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Evaluation of the Security Situation in Europe – November 2018
Čadová, Naděžda ; Krajňák, Tomáš
In November survey of the Public Opinion Research Center respondents were asked questions on the assessment of the security situation in Europe.
Analysis of the development of the opinions of the residents of 9 localities selected for the deep geological repository of radioactive waste from 2007 to 2018
Čadová, Naděžda ; Hanzlová, Radka ; Krajňák, Tomáš ; Čermák, Daniel
The final report is the result of the analysis Development of public opinion in the localities selected for the construction of deep geological repository of radioactive waste, which was prepared on the basis of the available results of the earlier research from 2007 to 2018.
Concerns and preparations for pension – November 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
In November, the Public Opinion Research Center of the Academy of Sciences interviewed citizens of the Czech Republic on topic of financial security in pension. Questions were focused not only on subjective concerns over lack of economic resources or trust in welfare state but also on actual preparations, namely investments and savings.
Citizens on the Pension System - November 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
In its November survey the Center for Public Opinion Research focused on some issues related to the pension system and pension reform. Within this thematic block respondents were presented three pairs of opposing statements expressing general attitudes to the different characteristics of the pension system. Respondents expressed their position through a five-point scale, where point 1 meant identification with the first of a pair of opposing statements and point 5, on the contrary, featured complete shift to the second statement. Individual claims were related to contradiction between principle of solidarity and merit in the pension system, whether financial security of retired people should be ensured by state or by the citizens themselves and whether the pension system in its current form is just or unjust.
Public Opinion on Reasons for Joining Political Parties - November 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
In November 2018 the CVVM regular survey focused on questions about opinions on reasons for joining political parties. Czechs should also evaluate, whether particular reasons are right or wrong when somebody wants to participate on public life.
Public Opinion on Abortion, Euthanasia and Death Penalty – May 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
In May 2018 within the regular survey the Public Opinion Research Centre focused on issues that could be perceived as morally controversial. Specifically, respondents answered questions concerned with the abortion, euthanasia and death penalty.
Political Culture of Public Officials and Politicians - April 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
In April survey the Public Opinion Research Center examined how the inhabitants of the Czech Republic assess the political culture of public officials and politicians: members of the governments, deputies, senators, representatives of regional and local self-governments and politicians from current parliamentary political parties.
Public Opinion on the Czech Republic’s Membership in the European Union – April 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
The press release presents some results of April 2018 survey, which focused on Czech public opinion on the EU membership. The topics presented here are the satisfaction with EU membership and evaluation of pros and cons of the EU membership. The report contains also comparison with previous surveys.
Citizens on Constitutional Competencies of a President - March 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
March survey made an inquiry into attitudes of citizens towards constitutional competencies of a president. Questions in the survey concerned the range of presidential competencies in general and also with regard to several particular competencies such as granting of amnesty or stopping a lawsuit, dismissing the Chamber of Deputies and refusing the law passed by the parliament.
Public Opinion on the Functioning of Democracy and Respect to Human Rights in the Czech Republic - February 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
Part of Public Opinion Research Centre survey in February were several questions concerning respondents' opinions on the functioning of democracy in the Czech Republic, the general attitudes towards democracy and respect for human rights in our country.

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