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The effect of Ethical and non-ethical bus Transportation Carrier behaviour on the choice of the final Consumer
Jarošová, Petra ; Peš, Martin (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to the effect of ethical/unethical behaviour of bus companies on the final consumer's decision. The work is composed of two sections. The theoretical part is dedicated to the basic characteristics of ethics, its segmentation, and historical development. The practical section describes an analysis of the four largest bus companies. According to a realized marketing study, criteria are presented based on which customers select bus transportation services and what their opinion is of ethics in business. Finally, the results of the marketing study are presented and on the basis of these results, suggestions are made on establishing penalties in the case of unethical business management.
The Possibilities of Efficient Management of Swimming Nonprofit Organization
Rakušan, Vojtěch ; Černohorská, Lenka (referee) ; Engelová, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis focused to on efficient way of swimming non-profit organization management. It refers to the social importance of the sport non-profit organizations nowadays and provides examples of financial resources that can be used to support in its activities. It analyses the strategic management practices of its operation.
Prevention and Control of working Conflicts
Kaňová, Lucie ; Špičák, Martin (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with beginning of working conflicts and their solution. In the first part the problem is expressed from a theoretical perspective with the help of literature. In the next part is the problem analyzed on a particular company, Voestalpine PROFILFORM, s. r. o. In the last part occurs the global assessment analysis of problem and proposal its solution.
Methodology of Corporate Social Responsibility Measurement
Černohorská, Lenka ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The starting point of Corporate Social Responsibility is the understanding and the acceptance of fact, that organization is a part of the society, in which it develops its activities. There are many companies, which are conducting in accordance to superior performance of the obligations in the area of social responsibility. These organizations truly think about their surroundings. The problem can occur in the measuring the social responsibility level of each CSR pillars, consisting of economic, social and environment areas. Measurement and evaluation of CSR could be conducted by some exact methods (i.e. standards and norms). In organization is needed to set up measurement mechanisms of all the areas of corporate social responsibility. The organization could use for reporting “structures” of already existing standarts, however the complexity of these standarts is the reason why it is not easy to apply them in the Czech Republic. The following project presents the metodology of measuring Corporate Social Responsibility
The Motivation and Evaluation of Employees ČSOB a.s.
Kratochvíl, David ; Krábek, Tomáš (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
The subject of my thesis is to analyze incentive program and evaluation process in the company ČSOB a.s. The theoretical part presents and theoretical background of the issue. The practical part is focused on analyzing the current incentive program and evaluation process of employees. The last part is a presentation of possible recommendations that will lead to improve of both systems in the company.
Analysis of the Level of Implementation of CSR in the Company
Divišová, Miluše ; Furová, Lenka (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the question of Corporate Social Responsibility and researches the level of its implementation within the company. The first part of thesis focuses on the theoretical explanation of the CSR issue (Corporate Social Responsibility) in some company. In the second part the CSR implementation of the company is analyzed, divided into three areas - economic, social and environmental. Based on the discovered information the Recommendations will be proposed to improve the current Company approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. The benefits that the Company acquires improving CSR, will be evaluated.
Internal Communication in Selected Company.
Rampulová, Kateřina ; Parma, Jaroslav (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis concerns the internal communication in the company which I have selected. The theoretical part of the thesis describes generally the findings about communication and internal communication. The body focuses on an analysis of the internal communication within the selected company, using the questionnaire. The analysis includes recommendations based on the results of the survey, which could enhance the effectiveness of internal communication within the company structure.
Motivation and Stimulation of Employees in the Company
Sedlář, Radim ; Glos, Peter (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
The thesis focuses on motivation and stimulation of workers and employees in a specific company. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical part. The first part contains theoretical basis related to the topic of motivation and stimulation. In the practical part of the stated evaluation of the current situation in the company and at the base of the results was made a proposal on improving the current motivation system and increase the satisfaction of workers.
Measuring of Corporate Social Responsibility in Selected Company
Skryjová, Jana ; Gurská, Sylvie (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
Master Thesis deals with the Corporate Social Responsibility concept (CSR). This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is engaged in explaining basic knowledge, also evolution of the corporate social responsibility concept in historical context and company activities in the economic, environmental and social area. The object of practical part, is to analyse and measure reports on corporate social responsibility according to the GRI Guidelines.
Vinařství Ludwig, Ltd. Code of Ethics Proposal
Hájková, Markéta ; Košut, Michal (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current situation of business ethics and culture in Vinařství Ludwig, Ltd. and make a proposals lead to improvement of this situation. In the first part of the work on the basis of literature research identified the theoretical and methodological bases, which are needed for the processing of the practical work. The second, practical part of the work is based on a survey of the current state of corporate ethics and culture of Vinařství Ludwig, Ltd. The bases for the survey are internal and external sources of information of company and questionnaire survey among its workers. The result of this thesis is to make the Code of conduct of Vinaství Ludwig, Ltd.

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