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The effectiveness of exercise on unstable surfaces for physiotherapy students at the University of South Bohemia
ČEJKOVÁ, Veronika
The topic of my thesis is ?Effectiveness of exercising on shaky planes with students of physiotherapy?. Shaky planes and exercising on them positively influences our organism, especially our deep stabilization system. The deep stabilization system is imporatnt for the right body posture. The deep stabilization system is formed by the muscle coordination of the diaphragm, muscles of the abdominal wall, basinal bottom and mm. multifidi. The muscles of the deep stabilization system influence the stabilization of the backbone. If there´s not the right muscle coordination, the backbones is unprotected. The dysfunction of the stabilization of the backbone causes pains of the musculosceletal system, after a longer time degenerative ilnesses emerge. To avoid these problems we have to strengthen the muscles of the deep stabilization system and for this we can use exercising on shaky planes. In me thesis the tested people are using the Bosu ball. The study has been made on the basis of a qualitative survey. The case study has been used. The examination of the tested people has been made on the basis of investigating the biggest possible amount of inforamation. An anamnesis of every tested person has been made and also an aspect and palpation examination has been made. Next a breath stereotype of every tested person has been made, walk and the deep stabilization system. The examination was made before the therapy, as an entry examination. After 4 weeks of exercising, a final examination was made. The final examination consists of the same tests as the entry examination. The final examinatiuon also contains an interview with every tested person, in which I was trying to find out how each tested person was feeling during the exercising and how the exercising influenced each tested person and wheather they want to continue exercising. Exercising lasted for 4 weeks and every tested person worked out 3 times a week. There were two groups of three tested people. The first group used the Bosu ball. All tested people did the same kinds of exercises. There were ten kinds of exercises for every week. When first trying each kind of exercise, the people were checked and I explained them how to do it correctly. Next week there were new kinds of exercises and the old ones were checked again. In the second group of tested people, every person chose their kind of exercise according their concerns. They tried pilates, swimming or going to the gym. After 4 week the results were checked and the effectiveness of the exercises on the deep stabilization system of the backbone. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the anatomy of the deep stabilization system, its examination, function. The therapy and aids that can be used for influencing the deep stabilization system are decribed in the theoretical part. Also the history and the development of the topic of human perceptual and motor skills in the Czech Republic and in other countries has been described. In the practical part the aimes of the thesis are described, the research tasks and the methods used. The most important part is the case interpretation of the tested people with the results of the research. In the attachment there are photographs of the tested people made at the time of the entry and final examinations. There is also a brochure containing a list of exercises which were used. From the results we got from every tested person, it is obvious that their deep stabilization system was positively influenced. The other tested people showed a total or partial pain elimination, but the deep stabilization system was not influenced except the case of pilates. The results of this thesis can be used by other physiotherapists for the need of instruction or for other research. There is also a brochure added containing a list of exercises, which can be used by physiotherapists exercising on the Bosu ball or by the public.
The problems of tourism-services offers for handicappted persons in South-Bohemian region
ČEJKOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of this thesis is the effort to improve the quality of tourism-services for handicappted persons in South-Bohemian region through the elimination of physical and mental barriers. Teoretical part of this thesis describes the situation of travelling of disabled persons in the world, special conditions of tavelling and leisure-times activities for handicappted persons. Analytical part contains potentiality of South-Bohemian region in tourism, explores tourism-services offers for disabled persons. The third part contains suggestions of help for handicappted persons to intercorate them into the tourism in South {--}Bohemian region.

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