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Sborník příspěvků multioborové konference LASER58
Růžička, Bohdan
Konference LASER58 je mezioborová a intersektorová akce, na které se mohou potkat profesionálové z různých oborů. Společným jmenovatelem jsou lasery, optika a jejich aplikace. Účastníci pocházejí z různých prostředí (soukromé společnosti, vysoké školy, veřejné výzkumné organizace atd.).
CECE 2018. 15th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis
Foret, František ; Křenková, Jana ; Drobníková, Iveta ; Klepárník, Karel ; Přikryl, Jan
This year the meeting included full texts of 25 oral and 61 poster presentations. The attached conference proceedings, edited by highly cited scientists, documents the quality of the meeting. Similarly to the previous years the lectures were given by outstanding, highly cited, scientists. The list of speakers as well as more detailed information about the conference can be found on its permanent web at
The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids
Kolman, Radek ; Berezovski, A. ; Kruisová, Alena
The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids aims to bring together scientists and engineers with interest in advanced modelling of wave propagation in solids. The Conference on Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids will concentrate on topics related to analytical, numerical and experimental studies of linear and non-linear waves in conventional, advanced and modern materials like metamaterials and auxetic materials, to strongly dispersive wave propagation in inhomogeneous solids and to waves in materials with microstructure, etc. Attention will also be devoted to up-to-date formulations of non-linear constitutive equations in the description of material response under thermomechanical loading, dynamic fracture and damage, phase transformations, shock waves, and to dissipative effects. The recent advances and properties of analytical and numerical approaches and strategies should also be discussed. The main purpose of the Conference on Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids is to discuss novel and recent methods of wave propagation modelling and to consider expected credibility of results especially in cases when comparison with those of experiment is not available. Theoretical, computational as well as experimental contributions on the wave propagation are welcome.
XXIII Czech-Polish seminar: Structural and ferroelectric phase transitions
Hlinka, Jiří ; Pokorný, Jan ; Bubnov, Alexej
This is the Book of Abstracts for the XXIII Czech-Polish Seminar (CPSEM-2018 conference) held in Kouty on May 21 - 25, 2018. The special objective of the conference is expressed in the conference subtitle: Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions. The continuous worldwide interest to this conference series is proving that it has a respected position within the series of International/European conferences covering all interdisciplinary field of the research related to structural and ferroelectric phase transitions. At the CPSEM-2018 conference more than 110 participants from 14 countries all over the world presented 16 invited lectures and selected 36 oral contributions. About 60 posters were presented during two poster sessions.
Applications of Mathematics. Special Issue - SNA ´17
Rozložník, Miroslav ; Sysala, Stanislav
This isssue of Applications of Mathematics is devoted to the Seminar on Numerical Analysis 2017 (SNA’17) held in New Aula of the VŠB—Technical University of Ostrava, January 30–February 3, 2017, and organized by the Institute of Geonics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in collaboration with IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre. The history of Seminar on Numerical Analysis (SNA) goes back to 2003. In 2005–2015, SNA was organized annually by the Institute of Geonics and Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University, and VŠB—Technical University\nof Ostrava. Since 2016, Seminar on Numerical Analysis is organized alternatively on a biannual basis with the EMS School in Applied Mathematics (ESSAM). The scope of the seminar ranges from mathematical modeling and simulation of challenging engineering problems, to methods of numerical mathematics, numerical linear algebra, and high performance computing. An important part of SNA has\nbeen devoted to its Winter School with several longer lectures or tutorials focused on selected topics within the scope of the meeting. This year part of the Winter School was also the course Parallel Linear Algebra organized within the French PRACE Advanced Training Centre Maison de la Simulation. SNA’17 was attended by 77 participants, who presented six invited Winter School lectures, 24 short communications, and several posters.
European Countryside and its Perception. Book of Abstracts
Zapletalová, Jana ; Vaishar, A. ; Šťastná, M.
Rural area was traditionally connected with agriculture. To compare with urban, rural areas were considered to be backwarded, retarded, not worthy of an intensive research. But the situation has changed during the last years. Although cities are still centres of development within the globalization process, people in Europe abandon them as a result of the trends of suburbanization, counter-urbanization, naturbanization. We intend to pay our attention on transformation trends of the European countryside where focusing on more processes occurring there as: transformation from productive to non-productive function,from central planned to the market oriented countryside, from the mono-functional to the multifunctional one, from the national to European and globalized scale. Such a transformation generates many impacts on natural, economic and social processes occurring \nin present European countryside. Their combination creates a set of different countryside types.
Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings
Kytýř, Daniel ; Major, Z. ; Doktor, Tomáš
The 16th symposium continues both the long tradition of this conference series and introduces novel elements. The YSESM 2018 symposium provides a forum for young researchers and engineers, students and PhD students dealing with subjects of experimental mechanics. In addition, the combination of the experimental mechanics with modern numerical methods will be a new focus of this 16th Symposium.
X. Česko-Slovenská konference POLYMERY 2018. Sborník abstraktů
Chytil, Petr
The book of abstracts contains summaries of all contributions to the 10th Czech-Slovak Conference POLYMERS 2018, organized by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the CAS in Třešť, October 2-5, 2018. There were 31 lectures and 19 posters presented at the conference.

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