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Bioimpedance spectroscopy analysis of body composition during pregnancy.
Nosková, Andrea ; Hronek, Miloslav (advisor) ; Kovařík, Miroslav (referee)
Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) is a non-invasive and rapid method of determining the amount of body fluids and their distribution within the extracellular and intracellular space based on tissue resistance. The device is able to estimate the mass of fat and muscle tissue due to different amounts of water. The aim of the thesis was to determine the structure of human body in different phases of pregnancy by means of bioimpedance spectroscopy. There are not many research institutes in the Czech Republic dealing with the development of metabolic and physical changes during pregnancy. Seven pregnant women were involved in the clinical observational study. They had physiological pregnancy, good metabolic health, non-smokers and non-drinkers. Except one woman, they were all primiparous. These pregnant women were examined a total of three times by the Body composition monitor (BCM). The measured values showed increase of weight in all examined cases by roughly about 13,3 kg (median). Ratios lean mass tissue/height 2 ratios (LTI) and fat/height 2 ratios (FTI) has reached their maximum at the end of the third trimester. The amount of total fluid (TBM), intracellular fluid (ICW) and extracellular fluid (ECW) increased gradually. The highest peak of all fluids was reached in the third trimester and with...
Czech films based on well-known criminal cases: from reality, newspaper news to feature film and film reviews. Murder in Polná - Case of Leopold Hilsner
Jourová, Markéta ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
The thesis, called Czech films based on well-known criminal cases: from reality, newspaper news to feature film and film reviews. Murder in Polná - Case of Leopold Hilsner, deals with a criminal case which took place at the break of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. A young girl, Anežka Hrůzová, was murdered in the Březina woods outside the town of Polná. At a time when anti-Semitic sentiments dominated the society, a Polná resident and a Jew, Leopold Hilsner, was accused as the perpetrator of the crime. He was later convicted of this crime, and another one of a similar nature, even though there was no relevant evidence or testimonies. The period news outlets played a significant role in spreading the anti-Semitic tendencies. This thesis describes the course of this real-life case and focuses on the methods the media used to inform about it. Director Viktor Polesný made a film on the issue, Zločin v Polné (Murder in Polná), which is analysed in the thesis, along with the reviews written about this film, including the reception by viewers. The thesis compares the actual case with its film adaptation, and the responses of the media, which accompanied both the event itself and the film. Included in this work are also the historical context and the sources of the anti-Semitism of the...
Analysis of the Game Progress - Standard Situations
Rachnev, Filip ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Křiček, Jan (referee)
Title: Analysis of game action -standard situacions. Work objectives: Analysis a success of evasive tactics of comer kicks during a standard situacions and following action to counterattack. Object on performers Europe championship 2004 in Portugal. Frequency record of successfull or failure evasive tactics of comer kicks, during given performances comer kick. Metodology: Research was peďormed by technique of indirect tracing from videorecords, which showed Czech television from Europe championship 2004. For research we used kvalitative analysis. On the base of kvalitative analysis we created sampling distribution evalueted by descriptive statistic. Kvalitative analysis is focused to evasive tactic. Sampling distribution show exact defence action during specific despersions of comer kicks. Descriptive statistic is intend to frequency of succes or failure evasive tactic during given kind of dispersion of comer kick. Results: Showing the frequency either successfull or failure an evasive tactic of corner kicks. Keywords: Soccer, Comer kick, Defense action, Standard situacions Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)
Mezocyklu effect fundamental changes to the game condition with the progressive nature of the load for youth football players
Bujnovský, David ; Zahálka, František (advisor) ; Votík, Jaromír (referee) ; Zháněl, Jiří (referee)
EFFECT OF THE BASIC MEZOCYKLE TO CHANGE THE GAME CONDITION WITH THE PROGRESSIVE LOAD FOR YOUTH FOOTBALL PLAYERS The aim of this work was to find out whether the use of specific fitness acquisition models (Verheijen, Owen) is more effective as the use of a non-specific model (control group) in elite youth U17 soccer players and whether a player can be equally conditioned in a 4-week period cycle (Owen) compared to a 6-week cycle (Verheijen) or a conventional (non-specific) mesocycle. Methods: The sample consisted of 3 groups of 16 players (n = 48; Age = 16,02±0,78; Height = 178,6±9,8; Weight = 69±10,6; ECM/BCM = 0,8±0,13; FFM = 61,4±9,8). 39 players have completed the whole research and were divided into groups EXP1, EXP2 and KON. The EXP1 group underwent a Verheijen (2000) training program, where large interval games (LSG) also appeared. The sond EXP2 group underwent an intervention program according to Owen et. al. (2012). The third group underwent a training mesocycle with a classic model that was a combination of general and non-specific fitness training. This model consisted mainly of runs (non-specific preparation) and large forms of games at the end of practice. This third group functioned as a control group. Laboratory testing always took place in the Human Movement Laboratory (LSM) of the...
The role of public prosecutor in the preparatory criminal proceedings
Ralevská, Veronika ; Vokoun, Rudolf (advisor) ; Zeman, Pavel (referee)
This thesis focuses on the role of the public prosecutor in the pre-trial criminal proceedings. This issue is very topical, not only because of the long-planned recodification of the criminal justice process, including the Law on the Public Prosecutor's Office, but also due to the increasing media's attention, to the public prosecution aktivity. The work is structured into six consecutive chapters with a logical structure. The introductory part is focused on the development of public prosecution, specifically from the First Worlds War to the Velvet Revolution. The following chapter deals with the basic characteristics of the prosecutor's office, including problematic regulation in the Constitution within the definition of separation of powers in the state. Furthermore, the issues of competence and the system of the prosecutor's office are discussed along with, related definition of the institute of supervision and the authorization of the Supreme Public Prosecutor. The end of the chapter is devoted to the independence of prosecutors and comparison with the function of a judge. Readers will not be denied a chapter dealing with general pre-trial criminal proceedings in general, more specifically the principles that used the most at this stage of the criminal proceedings, as well as the individual...
Criminal Aspects of Involvement of Person in Foreign Armed Enities
Klímová, Petra ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
This rigorous thesis investigates in the context of criminal law the matter of involvement of individuals in foreign armed entities without any particular relationship of the subject individual to the territory in which the armed conflict takes place. With respect to the current security situation, this thesis in its 7 chapters focuses on the phenomenon of "foreign fighters" and foreign terrorist fighters. Both of these terms are defined in the introduction one to another and in relationship with other types of possible involvement of individuals in the context of this theses. These individuals impose significant risk to both the countries of their origin, where they return after the conflicts end, and to the country of the armed conflict, where they contribute to the escalation and prolongation. Due to increasing number of individuals in question is this a point of interest in both international and regional (european) community, which lead to enactment of several legal documents in the domain of criminal law, which are being rigorously investigated in this paper. Increased attention to this domain is being reflected on the national level as well, both the novelised legislation already in effect and changes which are currently being discussed as a de lege ferenda. This thesis deals with those...
Socio-geographical regionalization of Benesov district in 2001-2011 and the impact of work attractiveness of Prague on its changes
Pešek, Ondřej
Commuting became an inseparable part of everyday life of contemporary society and an analysis of commuting flows has a fundamental meaning for capturing social- geographical organization of society. The main object of this thesis is to identify changes in geographical aspects of commuting to work and school in the Benešov district during the period 2001-2011. The second object is to evaluate the impact of macroregional centre of Prague on the commuting in Benešov district. The district is, taking into consideration the nearness and a good traffic connesction to Prague, appropriate example for assessing the impact of macroregional centre on neighbouring micro-regions. This impact is followed by an analysis of commuting flows and also by a questionnare survey. The purpose of the questionnare survey is to capture how people feel about commuting to work and labour market in Prague. Keywords: commuting, socio-geographical regionalization, macro-region, micro- region, functional region, Benesov, Prague, Vlasim, Votice.
Anticonflict teams of police in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries focusing on large security measures
Koryčanský, Martin ; Ludvík, Jan (advisor) ; Krulík, Oldřich (referee)
Police anti-conflict teams in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries have become an integral and important part of security measures involving large numbers of persons. Based on the statistical data resulting from their deployment, I evaluate their contribution, character and use in the course of various types of security measures from their establishment until 2019 within the internal security of the Czech Republic and maintaining the public order. I describe the current educational system of members of anti-conflict police teams, possibilities and limits of their use and possible deficiencies in this work. Last but not least, I focus on the comparison of the Czech anti conflict police team with foreign countries, not only within the European Union, but also in the Balkan countries and Ukraine. I also focus on leading and functioning of anti-conflict police teams in some Police Regional Directorates, the way of their management and coordination both during security measures and from the methodological point of view. I mention the ambitious Project Norway 3, which will bring the material equipment of team members corresponding to the 21st century. I do not forget as well the probe into the psychology of the crowd and the work of a member of the anti-conflict police team including selected...
The Attitudes of the Czech Republic's Presidents towards the European Integration
Simon, Filip ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Knutelská, Viera (referee)
The main aim of this rigorosum thesis is to interpret the development of attitudes of three Czech presidents to the process of European integration in a broader international context. The thesis answers the question of which topics they dealt with in relation to European unification, how their attitudes differed and whether those attitudes had been changing over time. Within the framework of theoretical anchoring, the thesis inclines to the perspective of social constructivism and from an epistemological point of view, it is based on an interpretative qualitative research based on the method of critical discourse analysis. Departing from the studied texts, the thesis concludes that Europe of Václav Havel was not an economic or geographical concept, but exclusively a philosophical concept, as he perceived Europe primarily as a spiritual unit. Havel was also a supporter of the federalized European Union, in which the Czech Republic would increase its international political influence. Václav Klaus had a significantly different opinion which defended the intergovernmental model of governance and he considered the merging of Europe with the European Union at the European level a methodological mistake. Maintaining the concept of national states was a necessary condition for maintaining the regime of...
Nanofiber drug carriers 1
Vodičková, Jana ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Šnejdrová, Eva (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Name: Jana Vodičková Title of diploma thesis: Nanofiber drug carriers 1 Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Pavel Doležal, CSc In the theoretical part is mentioned structurally hierarchical division of nanomaterials, characteristics of nonwoven nanotextiles and technology of Nanospider® for production of nonwoven nanofiber mats by electrospining method. A brief description of properties and use of polyurethane including nanofibers is described and contact angle measurement is characterized. The experiment deals with measurement of wettability of composite chitosan-polyurethane nanomembrane. It shows difficult water wettability and low capillarity of tested nanofibrous products. The next part is devoted to measuring the release properties of nanofibrous composite membranes in terms of caffeine release as a model drug. The last part deals with the dissolution of folic acid from non-crosslinked and cross-linked PVA nanofiber membranes. All membranes were provided by Elmarco s.r.o. Liberec in order to measure the liberation profiles of drugs in the screening of pilot plant parameters of electrospining for nanofibering by combinations of different polymers and drugs Key words: Nanospider®, electrospining, polyurethane,...

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