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Does index arbitrage distort the market reaction to shocks?
Anatolyev, Stanislav ; Seleznev, S. ; Selezneva, Veronika
We show that ETF arbitrage distorts the market reaction to fundamental shocks. We confirm this hypothesis by creating a new measure of the intensity of arbitrage transactions at the individual stock level and using an event study analysis to estimate the market reaction to economic shocks. Our measure of the intensity of arbitrage is the probability of simultaneous trading of ETF shares with shares of underlying stocks estimated using high frequency data. Our approach is direct, and it accounts for statistical arbitrage, passive investment strategies, and netting of arbitrage positions over the day, which the existing measures cannot do. We conduct several empirical tests, including the use of a quasi-natural experiment, to confirm that our measure captures fluctuations in the intensity of arbitrage transactions. We focus on oil shocks because they contain a large idiosyncratic component which facilitates identification of our mechanism and interpretation of the results. Oil shocks are identified using weekly oil inventory announcements.\n
Souhrnná výzkumná zpráva Photomap - 2019
Hanuš, Jan ; Fabiánek, Tomáš ; Fajmon, Lukáš
The airborne hyperspectral campaign Photomap is focused on the acquisition of data for the study of long-term environmental damage.
Implementation of new optical thin film protection element
Hubička, Zdeněk ; Čada, Martin ; Olejníček, Jiří ; Kšírová, Petra ; Tvarog, Drahoslav ; Houha, R. ; Matulová, L.
A new optical protection element was developed with a semiconductor thin film with defined electrical and optical properties.\n
Survey of mortars of the Romanesque chapel in the tower of Landštejn Castle
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Kozlovcev, Petr ; Frankeová, Dita ; Svoboda, Milan ; Ševčík, Radek ; Kotková, Kristýna
Four samples of floor mortars and two samples of plasters were analysed as a part of the survey in the Romanesque chapel located in the tower at Landštejn Castle. The aim was to characterize used raw materials, determine their ratio, characterize the porosity of mortars and compare mortars sorted to different phases of construction.
SMV-2019-22: KeyDesign_laser svar
Mrňa, Libor
Verification of welding of aluminum packaging, possibilities of overlap welding of Cu and Al foils.
SMV-2019-24: SOTe_bellows
Mrňa, Libor
Design of laser welding technology of special bellows, sample realization.
SMV-2019-20: VVÚ_laser_balist
Mrňa, Libor
Research of dividing ballistic laminates (aramid, carbon, Dyneema and others) by laser and abrasive water jet.

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