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The Educational Consultancy
The aim of the thesis is to present the roles of the pedagogical consultant at primary school and high school. The theoretical part is focused on term the educational consultant (regarding legislation, requirements for education). The thesis is occupied with history of educational consultancy, the content of the work of educational consultant, the cooperation with pedagogical and psychological counseling. The practical part is implemented by the qualitative research.The research consists of the dialogues with educational consultants from primary school and secondary school. It studies their job duties,the content of their job, the most common topics and educational difficulties and their solving.
The Influence of Motor Skills on Social Inclusion of Person with Multiple Disabilities
The thesis focuses on the influence of motoric skills on social inclusion of people with multiple disabilities. It explains the basic terminology, such as disabilities, It explains the basic terminology, such as disabilities, social inclusion and motoric sklills. The people with severe multiple mental and physical disabilities are also characterised. Some aspects related to their social inclusion, social work with them and training of their motoric skills are also elaborated on. The thesis includes a case study of the day care centre Človíček. On practical examples from the social institution, i tis shown in which way and on what circumstances i tis possible to train motoric skills. On the two practical examples the thesis analyses the influence of motoric activities on social inclusion of people with the above mentioned disabilities.
Produkce odpadů a nakládání s nimi v roce 2015 podle ISOH
Čermáková, Eva ; Sequensová, Markéta
Sběr dat o produkci a nakládání s odpady vychází z ohlašovacích povinností stanovených v zákoně č. 185/2001 Sb., o odpadech, v platném znění a jeho prováděcích předpisech. Způsob plnění ohlašovací povinnosti upravuje zákon č. 25/2008 Sb., o integrovaném registru znečišťování životního prostředí a integrovaném systému plnění ohlašovacích povinností v oblasti životního prostředí, v platném znění. Na základě dat z Informačního systému odpadového hospodářství (ISOH), který pro Ministerstvo životního prostředí provozuje CENIA, česká informační agentura životního prostředí, jsme zpracovali přehled produkce odpadů a nakládání s nimi v ČR v roce 2015.
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The Sacred Works of Domenico Sarri in Bohemia
Čermáková, Eva ; Niubo, Marc (advisor) ; Kapsa, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis contributes to study of the Italian and Czech origins of the sacred music by Neapolitan composers from the first third of the 18th century. The first chapters of the thesis concentrate on classification of manuscripts with music by the Neapolitan composer Domenico Sarri (1678-1744) whose many works have been preserved in Czech music archives. Though Sarri demonstrably was a significant representative of the Neapolitan music production of his time, his work has not yet been adequately explored. This thesis therefore also includes a complete reconstruction of Sarri's psalm Dixit Dominus F major. In the last part of the thesis, this piece is analyzed and compared within the selection of few works by Sarri and his contemporaries with the aim to specify some of the general and individual aspects of Sarri's musical thinking.
Missa Sancti Joannis Nepomuceni by Jan František Novák
Polášek, Vojtěch ; Niubo, Marc (advisor) ; Čermáková, Eva (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the musical legacy and influence of Jan František Novák as Kapellmeister in st. Vitus Cathedral in Prague between 1737 and 1758. The main object is the analysis of his Missa sancti Joannis Nepomuceni and its framework classification into the context of then sacramental compositions. An integral part of this bachelor thesis is the edition of this mass.
Why children don't read?
Čermáková, Eva ; Černá, Milena (referee) ; Vášová, Lidmila (advisor)
Práce se zabývá fenoménem dětské čtenářství, respektive nečtenářství. Na základě výzkumu provedeného na reprezentativním souboru 80 žáků základních škol v Plané nad Lužnicí a Táboře zjišťuje jaké mají děti čtenářské zájmy, co ovlivňuje jejich pozitivní nebo negativní postoj k četbě. Rozebírá faktory, které mají zásadní vliv na jejich zájmu či nezájmu o literaturu. Nastiňuje možnosti, jak tomuto předcházet.
Changes in the development of forest and non-forest woody vegetation at the landscape level - case study (the former estate of Decin)
Čermáková, Eva ; Skaloš, Jan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
This masters thesis deals with the longterm changes of forest and nonforest woody vegetation in the area of the former Děčín estate. For my analysis I have used the avalaible historical maps and modern ortophotographs, which I have processed using the ArcGIS software. While many places of the Earth are going through deforesation, on the other hand in Europe there is a significant rise in the area covered by woodlands. I have come to the same results in my thesis, in which at the studied site, in which there was an expansion of forest woody vegetation between the years 1953 and 2015. While when comparing the map of The Stabile cadaster and an aerial image from 1953 there was a decrease of forest woody vegetation. These results pary correlate with the demographic development of the Děčín district as well as general political and economic development of the area in the analyzed time period. The results are compared to similar avalaible studies, on the base of which it seems that the resukts of this study are not a unique trend.
Urban Festivities and Cultural Events as Instruments of Urban Revitalization and Development
Čermáková, Eva ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Doc.PhDr.Jana Šafránková,CSc. (referee) ; Ing.arch.Eva Staňková (referee) ; Šilhánková, Vladimíra (advisor)
The central aim of this research is to contribute to the debate on the actual and potential role of urban festivities in urban development of cites areas. For some time, policy makers, planners and architects have realized the great importance of urban festivities and cultural events in revitalization and development of urban areas. They pay attention to both direct or indirect impact of such activities. A variety of festivities and cultural events have started to been incorporated into large-scale architectural and urban projects. They have also been employed as political tools. By now, it is generally accepted that urban festivities and cultural events are important investments contributing to the integration of communities and overall improved representation of the urban region. They often provide the urban environment with a new meaning and/or character. The proposed research is investigating and analyzing the potential effects of urban festivities and cultural events on the transformations and new perceptions of urban spaces and how they can be used as policy tools. It focuses on organized open-air activities in urban public spaces (including urban centers, neighborhoods and peripheries). Principal results of this research are based on the cooperation of two research centres: the Institute of Theory, School of Architecture, Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic and Laboratory for Theories on Urbanism, French Planning Institute, Paris VIII University in France.
Supervision - important instrument for keeping mental health in the helping professions
The presented thesis is concerned with the supervision and its importance for people working in helping professions. The aim of this work is to find out  which function of the supervision is considered to be fundamental for chosen social workers. The thesis consists of two parts. The first theoretical section is focused on the characteristic of helping professions, especially on requirements and difficulties  connected with helping professions .This part  is centred more on social workers. The second section is intent on the  supervision, its forms, aims, functions and tools. The practical part is formed as a qualitative research. It is based on four semi-structured interviews with the social workers and their subsequent analyses. The result of the research has proved that the social workers appreciate the supportive and educational function of the supervision. Although the social workers described their supervision experiences as ambivalent, it can bring them many new things: a creative place for sharing experiences, supporting each other, contextual understanding and variegating. The supervision supports reflection and self-confidence and has the important psychohygienic and team cohesion impact. Also the possibility of the professional and personal growth and the occasion of selfknowledge is significant.

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