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Lubrication of plastic gears
Hartl, Petr ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Křupka, Jiří (advisor)
The work deals with the process of lubrication of gears from a combination of materials that have significantly different material properties. The experimental measurement is performed on a tribometer in simulated gear contact with a ball-disk configuration. The Chromatic Optical Interferometry method is used to measure the formation of a lubricating film in contact. The purpose of this work is to clarify the process of film thickness formation and compare experimental measurements with predictions, which are valid in Soft EHL regime.
Development of method for lubrication regime evaluation in rolling bearing
Valenta, Jakub ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Šperka, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis is to develop measuring methods for evaluation of the lubrication regime in a rolling bearing. The first part of thesis maps several measuring methods according to which the lubrication mode can be evaluated. Based on the assessment of this part, electrical monitoring methods were selected. For application of these methods was constructed testing device with rolling bearing. Specific measuring chains based on selected methods were designed and verified by using initial tests on a ball-on-disk tribometer. According to the results of these initial measurements was selected and applied suitable measuring chain to the selected test device. In the end, there was a successful measuring the lubrication parameter on the rolling bearing. Additionally, other tests dealing with the influence of temperature and type of oil on the measurement itself were performed.
Implementation of the information system
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Čermák, Jakub (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with selection and implementation of information system for company providing IT services. Theoretical background concerning the topic is described in the first part. Then, the company is analyzed and based on the results new information system is suggested. Implementation strategy and risk analysis for implementation of new information system to corporate environment are designed in this thesis. Implementation of the information system is economically evaluated at the end of this thesis.
Stability of Time Delay Feedback Controls of Dynamical Systems
Lovas, David ; Tomášek, Petr (referee) ; Čermák, Jan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce pojednává o stabilitě zpětně-vazebných řízení dynamických systémů s časovým zpozděním, speciálně řízení mechanických oscilátorů. Dva základní druhy řízení jsou užity v lineárních systémech. Dále je zde ukázána synchronizace dvouprvkových systémů užitím zpětně-vazebných řízení. Práce se také zabývá funkcí v MATLABu pro řešení zpožděných diferenciálních rovnic.
Lotka-Volterra competition model on graphs
Skácelová, Radka ; Šremr, Jiří (referee) ; Čermák, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyzes several mathematical models describing the co-existence of two species, especially the classic Lotka-Volterra model and its extensions. These models are described by a system of non-linear differential equations. The goal of this thesis is to develop an extended predator-prey model using the graph theory, to find stationary states of this model and to analyze their stability. The thesis is furthermore focused on a comparison between the obtained results for this model with the existing results for the competition model on graphs.
Mathematical modelling of mechanical systems
Kamarýt, Petr ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Šremr, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with mathematical modelling of mechanical systems. In the first two chapters Lagrangian mechanics and system of ordinary differential equations are summarized. In the third chapter equations of motion of double pendulum are derived. Approximative system, special cases and sensitivity of solution to non-linear system on initial conditions change are further analysed.
Plastic plating
Čermák, Jan ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The perspective of the production of plastic parts has helped to spread the metallization of these parts on a large scale. Whether a coating is functional or just decorative. This bachelor thesis presents a comprehensive study, analysis, evaluation and comparison of the possibilities of creating metal coatings on plastic materials. The thesis deals with galvanic, chemical, vacuum and special methods of plating. For all the mentioned methods of plating, the technological procedure, equipment for plating, evaluation of individual methods and analysis of the use of plated plastic parts are given.
Model Of Bipedal Walking Robot
Čermák, Jan
The purpose of this thesis is to construct a two-legged walking robot. This robot will be able to walk forward independently, following a given trajectory without any human assistence. The whole thesis includes the design of the robot construction, its modelling, the theory related to printing the robot with a 3D printer and finally, the programming of the robot's walk.
Relation between optical and microscopic properties of hydrogenated silicon thin films with integrated germanium and tin nanoparticles
Stuchlík, Jiří ; Stuchlíková, The-Ha ; Čermák, Jan ; Kupčík, Jaroslav ; Fajgar, R. ; Remeš, Zdeněk
The hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers (a-Si:H) were deposited by PECVD method on quartz substrates. During interruption of PECVD process the vacuum chamber was pumped up to 10-5 Pa and 1 nm thin films of Germanium or Tin were evaporated on the surface. The materials form isolated nanoparticles (NPs) on the a-Si:H surface. Then the deposited NPs were covered and stabilized by a-Si:H layer by PECVD. Those two deposition processes were alternated 5 times. The a-Si:H thin films with integrated Ge or Sn NPs were characterized optically by PDS and CPM methods, and microscopically by SEM and AFM microscopies. Optical and microscopic properties of the structures are correlated and discussed considering their application in photovoltaics.\n
Apartment complex Netroufalky, building F - building technology project
Čermák, Jan ; Valenta, Michal (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is to elaborate a selected part of the construction technology project for an apartment building in the Campus residential complex II, situated in Brno – Bohunice. Specifically, an apartment building (object F, designated SO 204) was selected, on which monolithic structures of the substructure will be solved. The content of the work is a technical report to the construction technology project, evaluation of transport routes, elaboration of technological regulations for selected technological stages, time schedule for the selected stage and partial detailed section of a typical floor. Furthermore, the construction site equipment with drawing and text part, control and test plan, itemized budget with bill of quantities, design of machine assemblies and work safety solutions are elaborated.

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