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Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment with a Focus on the USA
Skryjová, Kateřina ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of outward foreign direct investment of the People´s Republic of China with a focus on the United States of America. The initial chapter introduces the concept of foreign direct investment. The purpose of the second chapter is to analyse outward foreign direct investment of China in general. It also gives an overview of the China investment policy, main motives of Chinese investor's decision and specific features of Chinese FDI. Last chapter focuses on the analogous analysis of Chinese FDI in the United States. The work also assesses the investment attractiveness of the country and aims to describe its stance towards Chinese FDI.
Eurasijská ekonomická integrace a její důsledky pro podnikání v členských zemích
Volkov, Nikita ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
This Thesis contains the following information about the EAEU: - Historical reference - Description of national economies - Analysis of major industries in the member-states - Future economic impact on the member-states - Description of the EAEU functioning system - Existing problems for the year 2017 - Possible solutions on these problems - Description of future projects - Comparison with the other integrations - Bilateral agreements by the year 2017
Potenciální role dovozu LNG pro region střední Evropy
Procházka, Václav ; Čajka, Radek (advisor)
The goal of this master thesis is to analyse the potential of LNG for the Central European region with the emphasis on the strategic role of LNG imports in strengthening the energy security of the region and its possible role in replacing the traditional fuels in the transport sector of the Visegrad Group countries. The increasing availability of LNG, together with the predictions of its rapidly growing global supply in the following years, offers a window of opportunity for the Central European states. Particularly when it comes to their energy security, as the growing access to LNG supplies translates into a growing competition for the existing pipeline supplies from Russia. Furthermore, the thesis also focuses on the potential of LNG as an alternative fuel in the inland waterway and heavy duty road transportation of the Visegrad Group countries and the steps that these countries take to integrate LNG fuel in their transport sector.
The impact of the economic crisis on the economy of the Russian Federation
Mukhamediarova, Aniia ; Čajka, Radek (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
This thesis occupies with the analysis of the causes and consequences of the ongoing economic crisis in the Russian Federation. The thesis summarizes the historical aspects that preceded and led to the current economic situation. In the next section, the impacts have been evaluated in detail and have had fatal consequences both in terms of economic cooperation and political relations at international level. In the practical part, the thesis focuses on the comparison of the situation before and after the crisis in terms of several selected key areas of industry in the Russian economy in order to map the real impacts of the economic crisis. The last part summarizes the measures taken by the empowered state authorities to eliminate the undesirable effects of changes in the market situation.
Sanctions as an incentive for the development of domestic production in the Russian Federation
Shamaeva, Marina ; Čajka, Radek (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the impact of the economic sanctions imposed against Russia on the development of domestic production of the country. The aim of this work is to identify the causes and nature of sanctions against Russia and to determine their impact on the economy and production of Russia in particular sectors. The bachelor thesis consists of three chapters. The first chapter presents the assumptions and causes of the sanction against Russia. The second chapter describes the impact of the sanctions on the Russian's economy and on the countries that imposed the sanctions, and describes the success of the sectoral import substitution. The last chapter is practical and focuses on detecting the impact of sanctions and import substitution on Russian companies.
The impact of Ukrainian crisis on economic relations between Ukraine and Russian federation
Halaj, Alexandr ; Čajka, Radek (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to characterize Russia-Ukraine mutual relations and to evaluate the impact of Ukraine crisis on mutual trade between two historically and culturally close countries-Ukraine and Russian Federation. The work examines both Ukrainian and Russian evolution of the economy with emphasis on the foreign trade and also captures main changes which occurred in their foreign trade after Ukraine crisis in 2014. The work in chronological order describes course of events that happened during the Ukrainian crisis. The ending of bachelor thesis studies the impact of Ukrainian crisis on trade between Russia and Ukraine. In the end of thesis possible scenarios of future development of crisis are outlined.
Czech British relations in the shadow of Brexit
Borovan, Petr ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is economic description of Czech Republic and United Kingdom and estimation of their future development after UK leaves European Union. This thesis also describes the impact of Brexit on Czech British relationship. In the first part are described macroeconomical determinants of Czech Republic and United Kingdom, as well as their mutual trade. In the second part, the autor analyzes the established relations between these two countries and the last part of the thesis is dedicated to the Brexit itself and the estimate of potentional impact on Czech British relations.
The consequences of the economic sanctions for Russian Federation due to the annexation of Crimea
Vlčková, Kateřina ; Čajka, Radek (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
Since 2014 Russia has been tackling with the sanctions imposed by western countries. The sanctions were imposed due to the Russian invasion of Crimea. The economic sanctions are targeting specific sectors of its economy and are supposed to cause high costs for government and worsen the economical situation. This paper analyses the influence of the sanctions on Russian economy and summarizes the factors which caused current Russian crisis. As Russia is heavily dependent on oil exports, the drop of oil prices is a significant factor contributing to this situation.
The Analysis of Economic Relations between the USA and China with a Focus on Foreign Trade
Homolka, Jiří ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes economic relations between the USA and China. The aim of this thesis is to analyze economic relations between the USA and China with a focus on foreign trade. The thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter is an introduction to trade policy and its instruments, furthermore there is an introduction to the World Trade Organization. In the second chapter, the economies of the USA and China are introduced using the development of different macroeconomic indicators since the beginning of the millennium. The third chapter is about the roles of the USA and China in international trade and their commodity and territorial structures of foreign trade are compared. The fourth chapter is about economic relations between the USA and China. Trade related problems, channels of cooperation and the trade deficit that the USA has with China are described in this chapter. This is followed by information about the US presidential election in 2016 and the estimate of future developments in US-China trade relations.
Hedging of currency risk of manufacturing company
Fomina, Elena ; Čajka, Radek (advisor) ; Jurek, Martin (referee)
This thesis has an aim to create a hedging strategy for currency risks for exporting company. The main reason for hedging are possible losses that can be triggered by changes in exchange rate. In the case of exchange rate changes exporting company may face three different types of exposure: transaction, translation and economic exposure. This thesis concentrates on transaction exposure and builds a hedging strategy for exporting company AAA a.s. This firm is analyzed from qualitative side as well as from quantitative which is presented in the form of historical overview of the company and its position in international group. Based on this analysis as well as on theoretical findings, the hedging strategy for AAA a.s. was proposed. This strategy uses external and internal means of hedging.

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