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The Resistance Activity of the Company of Captain Jerry in 1944-1945
Moravcová, Nikol ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Šedivý, Ivan (referee)
This theses deals with the partisan movement in Wallachia during World War II. This problematic is shown on the case of the partisan unit of captain of partisans Jerry Tomison (in reality Vladimír Krajčík). The first part is devoted to change of viewing of the "partisan" phenomenon in literature. The second part ist concentrated on the history of the partisan unit of captain Jerry, including the life of the commander Vladimír Krajčík.
Jože Plečnik and the Making of the Prague Castle Gardens
Jungmannová, Veronika ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Šedivý, Ivan (referee)
This thesis deals especially with the works of slovenian architect Jože Plečnik in the Prague Castle gardens. The object of this thesis is to capture the way of making the gardens, for example the rehabilitation (garden Na Valech), re- making (garden Rajská) or planting new garden (Na Baště). The thesis follows Plečnik's approach by the order for projects, subsequent communication between Plečnik and other institutes of Prague Castle and the reactions on the creations by the two main Prague newspapers - Lidové noviny and Národní listy - and the Klub Za starou Prahu. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first one is about the history of Prague Castle gardens and about the history of garden styles - based on Královská zahrada. The second chapter deals with the Jože Plečnik personally, and his life before his works on Prague Castle. The third chapter reflects the making of the southern gardens and Garden Na Baště, the course of those works and the features of Plečnik's works. The last chapter follows evolution of the views on the making of the gardens, their reflection in the newspapers together with the reflection of Plečnik in person.
Social Policy and Nationalism in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Šustrová, Radka ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Kučera, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kuklík, Jan (referee)
Social policy belonged to the key areas of the construction of the Nazi rule in Germany and in the occupied territories in Central and Western Europe. This work addresses the public social policy in the context of the change of ideology in the second Czech-Slovak Republic and in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The goal of the public social policy was to aid stabilization and securing peace and order in the occupied territory. Consequently, the policy was an object of great interest not only on the part of the Protectorate (Czech) elite but also of the representatives of the occupation (German) power. The first chapter sketches the social policy development in the inter-war period and points to the fundamental problems and questions that the political representatives of the time were unable to address satisfactorily. The Great Depression and growing social inequalities were the primary causes of the crisis of liberal democracy and the onset of radical movements. The conclusion of the Munich Pact boosted the anti-liberal atmosphere in the Bohemian lands and brought a change of the state ideology paradigm consisting in the shift from the construction of a liberal democratic state to the building of "national communality". The second chapter depicts this process from the perspective of the...
The Czechoslovak Legion and the civil war in Russia from the perspective of Jan Syrový
Smelík, Jakub ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
This work deal with the operations of the legions in Russia from the perspective of one of the most important commanders of the Czechoslovak Družina Jan Syrový, then from his attitude on the civil war in Russia to his move to the port in Vladivostok. The study is not aimed directly at the sight of one character only, but also on the views of peers and volunteers coming in contact with Syrový and their insights on the General. The study should focus on the ordinary lives of Legionnaires during their journey through Russia, their solution of their everyday duties and rest. I would like to concern with the career procedure of Jan Syrový. As the main source for the study of work will serve archival materials (magazines, letters), but also the recent literature, to illustrate the situation should serve testimonials in the period press and materials written in the time of Russian march by Syrový's contemporaries. Powered by TCPDF (
Ing.Hugo Vavrecka - chapters from the life of the first Bata's advisor
Melša, Marek ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Hájek, Pavel (referee)
The subject of the presented Bachelor Thesis is the life and personality of Hugo Vavrečka. In the thesis, I will be trying to briefly describe his life story. The emphasis will be put on his activities in the Baťa company, as well as in the leading position of Little Entente Economic bureau, and his activity in governments of Milan Hodza and Jan Syrovy. All of that within the context of his post-war life. The thesis will be mainly based on archival resources and specialised literature.
Chrudim region in 1945
Jodas, Josef ; Šedivý, Ivan (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
Presented bachelor thesis is a micro-historical view into history of the Chrudim region during the last months of the Second World War. The purpose of thesis is to give the most widely view of the events and changes in the region, which hit the population. The problems in the economic area, which were the most significant, perceptibly changed everydayness of the local inhabitants. Analysis of the anti- Nazi resistance especially partisan movement, with which were connected the formation extensive anti-partisan machinery in the form of Sonderdienststelle Chrudim, is also included. The integral part of the thesis is the analysis events at the beginning of May 1945, taking power of the Revolutionary national committees, retreat of the German army and its conflicts with insurgents. Describes events are put in the broad historical context. The main sources of the thesis are the archival materials of the regional origin. Key words 1945, Chrudim region, the anti-Nazi resistance, society, microhistory
German State projects in the Czech lands in the autumn 1918. (Activities of the provincional governments of the Deutschböhmen and the Sudetenland)
Bandžuch, Tomáš ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Konrád, Ota (referee) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
The aim of the PhD thesis is to describe the emergence and functioning of the Deutschböhmen and Sudetenland provinces' governments proclaimed by Czech, Moravian and Silesian Germans in the autumn of 1918 and consecutively to compare their practical politics in the selected fields. The emphasize is put especially on the building of the state administration and defence mechanisms, foreign political relations as well as relations with the Czech minority inhabiting the disputed territory. The thesis should contribute to understanding the extent to which the declaration of these provinces was an immediate response to developments in Central Europe, or whether it was the result of long-term trends in Czech-German relations. One of its parts is dedicated to conceptions of a dissolution of the Czech lands, which were created in the years 1848-1918. Conclusion of this thesis is focused on the comparsion of the political activities of the both provincional governments and author tries to answer the question, how much are these policies similar and which governement better reacted to he challenges of the turning points of the autumn 1918.
Barrandov Teraces as a place of memory
Veselá, Jaroslava ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
(in English): This bacelor's work is focused on presentation of the Barrandov Terraces multifunctional areal as a place of memory. Using the analysis of cultural media resources - newspaper articles, documents, photographes and memories, it shows in which way is the knowledge of the Barrandov Teraces represented in the society. Through the methodology of memory studies of eminent historians this work illustrates the actual perception of Barrandov Terraces in a popular opinion.
Emanuel Moravec in the context of the contemporary military theory (1918−1938)
Vašíček, Josef ; Šedivý, Ivan (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
This work attempts to bring Emanuel Moravec's work and compare his views on the army and future war conflicts with former military thinkers such as Liddell Hart, Fuller and Guderian. At the same time, this work attempts to answer the question whether or not Emanuel Moravec created his own particular military theory and thus whether we can rank it among military theoreticians. Key words: war, military theory, Emanuel Moravec
Differentiation in clothing as an indicator of social status of women in the era of The First Czechoslovak Republic
Orctová, Daniela ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Štolleová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor theses is concerned with the fashion and clothing of women in the era of The First Czechoslovak Republic in Prague. There is described the economic and social situation, moreover the women's position in the interwar Czechoslovak society. The main aim of this work is to describe the differentiation in women's clothing between various social groups. In order to make this comparison, the author had to describe the fashion of the era and also there had to be defined the social groups of The First Czechoslovak Republic. As the main source for the comparison the author used the photographical materials. Furthermore, the thesis is concerned with the ways where the women could obtain the clothes - by describing the home made clothing, tailor's craft, off-the-peg clothes and the main Prague Fashion houses. The last theme of this theses are the sources of inspiration, which could influence the fashion taste of the women in Prague in the era of The First Czechoslovak Republic. Key words Clothes, fashion, First Czechoslovak Republic, women, differentiation, social status

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