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Hydrological Time Series Analysis for Chosen Sub Catchment in Morava River Basin
Černý, Vojtěch ; Knoppová, Kateřina (referee) ; Marton, Daniel (advisor)
Current climate conditions raise questions about how climate change should affect the hydrological regime of the Czech Republic. The main questions are: I) Is climate change serious and is it already tangible in hydrological series? II) Are there significant changes in the climatic conditions, or in the flow of the river network? III) How does climate change affect hydrological conditions in the catchment? IV) Are there non-stationary tendencies in the hydrological series caused by climate change? The aim of this work was to perform a basic analysis of hydrological time series and estimated its possible changes. The analysis was done with using autocorrelation function, spectral density, moving averages methods, statistical characteristics, empirical line of probability of exceeding and last but not least by decomposing the time series. The practical application was applied on time series of average monthly flows determined in the hydrometric profile of Dalečín in the Svratka river basin.
Procedural Generation of Endless Runner Type of Video Games
Černý, Vojtěch ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Pilát, Martin (referee)
Procedural content generation (PCG) is increasingly used to generate many aspects in a variety of games. AI players, both hand scripted or also generated (by AI methods), are used to evaluate this content. Comparatively little effort is invested in using PCG to generate the whole game, including its rules. In this thesis, we use evolutionary algorithms to generate the game rules, its content and the evaluating AI player on a narrow, but flourishing, genre of endless runners - games where the player is constantly running. For this purpose, we have implemented a framework for creating endless runner games. Our approach could provide more efficiency for game designers, explore completely new game concepts in endless runners, platformer games, and be further generalized to other game genres.
Liability for Damage to Health in the Sports Industry.
Černý, Vojtěch ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
The purpose of thesis is to independently describe and analyze various assumptions upon which arises the liability to damages according to regulation in OZ. The emphasis is being placed particularly on damage to health and associated claims, i.e. compensation for pain and social impairment. A substantial part is devoted to the method and amount of compensation, particularly with regard to the adoption of a new concept, which is to be indemnified loss in full accordance to the principles of decency, if case it cannot be determined otherwise. In addition, it was necessary to deal with other non-pecuniary injuries which include injuries caused by mental distress. The thesis is, besides introduction and conclusion (the first and fifth chapter), composed of three main chapters. The second chapter is devoted to the relationship between two seemingly independently existing phenomena of recent time, and those are law and sport. First, it defines the concept of sport through its characteristics, which is followed by the actual relationship between law and sport. Further, the thesis describes a problematic existence of the branch of Sports law. The third chapter reports on the institute of legal liability under the laws of the Czech Republic, first in general, then specifying the liability arising from...
Artificial intelligence for the game Desktop dungeons
Černý, Vojtěch ; Děchtěrenko, Filip (advisor) ; Pilát, Martin (referee)
Rogue-like games are a subgenre of computer RPG games, featuring procedurally generated environment and permanent death. Winning them is a challenge for a human player, and more so for artificial intelligence (AI). In this work, we present a framework for implementing artificial players for a rogue-like game Desktop Dungeons. We then investigate options of suitable AI creation, and settle for using a genetic algorithm to fine-tune a greedy strategy. The resulting AI was as succesful as a mediocre human player, winning the game 72% of the time. This framework and results may be used to improve the quality of rogue-like games, procedural content generators, and artificial intelligence in similiar environments. Powered by TCPDF (
Plan so plan you planner, sustainibility you never reach! Case study of strategic planning of city development of Ústí nad Labem
Černý, Vojtěch ; Bauerová, Alena (advisor) ; Rynda, Ivan (referee)
This thesis deals with description and evaluation of the case of strategic planning process in city Ústí nad Labem. The case is evaluated due to one criterion of sustainable development. The criterion is participation. The thesis is focused on participatory techniques used during the planning process in particular. It combines concept of governance with other sociological concepts of participation. Beside the description and the evaluation of used techniques the thesis focuses also on attitudes and beliefs of planning process participants with regard to idea of sustainable development and participation on planning and decision making. Theoretical part of the research displays the premises and knowledge in the field of participation and planning evaluation. It shows, the premises say that one condition of local sustainable development is using of participatory innovations in local governance. It describes diverse aspects of participation and possible evaluation criteria in particular. Analytical part uses knowledge and concepts of participatory process evaluators as a model for its own evaluation of the case of Ústí nad Labem. It also shows the condition for implementation of participatory innovation beside the evaluation. It shows the importance of politics, officials and other participants of planning...
Analysis of Demand Determinants of Work and Travel Programme
Černý, Vojtěch ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
Thesis is devoted to Work and Travel programme, specific form of exchange visit to United States of America. The set goal is to identify main determinants of czech students demand for this programme, specificically to find what is the role of exchange rate between dollar and czech crown. Another goal is to analyze one of the major agencies new pricing policy and find out, whether this change brought any benefit to company in a sense of client increase. Focus is also on impact on customers response to this change. Results are that for anylizing the demand there is not enough data available causing that used models are not significant. When analyzing new pricing policy impact, it appears that there is a positive effect on amount of clients present and that it changed customers behaviot in a sense of earlier registration.
ČERNÝ, Vojtěch
In my bachelor´s work I described present knowledges about revitalization water stream, about history and causes which preceded. I also described ecological factors, which are important to develop of water organism in particular fishes. My work compares available results of postponements and results of macrozoobentos research from three mountain brooks Horský, Bukový and revitalized Mlýnský.
Czech crown in works of Czech German-language historians in the second half of the 19. century
Černý, Vojtěch
The study informs at first about the historiographical production of 19. century in the regions making up once the so called subsidiary lands of the Czech crown (Silesia, Upper and Lower Lusatia). It examines thereafter measure of using of this researches in works of Czech German-language historians and states, that its use in these works was despite of lingual connection minimal.]

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