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Personality and society in novel "Under the Yoke" by Ivan Vazov
Stojanov, Peter ; Yankova, Tanya (advisor) ; Černý, Marcel (referee)
(anglicky) The diploma thesis examines the place of the novel, Pod Igoto (Under the Yoke), in the context of Vazov's creativity. The center of attention is placed on the relation between individuality - society, the personality system is being researched in order to emphasize the basic meaning lines, there is a search of touchpoints with, Epopeya na zabravenite (Epic of the Forgotten) and Chichovci (Uncles). The specificity of the patriarchal society is outlined in order to identify regularities in the course of "The time of the revolt". Brought out are the characteristics of the novel as a national epic, it is traced how "the great historical time" is born in a series of specific events, personal decisions and public causes.
On the Underappriciated Bulgarian Studies Works of František Rut Tichý, Also Known as Zdeněk Broman (1886–1968)
Černý, Marcel
This study concentrates on the Bulgarian studies works of F. R. Tichý (who since 1903 also wrote under the pseudonym of Zdeněk Broman), an unjustly neglected figure in Czech-Bulgarian cultural relations, (among other things, a contributor to the journal Slovanský přehled [Slavonic Review]), who was a literary historian, and a prolific translator and journalist in the fields of Czech, German, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian studies. Besides his hand-written Czech anthology of works by the pioneer of the Bulgarian literary Modernism, Pencho Slaveykov (which is preserved at the Literary Archive of the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague), Tichý's adaptations of poems by Kiril Khristov, Peyo K. Yavorov, and Khristo Botev (book translation from 1913) are analyzed in the text, and also an excerpt of the translation of the prose work Bay Ganyo by Aleko Konstantinov is briefly commented on. The relationship between Tichý and the Bulgarian literary historian Boyan Penev is also mentioned and his Bulgarian studies articles published in periodicals are evaluated. F. R. Tichý's contribution to Bulgarian studies lies in the fact that he was the first ever promoter of and expert on the Bulgarian literary Modernism in the Czech lands and that he considerably improved the quality of Czech translations of Bulgarian poetry.
Rhodope Mountains in work of Bulgarian author Nikolaj Chajtov
Novotná, Mariana ; Černý, Marcel (advisor) ; Yankova, Tanya (referee)
(in English) This thesis examines the literary representation of the Bulgarian Rhodope region in the texts of local author Nikolaj Chajtov (1919 - 2002). His prosaic manifestation of regionalism is detailed, as is the artistic portayal of every day life in his writings. Chajtov's work illustrates how the region's inhabitants live in harmony with nature and rural traditions. This paper therefore also analyzes Nikolaj Chajtov's personal relationship with nature and folklore, looking at it in the context of the mystical connections that people may form with land and mountainous topography. Finally, the reception of Chajtov's work in the Czech Republic is detailed.
Reception of Jordan Radičkov Dramas in Czech and SLovak Area
Futejová, Nikola ; Černý, Marcel (advisor) ; Otčenášek, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis will focus on problems of the reception of dramatic opus of Bulgarian prosaist, dramatist and scenarist Yordan Radichkov (1929 - 2004) in the Czech and Slovak area from 1976 (premiere of first drama - January) until nowadays. The thesis will try to discover elements of magic realism, anecdote, comedy and satire which creatively follow fabulative elements and style of folktales in dramas of one of the most famous and world popular Bulgarian author of the 20th century. The thesis will be based mainly on the confrontation of the reception of agreement and difference in the plays staged in two comparison areas - Czech and Slovak. Part of the thesis will be detailed bibliography witch will capture production in Czech and Slovak theatres and their responses in press.
A short-story production of Emilijan Stanev (with regard to the Czech reception of his work)
Kramářová, Barbora ; Černý, Marcel (advisor) ; Mikušiak, Igor (referee)
Resumé The target of my bachalor thesis is the interpretation and analysis of five short-stories by one famous prosaic bulgarian writer, Emilyan Stanev. Together with a brief biography of the writer, I chiefly focus on a general process in Stanev's literatury characteristics and his significant proses. First of all, it is necessary to accomplish an excerption and analysis of the critical reception of five short-stories in a bulgarian periodical press (I mainly used overall bibliography by Živka Radeva: Emilijan Stanev (1907-2007). Biobibliografija. Narodna biblioteka "P. R. Slavejkov" - Kăšta-muzej "Emilijan Stanev", Veliko Tărnovo 2007). Their period evaluation is the basis of the work. Major crux of the matter is the interpretative part in which I concentrate on the symptomatic features of Stanev's short-story production in comparison with the general attributes of short-story in a literatury way. In the conclusion of my bachalor thesis is shown a bibliography of czech traductions and reactions of Stanev's work and it is also submit the evaluation of the writer's reception in a czech and partly slovac setting.
The typology of female characters in Teodora Dimova's fictional works
Flemrová, Romana ; Černý, Marcel (advisor) ; Jensterle Doležal, Alenka (referee)
This dissertation in its introduction deals with theoretical view at poetics of literary character and its evolution in 19th and 20th century. These theories are applied at female characters in novels of contemporary Bulgarian writer Teodora Dimova. Subject of research is central female characters in her novels Mothers and Adriana. The last above mentioned novel continues a novel found in heritage of her father - classical writer of Bulgarian literature Dimtăr Dimov. Teodora Dimova is often attacked in Bulgaria that she only profits from her father's fame and that she uses his writing method. This dissertation points out independence of her literary discourse and argue against above mentioned opinions. Key words Dimovova, poetics of female character, contemporary Bulgarian novel
Models of the comic in Hašek's novel "Švejk" compared with the top satirical works of the Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian fiction
Dichev, Bogdan ; Just, Vladimír (advisor) ; Černý, Marcel (referee) ; Koten, Jiří (referee)
Keywords: literary comic, comic model, theory of carnivalesque, theory of the play, imagination, incongruity The dissertation pursues three main goals: to define the differentiating features of specific comic models (goal A - the differentiation goal); to introduce the principles of the comic in "Švejk", and its polyphony and originality, the technical devices, which shape it, and the semantic procedures of its creation (goal B - the analysis goal); to prove that between Hašek's "Švejk" and the other four works of Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian satirical prose ("Bay Ganyo", "The Twelve Chairs", "The Little Golden Calf" and "Autobiography") there is a stable common basis (a comic model), which is specified in each of those works (goal C - the juxtaposition goal). The conceptual approach in the methodology of the exploration is based on the conviction that the core of the fictional magic in Hašek's "Švejk" is precisely the comic. The methodological approach of the hierarchical systematization wields all known qualifications of the comic in the models displayed here, which have the nature of unifying classification frames. The methodology of the choice and application of the conceptual instruments is based on the taxonomy of the famous Czech cultural critic Vladimír Borecký, whose terminological...
Ilija Trojanow's Reception in Bulgaria
Kratochvílová, Markéta ; Grigorov, Dobromir (advisor) ; Černý, Marcel (referee)
This thesis is aimed at Ilija Trojanow's reception in Bulgaria. Ilija Trojanow is Bulgarian born author who writes his works in German. The thesis researches his reception through book reviews published in newspapers in Bulgaria and for a constractive point of view in Germany. At first there is the work of Trojanow presented in the thesis, particular focus is put on the following three books: the novels Die Welt ist groß und Rettung lauer überall, Der Weltensammler and the literary travelogue Hundezeiten. Heimkehr in ein fremdes Land. Consequently, the Bulgarian and the German reviews are analysed. The reception of Ilija Trojanow in Bulgaria is based upon the analysis. Key words: Ilija Trojanow, Bulgaria, reception in Bulgaria, Germany, Die Welt ist groß und Rettung lauer überall, Der Weltensammler, Hundezeiten. Heimkehr in ein fremdes Land, literature, publicism
Things and Words in Georgi Gospodinov's Poetry
Zajac, Ondřej ; Grigorov, Dobromir (advisor) ; Černý, Marcel (referee)
This MA thesis is primarily concerned with the poetics of the first two poetry collections by the Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov. The said collections, Lapidarium and The Cherry Tree of One People were published for the first time in the 1990s. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the author's debut, Lapidarium; mainly, we are attempting to capture the collection's characteristic traits and draw attention to the conspicious features connecting this oeuvre with the book Tao Te Ching. In the second part we continue by the analysis of The Cherry Tree of One People. We are focusing on the change of the author's poetics and furthermore, we concetrate on the national/supranatural aspects of the texts. In the concluding part, we anchor Gospodinov's work in the wider context of the 1990s and provide a comparison of contemporary Czech and Bulgarian poetry.
Josef Karásek (1868-1916) in the context of Czech Slavic Studies and the Czech literary scene in Vienna (On the participation of Vienna in inter-Slavic cultural relations from the founding of the Jagić Seminary to the birth of Czechoslovakia)
Černý, Marcel ; Petrbok, Václav (referee)
This dissertation is divided into two parts. The first part (2. VIENNA AND CZECH LITERATURE) is devoted to the interaction between the city of Vienna and modern Czech culture, primarily literature. The second part (3. VIENNA AND CZECH SLAVIC STUDIES) is oriented toward the problematic of the history of Slavic Studies, the area of Slavic philology which, as a meta-discipline, deals with the self-reflection of its own subject. Specifically, both the initiative of the "Jagić concept" of Slavic philology for Czech Slavic Studies as it was eventually reflected in Karásek's specialized activities and the panoramic outline of the way in which Jagić's work was perceived and absorbed in the Czech surroundings are the subject of consideration. However, this study is not a "classic" monograph in the narrow sense of the word. Josef Karásek, who was a literary historian, editor, translator, and promoter of Slavic literatures in the German-speaking world, was not a central personality in the history of Czech Slavic Studies. Yet on the other hand, considering the rather strong echo of his work in Czech, Viennese and other Slavic research communities, and in spite of the partial research eclecticism of his work, it cannot be said that Karásek was a mere journalist and author of compilations. His extensive estate, which was...

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