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Factors affecting the quality of machined surfaces after milling operation
Černý, Libor ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Fiala, Zdeněk (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the final quality of the surface under variable working conditions during milling. The first part deals with the definition of qualitative parameters describing surface properties. This is followed by a brief description of the cutting resistance measurements. The thesis is complemented by experimental verification using front milling and its evaluation. The aim of the experiment is to determine the dependence of the surface quality and the size of cutting resistors under the variable working conditions of the machine that do not make a common part of the manufacturing processes.
Factors Influencing Communication with Hearing Impairment in Old Age
Černý, Libor ; Dlouhá, Olga (advisor) ; Hahn, Aleš (referee) ; Kostřica, Rom (referee)
The main goal of this doctoral thesis was to measure differences in speech intelligibility between older and younger hearing-impaired people and to establish the factors influencing the effectiveness of the use of hearing aids in the elderly. We focused on three related areas: 1/ To measure how the magnitude of difference of hearing and speech intelligibility in silence differs between younger and older populations, with a similar degree of hearing loss, in terms of word audiometry. 2/ To establish how speech intelligibility in competitive noise differs between younger and older populations with a similar degree of auditory defect, in terms of the Czech Test of Sentence Intelligibility in Babble Noise. 3/ To establish which factors affect the effectiveness of hearing aids for seniors, the motivation for the acquisition and regular use of hearing aids, and whether these factors correlate with age or lifestyle. Methodology 1/ A group of 143 hearing aid users was divided into young (N = 60, mean age 15,9 y.) and seniors (N = 83, mean age 83,6 y.). For these two age groups we compared the differences between SRT values (understanding in word audiometry in silence, in the free field) and PTA values (hearing threshold in pure tone audiometry). 2/ A group of 423 persons, examined using the Test of...
Iconographic programme of the Jesuits in the Baroque sculptural decoration of Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain) near Příbram
Černý, Libor ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Mádl, Martin (referee)
This work deals with the iconographic programme of the Jesuits in the baroque sculptural decoration of Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain). The first chapter is devoted to the literature, which has been written about Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain) near Pribram. The next chapter talks of the history of the pilgrimage site before the Society of Jesus became active there, after its arrival in 1647 until its suppression in 1773. It was also opportune to deal with the history of Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain) during the period of the provosts in the years 1773 - 1861. I also dealt at least in outline form with the years 1871-1950, when the Redemptorists administered Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain) and made significant changes to the iconography of the compound. In the following chapter, I devoted myself to the building and artistic activities during the time of the priests of the Society of Jesus. A separate chapter is dedicated to the illustration and veneration of Our Lady of Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain). In another work, I focused primarily on the individual sculptural decorations of the pilgrimage site and its iconographic illustrations. Individual sub-chapters deal with the Marian Pillar, the Calvary statue, the Upper Terrace inside the ambit, the Prague and the Breznice Gates. In the last chapter, I dealt with the...
Iconography of St. John of Nepomuk in Prague 17th and 18th century
Černý, Libor ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Ottová, Michaela (referee)
This work deals with the Midsummer menuments, which originated in Prague in the 17th and 18th century. The first chapter is devoted to the that was written by St. John of Nepomuk. Another chapter tells of the life, work and martydom of this saint. In another work, which has been called "second life" of St. John of Nepomuk, it is the awe before the beatification to canonisation in 1729. I tried to describe the character of baroque festivities associated with this instriment. In the next chapter idealt with places that are associated with St. John of Nepomuk in the Baroque Prague. Another part tells about the paintings, sculptures and frascoes in Prague cgurches and public spaces. From Nepomuk's sights i paid special attention to the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk in St. Vitus Cathedral and saint statue on Charles Bridge. I have limited historical Prague at the Prague Casle, Hradčany, Lasser Town, Old and New Town and Vyšehrad. I also devoted Midsummer iconography and cult of St. John of Nepomuk conslusion significance. I think that this work has seen a large part of the Midsummer treasures of Prague churches, chapels, streets, and squares. It was not possible to give a motive St. artifacts. John of Nepomuk in Prague's museum and private collections, which are certainly very rich and interesting.
Wear of hard coatings
Černý, Libor ; Křupka, Ivan (referee) ; Omasta, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis was made as a description of the main technological methods, which are used in order to manufacture hard coatings. Applications of hard coatings are realized to improve tribological properties of components in various industries. The aim is to minimize the amount of wear and friction losses. Thesis also discusses methods of measuring the hard coatings wear. These methods are important to determine the properties of coating layers and their subsequent use. A lot of testing methods offer sufficient possibilities to test various mechanisms of wear in variety of laboratory conditions. Additionally in the end of the thesis there is an experimental wear measurement of specimen on tribometer using the "Pin on disc" method. Both size and type of the wear are evaluated by profilometer.

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