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Hydrologie malého povodí 2017
Brych, Karel ; Tesař, Miroslav
CD představuje pné texty vědeckých článků. Články byly připraveny jako příspěvky pro konferenci s mezinárodní účastí "Hydrologie malého povodí 2017", která se konala 18. až 20.4.2017 v Praze. Konferenci pořádaly: Ústav pro hydrodynamiku AVČR, Praha; Ústav hydrológie SAV, Bratislava; Česká vědeckotechnická vodohospodářská společnost, Praha; Český hydrometeorologický ústav, Praha; Český národní výbor pro hydrologii. Knihu vydal Ústav pro hydrodynamiku AV ČR, v. v. i., v Praze roku 2017.
Parametric Optimization and Related Topics XI
Červinka, Michal ; Kratochvíl, Václav
Parametric Optimization and Related Topics XI was a conference dedicate to Jiří Outrata on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The programme for 86 participants from 21 countries was composed of five invited and 77 contributed talks, held in 22 sessions.
Water Jet 2017 - Research, Development, Applications. Proceedings of the Conference on Water Jetting Technology
Klichová, Dagmar ; Sitek, Libor
Conference Water Jet 2017 – Research, Development, Applications coincides\nwith major changes in key technologies and economy which recently started to\nincrease pace.\nUpcoming electric mobility will strongly influence production technology in\nthe automotive industry leading probably to declining content of water jetting\nprocesses.\nThe continuing trend for automation will have an extreme impact on water jet\nbusiness. Merging robotic and data control systems with smart water jet tools will\nbe a demanding future task.\nThe need for energy saving remains unchanged and directs scientific focus on\nhigh efficient jetting, cutting and cleaning processes as well as tools. This is\nthe only way to gain substantial savings as efficiency of state of the art pump\nsystems is already on a very high level.\nTraditional technologies are moving towards marine applications. Subsea\nexploration becomes more and more important for basic raw material supply. Both\nmaintenance and decommissioning of vessels and offshore structures is already\na growing domain for special water jetting applications. Aquafarming substantially\ncontributes to supply a constantly growing human population with sea food\nwhereat water jet cleaning helps to keep high quality farming standards.\nAll these changes are linked up with associated HSE requirements. High\nefficiency, safe, ergonomic and reliable equipment as well as water treatment are\nkey factors for future developments.\nA strong scientific and engineering effort is required to meet these current and\nfollowing challenges. Water Jet 2017 Conference is organized by the Department of\nMaterial Disintegration of the Institute of Geonics.
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Book of Abstracts and Programme
Beneš, Hynek
The book of abstracts and program of the 8th Workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry contain contributions in thematically focused scientific sessions covering all frontiers topics in (i) Green Polymer Chemistry: green materials composed of renewable resources, biodegradable materials, low environmental impact routes such as microwave assisted polymerizations, green solvents comprising ionic liquids, polymer waste valorization, etc., and in (ii) Polymer Nanotechnologies: nanomaterials with bio-based and functional nanofillers, nanostructured networks, polymer nanoparticles for sustainable technologies, etc.
Book of abstract of XXIIIrd Symposium of immunology and biology of reproduction
Kubátová, Alena
This Symposium was mainly focused on diabetes melllitus type 1 (mouse and human model), gene expression during spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis,\nrole of tetraspanins family and other proteins in sperm-egg interaction, role of estrogen receptors (sperm cells) and bisphenol S (oocytes).
Looking for Leisure. Court Residences and their Satellites, 1400-1700
Dobalová, Sylva ; Muchka, Ivan
This volume focuses on the leisure buildings – often called casino, palazotto or Lusthaus – which formed an integral part of princely residential complexes in Europe in the period 1400–1700. The aim of this collection is to study these satellite buildings as counterparts to the main palaces. The relatively small size of these structures belies their importance. They took on representative roles and developed certain ideological programmes that would have been difficult to achieve in the larger residential buildings. Many of these buildings were meant only for seasonal use. Their primary role was as a place of rest, leisure and repose. This relaxation could either take a contemplative form or could include such vigorous activities as hunting, sports and various court festivities. The case studies presented here illustrate the shared principles of these recreational buildings and investigate how their architects and patrons attempted to realize a ‘paradise on earth’ and managed to bring the human world into harmony with the natural world. Discussing examples from all over Europe – from Central Europe via Italy and France to Denmark and Scotland – the papers in this volume address four different aspects of ´palazotto culture´: the terminology that was used to identify these small palaces, which reflects the wide variety of needs they fulfilled; the functions and typologies of these buildings; their artistic decorations; and their gardens and natural surroundings.
Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2017
Šimurda, David ; Bodnár, T.
The aim of the conference is to publish and to discuss the latest results of research in fluid mechanics.

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