency Act. It was written by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. There is introduce the current amendment focuses on personal bankuptcy. The thesis introduces the legislative process of this amendment. For the identification of the actors was used the theory of advocacy coalitions. It shows their conflict of opinions. Two very different coalitions were defined in this problem amendment of Insolvency Act. Based on expert interviews were identified weaknesses of personal bankruptcy and devided into several groups. The study works with the concept of social stratification. It is used to ilustrate quantitative analysis. It contains the research sample of 91 and it completed insolvency proceedings (personal bankruptcy with repayment schedule). The sample were chosen from the relevant courts in Prague, Liberec region and Ústí nad Labem region. The results have been compared in the context of each area and as a whole sample.

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