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The legal protection of clients of financial intitutions
Černý, Daniel ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
The legal protection of clients of financial institutions Abstract The first chapter focuses on the definition of basic concepts essential to the subject of this work. Emphasis was placed on defining the term of client in relation to the notion of a customer who is often used in positive law at both European and national level. Furthermore, the concept of consumer is defined, which is a generally used category of customers and is offered the highest legal protection. The notion of financial institution and the concept of legal protection are also important in defining the scope of this work. Given the diversity of the current financial services market, in the rest of my thesis I have focused only on the most important providers of financial services and the legislation governing their activities. The concept of legal protection is defined in the sense of division into institutional and normative legal protection, with the focus being on normative protection. The aim of the second chapter was to describe the basic aspects of two complementary principles of law as the theoretical basis of legal protection of clients, which are the concept of autonomy of will and the protection of the weaker party. The principle of protection of the weaker party and its modality of consumer protection has been introduced from...
The Historic Building Materials and Technologies and their Application in Technical Education at the Second Level of Primary School
ČERNÝ, Daniel
This theses is focusing on history of a building materials and technological processes in a chosen building objects in Czech Republic. These building object are build in the program of the secondary level of elementary school as a projects or excursions. In the theoretical part of the theses we are focusing on technical education and its application in teaching. Then we direct the focus to technical education, technical literacy and framework education programs in the field of technical education and history. The last part of this theses is a brief description of the selected buildings that are in our interest in Czech Republic. In the practical part of the theses are created individual excursions and projects for teaching at the second level of elementary school Part of the excursion for teachers is base information with final evaluation. In the attachment are worksheets and maps of the individual excursions.
Common Debt Relief of Spouses
ČERNÝ, Daniel
This bachelor thesis deals with debt relief, which is one of the manners of bankruptcy solution. Debt relief helps persons, who are unable to repay their liabilities and their debts to solve their situation. Personal bankruptcy was added to the Czech law system in 2008. The main part of this work is focused on the issue of common debt relief of spouses. Unlike other individual proceedings it is unique in the fact that there are two debtors. Both spouses are together responsible to the full amount of the debts without having any consequent regression. This work analyzes current situation of chosen real spouses. It tries to find the possible solution, how will be their case solved. It also analyzes the situation when they get divorced, have another child or lose job, what is changing in relation to common debt relief of spouses. In the last part of this work is a description of how simply fill in a proposal for permission of common debt relief of spouses.
The history of the sport of persons with disabilities in the world
ČERNÝ, Daniel
The thesis is concerned with the world history of sport of disabled athletes from its inception to the present. The thesis is delimited to the main chapters preoccupied with the inception and development of classification of disabled athletes and then to chapters dealing with the inception and evolution of organisations for athletes with physical disability, sensory disability and mental disability. The last two chapters are concerned with the history of Paralympics and Deaflympics including the list of all participating sports. The issue is treated from its inception to the present including the explanation of characterization of disability and key words founded in this issue.
The influence of the e-commerce logistics on the costumer satisfaction
Černý, Daniel ; Jirsák, Petr (advisor) ; Chroboček, Jakub (referee)
This thesis analyzes the impact of processes associated with order execution on customer satisfaction. The theoretical part should introduce readers to current and relatively comprehensive e-commerce market. The objective is to formulate and highlight information and concepts, which are important for understanding the subsequent practical applications. The thesis is focused on logistics processes that affect customer satisfaction, e.g. receiving, assembling and shipping. The practical part should analyze the processes using the example of an online store The main interest of the thesis emphasis on the functioning of the distribution center, identification of bottlenecks and the implementation of measures for the efficient order execution. In the final part the author analyzes three major competitors and their offers of the delivery of goods. The output of that part is a SWOT analysis. The main objective of the thesis is to identify the key factors of logistics processes and evaluate their impact on customer satisfaction. A specific feature and benefit of this work is the interconnection of marketing and logistics perspective.
The influence of the automotive industry on the economy of CD Cargo
Černý, Daniel ; Zelený, Lubomír (advisor) ; Šimůnek, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with freight transport especially focused on customers in the automotive industry. The introduction describes in several paragraphs railway history and its reforms in the nineties, then this section contains the specifics of rail freight and finally there are mentioned the milestones of the automotive industry development. The general introduction is followed continuously by practical part, which deals with the activities of CD Cargo. The attention is particularly paid to cooperation with customers from automotive industry. The starting point for further research are various aspects that should help you to look at the issue comprehensively. There is described the cooperation of CD Cargo with car factories, which are located in the Czech republic. The final section deals with the description of the strategic steps and suggests trends for the near future, again with respect to commodity Automotive.
Analysis of internet marketing tools with the focus on czech companies
Černý, Daniel ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Průša, Přemysl (referee)
The first part represents an overiew of basic marketing terms and concepts with the emphasis on marketing communications and current marketing trends. The main topic of this bachelor thesis, internet marketing and its tools, gets an in-depth analysis in the second chapter, followed by relevant statistics concerning the use of internet in the Czech Republic. These two parts form a theoretical background for the actual research which compares the attitudes towards internet marketing within a group of different companies from different industries. The authors draws universal conclusions on modern era marketing, as well as particular recommendations for each company.

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