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Juvenile men serving imprisonment and support for self-esteem
Černá, Monika ; Baštecká, Bohumila (advisor) ; Martinek, Michael (referee) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
Presented thesis entitled Juvenile men in their sentence of imprisonment and their self-respect support tries to find out the possibilities of self-respect support by juvenile men in their sentence of imprisonment. The work is divided into three parts. The first part, including two chapters, deals with a theoretical scope of the theme on the basis of specialist literature. The first chapter determines a term of self-respect, compares its different definitions and presents self-respect in spiritual context. It concentrates on juvenile imprisoned men self-respect and secondary prevention programmes offered by prisons. The second chapter summarizes practical possibilities and sources of self- respect support. It explores the usage of elements of secondary prevention of delinquency and pastoral care. It summarizes possibilities of self-respect support of juvenile imprisoned men and difficulties in work with a target group. The second part presents a qualitative research made by the author in the period of two years, primarily in prisons. The research activities (group and individual interviews, documents' analysis) were aimed at discovering factors that endanger self-respect of sentenced persons, and also realistic ways of support. The research summs up the analysis output and shows its role in the...
The Cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education in English classes
Hessová, Lenka ; Betáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Hanušová, Světlana (referee) ; Černá, Monika (referee)
Abstract In our dissertation we address the needs rooting in the ongoing process of systematic efforts to improve the Czech educational system. Mainly, we focus on the question of how to implement the cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education into English language classes at lower and upper secondary schools. As Multicultural Education, along with the other cross-curricular topics, has become an obligatory and essential part of the reformed Czech curricula. The author of this dissertation is employed with the English Department at the Faculty of Education of The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. That is why we aim to introduce the theoretical background and history of the cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education in the Czech educational system. Then, based on that theoretical background, we shall design and run a course at the Pedagogical faculty for our students (teachers-to-be) that will provide them with sufficient amount of theory. Within the course the students will be given enough practical examples of the implementation of Multicultural Education into English classes when combining cultural and linguistic aims and at the end of the course we will allow the students to design and try such a class during their peer teaching. We will also publish the results of the course for...
The case report of physiotherapeutic treatment of the patient with cancer multiplicity and brain metastases
Černá, Monika ; Nováková, Tereza (advisor) ; Dušánek, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The case report of physiotherapeutic treatment of the patient with cancer multiplicity and brain metastases. Aims: Aims of this thesis are to acquire theoretic knowledge about cancer multiplicity with brain metastases and to make case study of patient treated with cancer multiplicity with brain metastases, left-sided hemiparesis and cerebellar damage. Summary: The thesis is composed of general part and special part. General part consisted of information about anatomical structures in central nervous system, characteristic of the diagnosis, how the disease developes, a symptomatology, examinations and a treatment of the disease. Special part includes the case study of the patient with cancer multiplicity and brain metastases, consequent stroke and cerebellar damage. The case study is composed of patient history, entrance/final kinesiological examination, short-term and long-term plan, the therapy and the evaluation of therapeutic effect. Keywords: cancer multiplicity, metastases, physiotherapy, case report, stroke, cerebellum
Resource assessment of environmental risks in industrial enterprise
Černá, Monika ; Kotek, Luboš (referee) ; Krbalová, Maria (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on evaluating the sources of environmental risks in the safety domain of the Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc company. First part of the diploma thesis is theoretical and serves as an entry to problematics of severe accidents prevention, risks identification and assessment. In the next part all the chemical substances stored in this international industrial company are valorised, the substances most dangerous to the environment are identified and certain precautions to prevent serious accidents are suggested according to valid legislation and recommended methods of the Ministry of the Environment.
The effect of previous freezing of cadavers on the following colonization by flies of the family Calliphoridae
Černá, Monika ; Barták, Miroslav (advisor) ; Olekšáková, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to rally available information and draw up a review of literature data on the topic of how freezing of a carcase or its storage at low temperatures affects its following colonization by insects while open exposition. Forensic entomology is one of the special and ever-developing field of criminology. It uses a knowledge of the biology, ecology and especially the life cycles of insect, mainly flies and beetles, to assist in the investigation of violent crimes in estimating of post mortem interval (PMI) or determining the cause of death. Insect colonization openly exposed corpses go through 5 to 8 successional waves depending on the surrounding environment. One of the important factors is the temperature which affects the decomposition process, where decomposition processes are longer at lower temperatures and on the contrary at shorter at higher temperatures. Temperature has a similar effect on development of insect, which develops only within the effective temperatures, whose values vary by species. The study performs an experiment which should verify whether insect is able to oviposit on the frozen carcasses and whether pre-frozen carcasses slow the subsequent colonization by flies of the family Calliphoridae. During the experiments, a total of twelve pieces of domestic fowl (Gallus gallus f. domestica L.), weighing about 1.5 kg, were sacrificed in the same way, and a half of them was frozen before the exposition. Experiment results showed that the percentage of each species in both variants differed. Frozen and fresh cadaveres differed in the total nu mber of individuals (larvae), which developed on them, and the way in which the dead bodies decayed.
Perioperative prognostic factors in breast cancer
Černá, Monika ; Třeška, Vladislav (advisor) ; Gaťek, Jiří (referee) ; Šiller, Jiří (referee) ; Jandík, Pavel (referee)
Introduction: Breast cancer still remains the most common malignancy in women and its incidence is slowly increasing. A marked reduction of mortality has been achieved in the last 10 years thanks to modern diagnostic methods, mammary screening, and comprehensive and targeted cancer therapy. Modern diagnostic capabilities not only allow early diagnosis of a primary tumor lesion and precise determination of its biological nature before commencing treatment, but they also enable early diagnosis of local and regional recidives, including diagnosis of metastases in distant organs. In addition to clinical examination, conventional and complementary imaging examinations and tumor markers our objective was to determine the importance and use of growth factors in relation to the overall prognosis. The growth factors physiologically act already during the ontogenetic period when they control cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and apoptotic processes. It is known that they take part in the tumor growth processes which are characterized by autonomous behavior, increased proliferative activity, distinct differentiation activity and reduced apoptosis. Growth factors work as autoregulation factors in the neoplastic process as well as through their paracrine effects mediated by more or less specific receptors....
North Korea at the turn of the 2nd millennium - its role in the international arena
Černá, Monika ; Ferklová, Blanka (referee) ; Barša, Pavel (advisor)
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a very unique and closed country that remains hidden to the surrounding world in many various aspects. My thesis focuses on the status of the DPRK at the turn of the 2nd millennium on the background of historical and political development on the Korean peninsula. I present the role of DPRK in the international arena especially on the issue of the DPRK's nuclear program and the process of its solution with its key partners. The history of DPRK is an essential part of the process how to understand contemporary North Korea. Therefore I briefly introduce a historical and cultural impact on the development of Korean peninsula and a historical development of the Republic of Korea in relation to DPRK. The historical development of DPRK since its establishment in 1948 provides a crucial background for a current situation in DPRK. Except the role of DPRK in the international arena I point out a current situation within the country - in the economic, political and human rights areas because they certainly have a great impact on the DPRK's position in the international field (e.g. issue of refugees).
Influence of input material on technology and production of deep drawn product
Černá, Monika ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Šulák, Ivo (advisor)
This bachelor thesis was elaborated in cooperation with company ITW Pronovia, s.r.o within the scope of the bachelor degree and presents an assessment of the effect of material properties and manufacturing technology of a deep-drawn product. In this work the mechanical and technological tests were carried out on the supplied material HT179. This material is further processed into a cartridge for an airbag deployment. During production many defects occurred, especially after cutting out the holes of deep-drawn product. The company established these defects as material property. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the characteristics of different material sets.

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