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Design of high speed induction motor
Čech, Jiří ; Knebl, Ladislav (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
The first part of this paper presents general information about electromagnetic designing of an induction motor. Focus is on explanation of individual designing aspects and their effects on final motor parametres. Design principles for magnetic cores, slot dimensioning, stator winding and rotor squirrel cage are presented. Second chapter presents complete analytical computation of a given induction motor. Firstly several parametres need to be selected. Then sizing of stator and rotor is conducted. Secondly steady state equivalent parametres and related operating characteristics are computed. Following chapter consinsts of three final designs. In the last chapter results of mechanical analysis are presented.
Operation of induction motor with respect to maximum efficiency
Čech, Jiří ; Ctibor, Jiří (referee) ; Toman, Marek (advisor)
In the first part of this paper a mathematical model of induction motor is described. With usage of -network equivalent circuit equations for calculation of individual power losses and overall efficiency are derived. Research study of loss minimization control is introduced in the next part. Several often used methods of variable frequency drive control are described. Also a review of loss minimization techniques from the perspective of induction motor control are presented. The last part of this paper includes a detailed description of scalar induction motor drive focused on reaching optimal efficiency. The loss minimization technique used is a model based method with rotor frequency being the control variable. At the end the performance of this method is verified using a computational script in Matlab.
Performance Evaluation of Selected Company and Suggestions for Improvement of Situation
Čech, Jiří ; Kozák, Vladimír (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is evaluation of company performance and based on acquired information formulation of suggestions for improvement. The theoretical part describes classic and modern indicators for measurment of company performance. In the practical parts there are an analysis of company performance and the results are compare with competitive and average in industry. Last part of this thesis is dedicated to suggestions for an improvment.
Social interactions in cyberspace
Čech, Jiří ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with a relatively new, dynamically developing and unique environment that came into existence due to the global interconnection of computers into an international network - the Internet. Its ambition is to acquaint the readers with the circumstances of emergence and development of this phenomenon, which is the product of informational society as well as one of its creators. The thesis focuses primarily on the issue of cyberspace, the point of relative freedom and meeting of people from aH over the world entering with aH sorts of objectives. Its aim is also a general overview of the potential offered by cyberspace to its visitors and the ways it affects them. Special attention is paid to the fields of interpersonal communication and self-presentation within the frame of virtual reality. Last but not least, it offers an insight into the mutual agency or real world and cyberspace, taking place through its creators, users and divers social movements.
Financial Analysis
Braun, Karel ; Čech, Jiří (referee) ; Konečný, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a topic of corporation finance which comes under a financial management field. The work analyses a development and a level of financial position of company IMOS Brno, a.s. from 2001 to 2005. The aim of the work is to carry out financial analysis of real company and to make suggestions for improvement of company financial position. Results of the work will give information for a company management and its decision-making process.
Vývojové trendy výdajů státního rozpočtu v ČR v letech 1995 - 2005
Čech, Jiří ; Urbánek, Václav (advisor)
Práce popisuje definici, funkce, členění a strukturu veřejných výdajů. Zabývá se významnými teoriemi růstu veřejných výdajů a obecnými faktory jejich růstu. Věnuje pozornost právní úpravě výdajů státního rozpočtu ČR a rozpočtové skladbě. Praktická část analyzuje strukturu a vývoj výdajů státního rozpočtu České republiky v letech 1995 ? 2005 v kapitolním členění. Zaměřuje se na sledování vlivu konkrétních objektivních faktorů, které změny ve výdajích způsobily. Práce nabízí srovnání podobnosti vývoje výdajů státního rozpočtu ČR s vybranými teoriemi růstu veřejných výdajů. Závěr je věnován predikci pravděpodobného vývoje výdajů státního rozpočtu pomocí analýzy časových řad.
The Analysis of Expeditures of the Regional Budgets in the Czech Republic
Čech, Jiří ; Urbánek, Václav (advisor) ; Syrovátková, Jaroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the definition, function and the stucture of public expenditures. It deals with general factors of increase in public expenditures, important growth theories and their efficiency. This thesis explains the formation and the character of the public administration, reasons for its decentralisation. It shows the position of the regional structure in the public administration system and it handles with the basic ideas of the regional policy. The second part presents the public administration and the stucture of public expenditures in the Czech Republic. The analysis of expenditures of the state budget in the Czech Republic during the period 1995 -- 2007 follows. It observes their stucture, development and the most important growth factors where the influence of growth in GDP and the inflation excels. The main chapter deals with the analysis of regional expenditures during last years. It uses the regional contribution to GDP and the number of the population for the comparison of expenditures of the particular regions and demonstration of their minor disproportions. In the sphere of managing of regional expenditures it denominates recognized deficiencies and suggests some solutions to problemes such as the breatch of plans, non-transparent subsidies, unnoticed documentation, missing penal system, slow implementation of modern budgeting methods.

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