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"...Zeus… of Iscariot" Transformations of concepts and depictions of classical mythology throughout art's history and it's transfer to new generations.
Šik, Jiří ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
In my thesis I focus on classical Greek mythology and its origins and meaning in the life of an individual. The thesis deals with its interpretations, understanding and treatment across various periods in the history of art and on the transformations of classical figures within new contexts, since the antiquity untill the present day. In the didactic part, I present my concept of an educational project intended to mediate the classical myths to the new generations, with the help of important works of Western art as the visual base. Realisation of this project has proven that stuends actualy are eager to learn this subject. The practical part of the thesis describes the potential of modern media for educational purposes and the spread of knowledge of classical mythology. It offers a draft of my educationally-artistic project in the Czech environment, which makes use of this potential. The series of paintings serves as the first step towards the creation of such project. Deepening of knowlidge of classical mythology is instrumental for growth of individual and with him of society. It would be short sighted to push this theme somewhere to the background and forget about it. After all, its representation in art only proves that it was allways source of inspiration.
Space where we will be alone together
Jiříčková, Adéla ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
Passing and meeting or looking for a shared space where we could be together or where we could be alone together. Is it possible, for a short moment at least, to step into the other one's world? Finding yourself along with finding the other one. Will we be able to recognize the boundary, once we cross it? This work should focus on a) exploring the space, b) exploring the space within us, and c) on a conflict, touch, on two spaces getting closer and getting further away (both on a physical and psychological level) - private space and public space, whose boundaries are blurring nowadays. These topics are applied on art as well (particularly on the works of performance art) and accounted for the outcomes in its own creative work. KEYWORDS Subjectivity, intersubjectivity, space, body, solitude, tension
Islamic Art
Šuková, Petra ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
TITLE: Islamic Art AUTHOR: Petra Šuková, Bc. DEPARTMENT: Department of Art Education SUPERVISOR: Viktor Čech, Mgr. ABSTRACT: Object of this thesis is an investigation of islamic art in a context of islamic doctrine with stress on elements which islam has in common with the jewish-christian culture, which was an inspiration for islam as well. The thesis compares certain trends and characters in these monoteistic religions with reference to mutual influences between western and eastern culture, which have been continuing even nowadays. The main object of interest is a human body and its carnality as well as the stereotypes we have about this topic. These stereotypes and prejudices towards islam and islamic art are also the issue for the practical and didactic part, when pupils will have an opportunity to try ornamental and nonfigurative way of depiction as well as a figurative and contemporary islamic art influenced by the western culture. KEYWORDS: islam, nonfigurative art, body, holy books, taboo, transcendence, mysticism, christianity, judaism, identity, stereotype, contemporary art, islamophobia
Body as a live image
Popovičová, Gabriela ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
The master's thesis named Body as a live image is dealing with the topic of the body in the art education. The focus of the theoretical part of the work is to describe basic theoretical starts points and evolution of the body art, including descriptions of characteristics of typologists streams in wide contexts, connect the topic of the body with the art education describe it in the pedagogy context as well. The focus of the empirical part of the thesis is to describe authors own work with the given topic, describe possible use of the topic of the body in the art education and to describe the realization of the theme line in the creative art class. The theoretical base in master's thesis is described in general contexts with the evolution of the body including art education and pedagogy. Author's works with the topic of the body create an open compilation. Work includes thematic art assignation for practical pedagogy, following by the self-reflection of the teacher and suggestions for the improvement. The master's thesis focus on the created typology, categorized into streams and the author's artwork with the topic of the body. There is an emphasis on the line of creative assignation that is followed by the created typology of the streams. The part of the realization is a self-reflection of the...
Body as a canvas - paint on the body in fine arts and art education
Svobodová, Markéta ; Velíšek, Martin (advisor) ; Čech, Viktor (referee)
Bachelor thesis Body as a canvas - paint on the body in fine arts and art education Markéta Svobodová, duben 2018 ABSTRACT My work begins with the mapping of the transformation of the ideal of beauty and the controversy with this concept. I describe the history of the makeup including the technological and social background of this phenomenon. I also introduce selected works from the history of fine arts, where color is important on the body or on the face. Then I formally transform selected works from art history into forms in which the human body and color will be the main key component. Finally, I reflect this topic into the art, where I focus mainly on portraiture.

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