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Biological soil crusts of cold deserts of W Himalaya
ČAPKOVÁ, Kateřina
Proposed thesis is focused on the role of soil microbial crusts in the extreme environmental conditions of high-elevation cold desert of W Himalaya. Despite the importance of microbial soil crusts in arid soils, the biodiversity of their microbial communities, their role and function are still unclear. Our knowledge about functioning of these outlying ecosystems in this part of the world is still very insufficient in general. The area of Ladakh is perfect place for studying the microbial soil crust arid climate and extreme elevation aroud 6000 m a.s.l. represents unique condition for well-developed soil crusts communities. The whole region is unaffected by human activities or plant invasions, so we can study soil crusts in pristine natural condition. Our investigations is focused on soil microbial community of BSCc in Ladakh region. It combines range of aspects connected with BSCs such as taxonomical composition, changes of diversity and activity in relation to environmental condition. The thesis is the first compilation of studies concerned on microbial communities in area of Ladakh and one of the first work investigating the ecophysiology of BCSs in cold desert.
English-Speaking Communists, Communist Sympathisers and Fellow-Travellers and Czechoslovakia in the Early Cold War Years.
Geaney, Kathleen Brenda ; Vojtěchovský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Rychlík, Jan (referee) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
Doctoral Dissertation PhDr. Kathleen Brenda Geaney English-Speaking Communists, Communist Sympathizers and Fellow- Travellers and Czechoslovakia in the Early Cold War (Anglicky mluvící komunisté, komunističtí sympatizanti a podporovatelé a Československo v počátcích studené války) Abstract The dissertation is a study of some of those people with Communist Party affiliations and fellow-travellers, who journeyed behind the Iron Curtain to see for themselves what life was like in the new people's democracy. The research focuses on Czechoslovakia as a tourist destination for a surprising number of anglophones in the early years of the Cold War. It argues that Soviet experience served as a best practices model for officialdom in Prague. This was modified where necessary to take into account the lessons learnt, national particulars, and the new geopolitical context. In both situations, foreigners were evaluated in terms of importance and potential as far as the communist cause was concerned. Key words: Czechoslovakia, communism, Cold War, English-speaking foreigners, hospitality techniques
Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with expanded purine bases
Čapková, Kateřina ; Holý, Antonín (advisor) ; Černý, Miloslav (referee) ; Kefurt, Karel (referee) ; Hocek, Michal (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Příro dovědecká fakulta Katedra organické a jaderné chemie Akademie věd Ceské Republiky Ústav organické chemie a biochemie S tirrltrffi[n Acyklické nukleo sidfo sfon áty rozšířenoupurinovou bazí Kateřina Čapková Shrnutí disertačnípráce Praha 2006 -tt ai-''- ffi-'.--.-/ /{ía' s Acyklické nukleosid fosfonáty předstalují velice zajimavou skupinu nukleotidových analogů s protivirovými, cýostatickj.rni a antiprotozoá|ními účinky.Jsou aktivní nejen proti širokému spektru DNA viru (herpesviry, poxviry, adenoviry, papillomaviry), ale i proti retrovirům (virus hepatitidy B, HIV). Nejvýznamnějšími představiteli celé skupiny jsou PMEA (adefovir, v klinické praxi ve formě adefovir dipivoxil), schválený pro léčbuhepatitidy B (HepseraTM), dále (fi).PMPA (teno-Qvir. v klinické praxi jako tenofovir disoproxil fumarát), schválený pro léčbuAIDS (Viread.'u') a (S)-HPMPC (cidofovir),-schválený pro léčbucýomegalovirové retinitidy u imunosuprimovaných pacientů (VistideTM). 1 V rámci hledání nových potenciálních virostatik a cýostatik bylo mým úkolem připravit série několika nových typůmodifikovaných acyklických nukleosid fosfonátů, konkrétně s tricyklickou bazi odvozenou od původnípurinové baze. Tricyk|ické baze23 ;so., zajímavé předevšímkvůli své fluorescencí,která umoŽňuje snadnou detekci a sledování osudu...
Samuel Hugo Bergmann and his activity in cultural-zionist society Brith Shalom
Kašeová, Karolina ; Boušek, Daniel (advisor) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
This BA thesis has this aim - to introduce Samuel H. Bergmann as a representative of cultural Zionism, research personalities and influences that shaped his view on Jewish national question on the beginning of the 20th centrury. In particular, the influence of the intellectual climate of Central and Western Europe, the benefits of acculturation, mutual understanding of cultures and influences of personalities Acḥ Martin Buber. Firt of all, the thesis will focus on personality of Bergmann as a member of the student zionist society Bar Kochba.The second part of the thesis will focus on Cultural-Zionist society Brith Shalom which worked in mandatory Palestine between the years 1925-1933. Afterwards we will focus on personality of Bergmann, as a member of this society, and his efforts to strengthen the position and ideas of cultural Zionism within the opposite Zionist movements. Main sources will be Bergmann's hebrew articles published in journal Sheifoteinu, published by society Brith Shalom between the years 1927-1933. Another source will be Bergmann's collection of articles Ba-mishol. This thesis contains translation of one of Bergamnn's articles published in Sheifoteinu, photography of title page of this journal and register of taqanot Publisher in this journal.
Horse assisted social cognition
Pfannová, Adéla ; Baštecká, Bohumila (advisor) ; Komárková, Martina (referee) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
of Diploma Thesis Social Cognition with horse's assistance Adela Pfannova 2017 Social Cognition is an area of psychology, which evaluates how people perceive others, relations and events in their social environment. Improving skills in this area is beneficial for different parts of life of a person and for the whole society. Consequences can be the development of prosocial behaviour, collaboration, and decrease in aggressive behaviour and in perceiving people through stereotypes. These skills can be improved with Equine Assisted Activities, which I further write about in this Thesis. With the inspiration of Natural horsemanship or Equitation Science, it is possible to try to understand horse's cognition, which differs a lot from human perspective. Horses are social animals, which are sensitive for signals from their environment and quick in responses to them. Because they are naturally living in herd hierarchy, they are trying to clear social positions with humans as well. That makes humans to realize their current place in hierarchy and to communicate it. Horse's influence on people is complex and it can affect all parts of their personality, which I describe as bio- psychosocial-spiritual. It is possible to use horse's positive effect for Treatment or Therapy.
Jewish Artists in the Weimar Republic. Painters at the Schools of Art in Berlin.
Pekárková, Eliška ; Pullmann, Michal (advisor) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with the forms of Jewish identity using the example of six visual artists at the Art Schools in Berlin during the Weimar Republic. The first chapter briefly describes the development of German Jewish history from the half of the 18th century until the Weimar Republic. The following two chapters focuse on the family background of the artists and on the position of female artists. The next chapter deals with the Art Schools, with their founding, organisation and their possible influence on the artists. The final part focuses on the reflection of Jewishness in the artists' artwork as well as on the particular works of art which are analysed and compared. The aim of this part is to describe the attitudes of the artists to the Jewishness in a broader social context. The primary sources consist of artists works of art, their literary works, memoirs and correspondence. Key words: Jews, Jewishness, the Weimar Republic, Art, Art Schools
The conception of religion in texts of Czech-jewish movement representatives
Junová, Magdalena ; Lyčka, Milan (advisor) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis deals with the conception of religion in texts written by the representatives of the Czech- jewish movement in the period of the first Czechoslovak republic. By analysing the literary, theoretical and journalistic texts I compose the image of religion that was received by the readers of Czech-jewish periodicals, calendars and books. This image is as manifold as the genres of the scrutinized texts are: There are contemplations on religion, nostalgic and humorous literary scenes from religious life and essays on pressing political and cultural aspects of religious question. The authors, excepting Rabbi Richard Feder, are laymen, who discuss religious question with regard to common sense and humanist ideals. Traditional Judaism belongs usually to the nostalgic memories. The main image of the ideal and universal religion, which emanates from the studied material, consists of the immediate and natural relationship of man to God and mainly of the unflagging humanity, understood as a religious value. Powered by TCPDF (
Comparative analysis kinesiological opposite sitting in hippotherapy in two breeds of horses
Čapková, Kateřina ; Kračmar, Bronislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Petr (referee)
Title: Influence of race of horse and speed of it's walk on timing of muscles in hippotherapy Purposes: The goal of study is to find out if race of horse and speed of it's walk approaches muscles timing in the reverse sitting position. We also pretend quadrupedal locomotion activation. That would substantiate hippotherapy with sitting-unable children. : Methods: Surface Electromyography, physiotherapeutic screening Results: Muscles timing was different with selected races as well as with different speed of walk. Quadrupedal locomotion was certified. Keywords: hiporehabilitation, hippotherpy, reverse sitting, quadrupedal locomotion, race of a horse, surface electromyography
Jewish Minority in Post-1968 Czechoslovakia
Geussová, Hana ; Pullmann, Michal (advisor) ; Čapková, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to reconstruct the living and position of the Jewish minority of Czechoslovakia in 1968-1989. The thesis focuses on outer display, i.e. achievements in cultural and religious life, inner organisation of the community, extent of participation of minority members in activities organized by Jewish bodies, and the related level of control over the community as well as individuals performed by the state authorities, and their intervention in community's inner matters. First part of the thesis specifies the monitored group and defines its structure and quantity. The description of the Jewish community's development from the end of war till 1968 follows. The main part of the thesis consists of the characteristics of relationships between the Jewish community and the state authorities and relationships existing within the Jewish community. It concentrates on the description of Jewish representatives bodies' role in relation to the Jewish minority as a whole and also on the description of activities performed by the Jewish community in the monitored period - the following parts focus on these in detail. The activities are those in cultural and social field as well as activities related to the Jewish religion. An individual chapter about Jewish youth groups is dedicated to working with young...

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