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Lexical idioms in English
Vašků, Kateřina ; Klégr, Aleš (advisor) ; Čermák, František (referee) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee)
According to the standard definition phraseology deals with multi-word lexical units, i.e. word combinations. Voices claiming that even complex words composed of two or more meaningful units may qualify for the status of (lexical) phrasemes/idioms, especially when their meaning is non- compositional, are still very isolated, in spite of the fact that linguistic literature is teeming with references to idiomatic compounds and derivatives (Chap. 3). In fact, the only systematic treatment of lexical idioms seems to be that offered by Čermák (2007), who focuses primarily on lexical idioms in Czech. The aim of the thesis is therefore to explore the situation in English and attempt to develop a useful definition of, and especially criteria for, distinguishing lexical idioms from other complex lexemes and provide an outline of the main types of lexical idioms obtaining in English. After an introduction (Chap. 1) and the presentation of state-of-the-art approaches to phraseology and the relevant information about phraseological units and their features (Chap. 2), the thesis reviews Čermák's theory of lexical idioms which inspired their quantitative study in Czech (Chap. 4). The core part is the analysis of two samples. The first one, gathered from the BNC, includes a random selection of 1000 single-word...
Comparison of Phrasems with Names of Parts of the Body in Czech and Persian
Khademi, Mona ; Starý Kořánová, Ilona (advisor) ; Čermák, František (referee)
The aim of this work is to compare the phrasemes and proverbs of two different languages, which from the historical point of view come from the same common ground, but have developed independently for the last few thousand years. Due to the grammatical differences between the two languages, the thesis focuses on semantic and lexical similarities and differences. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, we define the terms phraseme, collocation phrase, idiom, adage and others and describe the metaphor and metonymy as two frequent mechanisms, applied in proverbs and phrases. In the practical part, we compare the Czech and Persian proverbs and phrasemes containing body parts. The practical part is organized according to the frequency of phrasemes for individual body parts in Persian. Each body part contains idioms broken down by the degree of equivalence. The conclusion is unexpected, as the degree of consistency or the similarity of the phrasemes is greater than we assumed because of geographic, cultural and historical differences
Particles in spoken languages
Adamovičová, Ana ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Kopřivová, Marie (referee) ; Bermel, Neil Halford Andrew (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to map a theme, which has not been systematically explored enough by Czech linguists so far. It deals with the material of the Prague Spoken Corpus (PSC), which contains a series of records of authentic spoken language. The thesis presents primarily a comprehensive description of particles, which can be found in the PSC, their semantic classes based on their real occurrence in the natural speech context. It further describes their collocability and syntagmatic relations, including their valency, thus more adequately explains their function in the commonly spoken language. Attention is also paid to their frequency and preferred use within the scope of particular combinations of sociolinguistic parameters, i.e. four variables (sex, age, education and type of discourse) which determined the selection of speakers on recordings to make their combinations as balanced as possible. Some particles are homonymous with other parts of speech - the extent of homonymy and its context dependency just as the processes of particulization are described in the contextual usage of particles and adverbs. The results in terms of the frequency of usage were compared with the frequency of occurrence in the written corpus SYN2005. The presentation of particles in dictionaries of Czech language was...
From Verbs to Nouns and Prepositions. Departicipial Forms in Czech: Form, Function, Complementarity
Richterová, Olga ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Hoffmannová, Jana (referee) ; Friedová, Mirjam (referee)
From Verbs to Nouns and Prepositions Departicipial Forms in Czech: Form, Function, Complementarity Olga Richterová Abstract The present work gives a rough overall picture of the behaviour of departicipial forms ending in - ící/oucí (e.g. vedoucí - leading or leader, or fungující - functioning, working) in synchronous written Czech. In literature, these forms are called participial adjectives, deverbal adjectives or derivatives of the present transgressive. The main focus of the dissertation is on the word-class categorization of the analyzed forms, defined by the variety of functions which departicipial forms fulfill. Part-of-speech membership recommendations belong to the main outcomes of the work, the description of verbal, nominal or even preposition-like behaviour of the analyzed forms being one of the most prominent goals of the whole effort. The analysis is centered around the most frequent form, vedoucí (including the lexical unit vedoucí k - leading to). The preservation of prepositional valency was identified as one of the criteria of possible prepositionalization of these forms. Given the absence of reliable tagging, the work is mainly based on manual analyses of random corpora samples. Furthermore, it makes an innovative use of a tool called 'p-kolokace' (p- collocations), which is based on two...
Comparative aspects of Latvian and Czech lexicons: Materials for assembling a Latvian- Czech dictionary
Škrabal, Michal ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee) ; Bušs, Ojars (referee)
Title: Comparative aspects of Latvian and Czech lexicons: Materials for assembling a Latvian-Czech dictionary Autor: Mgr. Michal Škrabal Department: Institute of the Czech National Corpus Supervisor: prof. PhDr. František Čermák, DrSc. The primary aim of this work is to classify the Latvian lexicon, or better its relevant segment, into individual groups, definable semantically, grammatically, syntagmatically, pragmatically, and so on, and to attempt to find for these classifications an ideal method of lexicographical adaptation and apply it to an emerging Latvian-Czech dictionary (the very first manual of its type). To this end, modern instruments were utilized which, in the recent past, have radically altered the methodology of lexicographical work: on the one hand, the linguistic corpora, which nowadays represent authentic, linguistic usage and, on the other hand, the specialized lexicographic software TshwaneLex, in which a lexical database of Latvian is constructed and from which the dictionary itself will be subsequently constructed. Because of the limited size of the Latvian corpus it was not possible to completely eliminate traditional sources, and the author of the work was forced to consolidate traditional and modern lexicographical methods. His primary source however remained the corpus...
Idioms with Animal Components in Czech and Chinese
Qi, Lijuan ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
This graduation thesis is dedicated to the animal phraseology in Czech and Chinese languages.The author focused on the analysis of animal idioms on the basis of the syntactical, formal and semantic aspects. She created an index of animal idioms in both languages on the basis of the relevant dictionaries - Slovník české frazeologie a idiomatiky 1. - 4. and Hanyu Chengyu Jinghua Cidian. Furthermore she made a mutual comparison of these idioms from both languages. The Czech National Corpus and Chinese Corpus were used as the main sources for the analysis.
Czech and Serbian phraseology: comparison, aspects and structure of the Czech-Serbian phraseological dictionary
Linda Popović, Snežana ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Jirásek, Karel (referee) ; Krejčí, Pavel (referee)
Title: Czech and Serbian phraseology: comparison, aspects and structure of the Czech-Serbian phraseological dictionary Author: Mgr. Snežana Linda Popović Department: Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies Supervisor: prof. PhDr. František Čermák, DrSc. Abstract Despite the fact that phraseology is present-day and appealing theme in linguistic, that many linguists gain from, which is due to fact that our language is made up of many steady and idiomatic structures that foreign students have to learn, this scientific discipline is still an area where the linguists have not yet agreed on the definition of its basic unit and field of research. Besides that, there is evident variance in the number of works within phraseology and phraseography in Czech and Serbian linguistics. The main objective of this dissertation is to analyse the Czech and Serbian phraseological theory, classification of phrasemes and phraseography, including the theoretical background to create a bilingual phraseological dictionary. The analysis was based on field of definition of phrasemes, its formal distribution, equivalents on all combinatorial levels and design of dictionary entry in monolingual and bilingual phraseological dictionaries. The findings have confirmed that there are areas in context of phraseology that did...
Binomials in Czech and Russian
Motornyuk, Alina ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
The graduation thesis is dedicated to the binomials in the Czech and Russian languages. The author paid her attention to the substantive binomials, to the determination of their semantic categories and syntactic functions and to the comparison of the results of both languages. The source for the analysis is binomials, which were found in the Czech national corpus and the Russian national corpus.
Quantitative Characteristics of Terms
Kováříková, Dominika ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee) ; Machová, Svatava (referee)
The new method of automatic term recognition TERMIT is focused not only on the high number of correctly labeled terms, but also on the most important attributes of a term (in terms of their role in automatic term identification process). The method is based on data mining, i.e. finding meaningful information in very large corpus data. It was able to both successfuly identify terms in academic texts and find constitutive features of a term as a terminological unit. The single-word term (SWT) can be characterized as a word with a low frequency in corpus (SYN2010) that occurs considerably more often in specialized texts of a given field than in non-academic texts, occurs in a small number of academic disciplines, its distribution in the corpus (SYN2010) is uneven as is the distance between its two instances. The multi-word term (MWT) is a stable collocation consisting of words with low frequency and contains at least one (and often more) single-word term. Based on the characteristics of SWT and MWT, it is possible to classify individual tokens in texts as terms or non-terms with a success rate of more than 95 %. Automatically identified terms can be used to identify percentage of SWT or MWT in different academic disciplines, as well as find terms shared by two or more domains in order to assess their...
Anglicisms in Contemporary Czech and Russian (according to dictionaries: Nová slova v češtině 1, Nová slova v češtině 2 a Novyj slovar' inostrannych slov)
Grudina, Lilija ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Gladkova, Hana (referee)
The graduate's thesis deals with analysis of anglicisms as neologisms on the border of 20th - 21st century in Czech and Russian. In this thesis, the explanation of the causes of the intensive adoption of loanwords from English has been presented. The analysis of anglicisms from the viewpoint of stucture, morphological adaptation and word-forming has been carried out. The secondary aim of this analysis is to trace the manners of integration of anglicims into the Czech language system in comparison with the Russian language.

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