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Tool for Quick Flight Search
Muránsky, Matúš ; Lieskovan, Tomáš (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and development of a tool for easy search of flight connections for s.r.o. The aim of this work is to develop a tool that will allow operation in a limited Internet connection and will support user feedback. The first part of the thesis describes the analysis of suitable technologies and platforms for the resulting tool. The practical part deals with the issue of user experience and with the related user interface design. In this section, the basic functionality of the tool is described according to the use case analysis. Furthermore, the work describes in detail the implementation of the whole tool and in the end is devoted to testing the resulting tool.
Apache JMeter Plugin to Analyze of Data Network Parameters
Hrdý, Martin ; Člupek, Vlastimil (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor thesis discusses opportunites for utilization of the Apache JMeter testing tool to creating plug-in, which implements network parameters measuring. The goal of thesis is to design and implement a plug-in, which will handle data network transmission parameters measuring in accordance with appropriate recommendations. The first part describes the iPerf3 tool and the Apache JMeter testing tool. The next section deals with network transmission parameters recommendations. The practical part describes design, implementation and testing of created plug-in. Finally, the results of measurements are processed and clarified.
Identification of Ink Cartridges of Industrial Printer
Galád, Dominik ; Sysel, Petr (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the identification of ink cartridges by the industrial printer TSjet. There are described the basic methods of identification of ink cartridges that are commonly used today. There is also described 1-Wire® bus and USART interface. In the second part the thesis deals with suitable security algorithms for data security stored on the identification chip. The practical part describes the design of the system for identification of the ink cartridge. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the results of design testing in practice and the safety evaluation of the whole system.
Multimedia Player for Android
Benedikt, Jan ; Číka, Petr (referee) ; Grabovský, Štěpán (advisor)
This thesis aims to create an advanced multimedia player with support of an adaptive stream, securing of the multimedia content and support for playing advertisement. The first part explains the used technologies followed by an analysis of available solutions and the comparison between the two. The theoretical framework is then used to create a player library and a testing application. The player library is based on the framework of ExoPlayer application. Whole application is created in Java for the operation system Android OS.
Multimedia Player for iOS
Singh, Kevin ; Číka, Petr (referee) ; Grabovský, Štěpán (advisor)
Diploma work „Multimedia player for iOS“ deals with the description of the video formats such as HLS, MP4, MPEG Transport Stream, and Dash. Next, it continues with protected content DRM, VAST advertisements and analytics tool called Google Analytics. During compilation of this diploma work was created a framework in programming language Swift. This framework is basically a player, that besides playing Interactive videos is able to show ads, subtitles, can change the video quality, AirPlay and download the content for offline playing. A feature to play a protected content could not be done as a developer's request for a product deployment SDK Fairplay was refused from an SDK owner. A testing app was also created that implements developed a framework and prove the functionality of the developed functions.
Client Generator for Language Server Protocol
Jelínek, Dominik ; Burget, Radim (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
The Diploma thesis deals with the Microsoft Language Server Protocol. The theoretical part describes the architecture and protocol properties, the LSP implementation within the Eclipse and VS Code development environments and a procedure for creating a new plug-in in the Eclipse and VS Code. In addition, the theoretical part familiarizes with Apache Camel project and implementation of Camel Language server and Camel Language clients for extended language support. The last mention in the theory is about the Yeoman tool for scaffolding a new projects. The description of the practical part deals with properties and implementation of the created LSP clients generator for Language Server Protocol.
ICT Selection
Maloch, Norbert ; Číka, Petr (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on selecting suitable information systém for selected company. Thesis contains a theoretical basis and the analysis of the current state. Part of this thesis is the determination of the requirements for the new information systém, its subsequent selection and the design of the implemenatation.
Geographic Information System in the Field of Financial Services
Spurný, Jan ; Jeřábek, Jan (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the analysis and implementation of a Geographical Information System for Partners Financial Service a .s. (GeoFiP). The application will be a mainly used by management to make decisions and for creating reports. The thesis includes process of merging publicly available statistical data of various state institutions with internal company data. Based on the input data and options for displaying the map the basic concept of the application was created such as user interface, the logic of merging the data, displaying of a map background and integration of GeoFiP into the company’s internal system. Graphical interface is created by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS, while logic display is build up on PHP back-end using MySQL database. The result of this thesis is a functional user menu that fits into the Partners Financial Services a .s design and user experience rules, implementation of methods for displaying a map background, and a functional element of data display settings for a specific part of the company.
Educational software for the design of video surveillance systems
Vašková, Barbora ; Číka, Petr (referee) ; Burda, Karel (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is devoted to video surveillance system. The content of the theoretical part is description of components of the surveillance system and close analysis of optical part of the camera. The theoretical part is mainly focused on the functionality and characteristics of image capturing, whether theoretical or mathematical, without which the results, which are currently considered standard, would not be achieved. The practical part analyzes two simulators, which focus on the visual representation of camera sensing. Subsequently, the design of the training software, which is also focused on the optical part of the camera and its visual display, is created.
Automated Hydroponic System
Borsuk, Adam ; Kolařík, Martin (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to study the design and creation of an automatic hydroponic system for plant cultivation and to solve the creation of components of the system according to the basic conditions for plant growth and subsequently to test and verify their properties, to evaluate their functionality. The second goal is to create a communication interface for sending and storing data from the system while creating a transparent display of stored and up-to-date data. The third objective is to verify the functionality and stability of the selected microcontroller as a control unit.

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