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Implementation of current European principles of public space solutions into Czech cities
Černý, Patrik ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to define the current public space of a city and to introduce its main elements and characteristics, also the planning principles of public space and types of public activities of a citizen in a city. The thesis is mainly focusing on the ideas and principles of a Danish architect and urbanist Jan Gehl, after who I am describing types of cities and as well as the analysis of main principles in city planning according to the book Cities for People. It describes the relationship between the citizen and the city and it follows the main questions of creating an ideal public space for its residents and visitors. After the conducted detailed research of a specific place, the thesis establishes positive and negative aspects of the given space and creates a methodology for designing the public space. Thanks to qualitative questionnaires, I evaluated the views of citizens on key questions about the quality of given public space.
The weather and stock returns
Černý, Patrik ; Kukačka, Jiří (advisor) ; Čornanič, Aleš (referee)
This thesis examines a behavioral finance topic, the effect of weather on stock returns. The research was performed with the aim to verify formerly published results of various weather variables like sunshine, precipitation or temperature influencing stock markets. For the analysis Ordinary Least Squares regressions were implemented to investigate the relationships of stock returns and weather variables proposed in the previous literature as well as other market efficiency effects, a Monday and a January effect. In addition, GARCH model was carried out to check the influence of weather conditions on stock return volatility. Data used for the analysis consists of 24 emerging and 23 developed markets worldwide in the period 2006-2017. The results are not in support of the theory of weather affecting market trading which corresponds to the market efficiency theory. There seems to be no difference between the developed and emerging countries, not even countries' land area plays a role. However, in the thesis repeatedly appears significant evidence of the presence of the Monday effect. Keywords Behavioral finance, Weather effect, Market efficiency, Anomaly, GARCH 1
Pronunciation Validation in Speech Therapy Application
Černý, Patrik ; Peterek, Nino (advisor) ; Vidová Hladká, Barbora (referee)
Title: Pronunciation Validation in Speech Therapy Application Author: Bc. Patrik Černý Institute: Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Supervisor: Mgr. Nino Peterek, Ph.D., Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Abstract: A goal of this thesis is to design, create and test speech validation method based on current speech recognition algorithms. Resulting software is a speech therapy application for sounds or words training with feedback about pronunciation accuracy. Speech validation is based on CMUSphinx tools and on inaccurate pronunciation generation (using phonetic dictionary). Records with accurate and inaccurate pronunciations has been collected for training and testing purposes. It has been shown, that this design is not appropriate. Thanks to the software design, application can be easily extended by techniques, that could improve validation efficiency. Keywords: speech validation, word recognition, dyslalia, speech therapy appli- cation
The Analysis of the Current Spatial Plan of the Town Náchod - New Trends
Černý, Patrik ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to plot a historical development of the town Náchod. Further familiarization with new trends of spatial planning and their impact on the town. Analysis of the current spatial plan of Nachod and performing of SWOT analysis. Introducing the term Smart City and to the extent possible application on the spatial plan of the town Náchod.
Voice command for a TV set
Černý, Patrik ; Straňák, Pavel (advisor) ; Peterek, Nino (referee)
Title: Voice command for a TV set Author: Patrik Černý Department: Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Straňák, Ph.D. Abstract: A goal of this thesis is to create television voice control intended for poeple with speech and movement disorder. This is achieved by interconnecting computer and television. Voice control is based on well-known dynamic time warping algorithm. It has been shown, that due to high and frequent changes in sound intensity the voice control of television is quite a complex task. The word recognition success rate of the final application is not very high, but for the purpose sufficient. Because of application design, program can be easily extended by techniques, that can improve recognition effectivity. Keywords: voice control, word recognition, dynamic time warping, television 1

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