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Královehradecký a Pardubický kraj z pohledu podpory turismu v rámci PRV
Čechová, Barbora
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of support of rural tourism from the Rural Development Programme in the Hradec Králové region and Pardubice region. The theoretical part of the thesis includes literary research and explains basic terminology on the fields of tourism industry and rural tourism industry. The next chapter gives an insight into the specifics of the analysed areas from the viewpoint of its potential for the development of the tourism industry, determined by the area´s local and implementational preconditions. The work includes an overview of the financial support for this type of tourism from European funds. The applied part of the bachelor thesis consists of the main analysis of all EU-supported projects from the priority axis III., field of support 1.3 Encouragement of tourism activities. The individual projects are sorted by the type of beneficiary, the project´s focus and therefore it was necessary to define the standards for the determination of relevant projects, which follow the ideas of the rural tourism. Total amount of registered applications for grants in the period 2007 up 2013 was 59, but only 39 projects were relevant and approved. The established criteria of rural tourism have been fulfilled by only 25 projects. 19 projects fulfilled these criteria only partially.
Identita krajiny a rozvoj venkova
Čechová, Barbora
The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the sustainable development of the country-side. It concentrates on current problems of agricultural landscape in the Czech republic and mentions the requirements of the European Landscape Convention. The work defines the values and problems in the territory of Sobůlky and on the out-skirts of Kyjov. It designs its development together with the support of preserved values and characteristic features of this landscape. Based on previous analyses, terrain research, regional plans and interviews with the resi-dents, the problems of the territory were outlined. Consequently, they were considered as to their importance and the essential ones were further dealt with in the design. The thesis presents ideas and measures to be taken for the improvement of the current state. The most important issues dealt with are: lower threat of soil loss caused by water erosion in vast areas of intensively exploited arable land, improving water regime, im-proving landscape accessibility and ensuring higher presence of landscape greenery. The outcome of the thesis is the design presenting changes and measures to be taken for the purpose of dealing with the current problems of the local landscape. At the same time it raises the ecological value of the territory and preserves its identity by appropria-te selection of landscape features.
Geneze a perspektivy agrárních brownfields
Čechová, Barbora
This work deals with the topic of agricultural brownfields, the reasons why they arose,the problems connected with their regeneration and possible ways of their new use. This problem is illustrated with the example of an agricultural brownfield - former farm Věteřov. The core of the proposed solution is presenting an elternative to the present-day plan of regeneration. It counts on the intended project of housing development, tries to relate the new construction to the current urbanistic structure of the village, integrating it to the surrounding countryside with the original use being partially included.
Russia's Pivot to Asia: prospects and limits
Čechová, Barbora ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
Russia's pivot to Asia has become one of the highly discussed topics among political and international relations theorists. However, diverse opinions exist on the timeframe of the pivot and on the level of favourable results of the new policies of Russia's turn to the East. Mostly, Russia is thought to be intensifying its relations with countries of the Asia-Pacific region, increasingly since the Western trade sanctions were applied on Russia after the 2014 Ukraine crisis. Academic discussion also revolves around Russia's opportunities and challenges in the region. Progressive cooperation, mainly with China, is suggested due to the growing importance of Asia and its countries: China's rapidly rising economy and military strength has made the country into a candidate for the most important world powers. On the other hand, development and modernisation of Siberia and Russia's Far East region would be necessary for efficient maintenance of any progressive relations with Asian countries. Russia would have to develop its infrastructure in the regions to enable connection and cooperation with China and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Among all potential partners in Asia, China is mostly indicated as the most probable and suitable economic and political partner for Russia in the region....
The logical breakthrough of logotherapy and existential analysis into social work with over-indebted clients
ČECHOVÁ, Barbora
This work deals with the topic how to help the over-indebted clients. The theoretical part describes the term over-indebtedness, its forms and the ways of help provided to the people with such problems. The closer interest is put on how these people can be helped by social work, which methods are suitable and relevant to this type of work and how these methods are defined in specialized literature and corresponding legislation. The practical part of this work focuses on the form of help to these people within a specific organization that provides social services and works for the over-indebted clients. Using some case studies the work describes some particular cases and methods of work which were applied. Concerning the methods of work with these clients, the thesis describes the elements of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis which are used by social workers while working with their clients. Further on, the thesis describes the social workers' attitudes, their experiences with their clients and points out some existential questions they deal with, especially from the perspective of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.
Political geography of monetary unions
Čechová, Barbora ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
The aim of this work is to introduce a coherent summary of monetary unions in the world and subsequently to present research of their current economic and political situations. In addition, the question of viability of present and potential monetary unions is also examined. The work also focuses on the geographical aspects of these problems. The comparative method and the method of conformity and difference were used for the research. In the research were found different magnitudes of proportions of various criteria between single members of the monetary unions. Selection of them was inspired by Mundell's A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas and by the methodology of Fragile States Index. Three economic and three political indicators were analysed and afterwards the monetary unions were evaluated as member states and whole monetary unions from a geographical perspective. We discovered from our research that between all of the selected African monetary unions, there exist relatively big differences in political criteria for single member states. Smaller differences were found between the member states of the fourth selected monetary union, that is, East Caribbean Currency Union. The differences were smaller in the economic domain. It was discovered on the basis of evaluation of the countries with the...
Political geography of monetary unions
Čechová, Barbora ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
In today's present world we can find five currency unions worldwide with many of the currency unions ending in the past, we can talk about few of them as about de facto currency unions, but primarily there are plans for the future with projects for establishment of new currency unions. These tendencies have recently displayed especially in Africa, where states strive to improve the situation of both the whole country and its inhabitants. It concerns not only political and economical questions, but also the social and geographical ones. And precisely these criteria can tell us more about the facts, whether there are real chances for the new currency unions to be functional in the future. The problem of viability of the currency unions is not just a problem of the future ones, but it equally concerns the present currency unions. Political, economical, social and also geographical criteria can provide a rough concept about the actual situation of individual member states in the thing of how big are the differences in the whole union and also about the possible situation in the future. Especially in Africa where we can see many social problems, a high percentage of the population live below the poverty line, their life conditions are dismal and for the situation is deteriorating that the threat of new...
System of centres for people in need in area of ČB and availability of these sorts of service in South Bohemia
ČECHOVÁ, Barbora
My diploma work is focused on help and services for people in need in the region of South Bohemia and České Budějovice. I describe welfare principles, as they are defined in literature and law, in theoretical part. In second part I enumerate all welfare centres in Czech Repuublik, and in all regions. I describe welfare planning and management in local parts of South Bohemia. In research I tried to summarize personal opinion of those who work for people in need. The goal was to find common points between management and planning and needs of affected organizations.

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