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Book of Abstracts and Programme. Polymers and Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics: Science for Applications. Prague Meeting on Macromolecules /81./
Pfleger, Jiří ; Cimrová, Věra
The book of abstracts contains the summary of 8 plenary and 24 invited lectures, accompanied by 38 oral contributions and 88 posters presented at the conference. The main areas covered were the design, synthesis, processing and characterization of novel functional organic materials and polymers, electrical, photoelectrical, optical and nonlinear optical phenomena, organic and hybrid electronic and photonic devices, and advanced materials and composites for biosensors, bioelectronics, and biophotonics. Particular session was dedicated to applications in flexible and wearable organic electronics and smart packaging. Due to big expectations in the application field of large area printed electronics, wearable devices, printed RFIDs, displays, solar cells and sensors there is a growing demand to prepare polymers with better defined morphology and chemical and structural stability. Hence, improvement in the molecular design and new synthetic and processing routes is strongly required. A special emphasis was given to attract the scientists from the application field of printed electronics to provide a necessary feedback for further development of new materials with desired properties.
Career in Polymers IX, Book of Abstracts
Studenovská, Hana
The book of abstracts contains the summaries of all the contributions to the workshop Career in Polymers IX. organized in Prague, 28-29 June, 2017 by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR, v. v. i. under the auspices of Central and East European Polymer Network and UNESCO/IUPAC course in Polymer Science.
Sborník příspěvků multioborové konference LASER57
Růžička, Bohdan
Konference LASER57 je mezioborová a intersektorová akce, na které se mohou potkat profesionálové z různých oborů. Společným jmenovatelem jsou lasery, optika a jejich aplikace. Účastníci pocházejí z různých prostředí (soukromé společnosti, vysoké školy, veřejné výzkumné organizace atd.).
Sacri canones editandi. Studies on Medieval Canon Law in Memory of Jiří Kejř
Krafl, Pavel
Eleven reseachers from eight countries (Argentina, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the USA) have provided contributions on medieval canon law.
Antonio Caldara in his time
Jonášová, Milada ; Volek, T.
Conference contributions to the life and work of the composer Antonio Caldara
Hydrologie malého povodí 2017
Brych, Karel ; Tesař, Miroslav
CD představuje pné texty vědeckých článků. Články byly připraveny jako příspěvky pro konferenci s mezinárodní účastí “Hydrologie malého povodí 2017”, která se konala 18. až 20.4.2017 v Praze. Konferenci pořádaly: Ústav pro hydrodynamiku AVČR, Ústav hydrológie SAV, Česká vědeckotechnická vodohospodářská společnost, Český hydrometeorologický ústav, Český národní výbor pro hydrologii. Knihu vydal Ústav pro hydrodynamiku AV ČR, v. v. i., v Praze roku 2017.
Parametric Optimization and Related Topics XI
Červinka, Michal ; Kratochvíl, Václav
Parametric Optimization and Related Topics XI was a conference dedicate to Jiří Outrata on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The programme for 86 participants from 21 countries was composed of five invited and 77 contributed talks, held in 22 sessions.
Water Jet 2017 - Research, Development, Applications. Proceedings of the Conference on Water Jetting Technology
Klichová, Dagmar ; Sitek, Libor
Conference Water Jet 2017 – Research, Development, Applications coincides\nwith major changes in key technologies and economy which recently started to\nincrease pace.\nUpcoming electric mobility will strongly influence production technology in\nthe automotive industry leading probably to declining content of water jetting\nprocesses.\nThe continuing trend for automation will have an extreme impact on water jet\nbusiness. Merging robotic and data control systems with smart water jet tools will\nbe a demanding future task.\nThe need for energy saving remains unchanged and directs scientific focus on\nhigh efficient jetting, cutting and cleaning processes as well as tools. This is\nthe only way to gain substantial savings as efficiency of state of the art pump\nsystems is already on a very high level.\nTraditional technologies are moving towards marine applications. Subsea\nexploration becomes more and more important for basic raw material supply. Both\nmaintenance and decommissioning of vessels and offshore structures is already\na growing domain for special water jetting applications. Aquafarming substantially\ncontributes to supply a constantly growing human population with sea food\nwhereat water jet cleaning helps to keep high quality farming standards.\nAll these changes are linked up with associated HSE requirements. High\nefficiency, safe, ergonomic and reliable equipment as well as water treatment are\nkey factors for future developments.\nA strong scientific and engineering effort is required to meet these current and\nfollowing challenges. Water Jet 2017 Conference is organized by the Department of\nMaterial Disintegration of the Institute of Geonics.
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