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Compressibility evaluation of liquisolid powders containing varying amount of coating material
Nemcová, Lucia ; Vraníková, Barbora (advisor) ; Svačinová, Petra (referee)
8 Abstract Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of: Pharmaceutical Technology Candidate: Lucia Nemcová Supervisor: PharmDr. Barbora Vraníková, Ph.D. Title of Diploma Thesis: Compressibility evaluation of liquisolid powders containing varying amount of coating material The preparation of liquisolid systems consists of sorption of the drug in a liquid form into a porous material to form a dry powder with good flow properties. This final formulation has the premise to achieve an increased bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. This diploma thesis focuses on the evaluation of the flow and viscoelastic properties of liquisolid powders and the quality parameters of the resulting tablets. The liquisolid systems were prepared by using Neusilin® US2 as a carrier, polyethylene glycol 400 as a solvent and varying amount of two different types of coating material (Aerosil® 200 and Aeroperl® 300 Pharma). The obtained results revealed that the liquisolid powders with Aeroperl® 300 Pharma implies better flow properties and lower values of compression energy. However, tablets containing Aerosil® 200 showed higher mechanical resistance. The optimal ratio of carrier and coating material (R) for Neusilin® US2, polyethylene glycol 400 and Aerosil® 200 seems to be the value 40, while for...
Biodegradable solid dispersion for application to mucous membranes
Janáková, Gabriela ; Šnejdrová, Eva (advisor) ; Dittrich, Milan (referee)
1. ABSTRAKT CHARLES UNIVERSITY Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Name of the student: Mgr. Gabriela Janáková Title of diploma thesis: Biodegradable solid dispersion for application to mucous membranes Consultant: PharmDr. Eva Šnejdrová, Ph.D. The aim of this work was to formulate solid dispersions for application to the mucosa and the skin in the form of a thin film and to study their dissolution properties. Solid dispersions were comprised of biodegradable copolymers of lactic acid and glycolic branched using 3% (3P) or 5% (5P) of pentaerythriol. They were prepared by a melting method with the addition of ethyl salicylate (ES) as a prodrug and plasticizer and optionally incorporating salicylic acid. As a dissolution medium phosphate buffer pH 7.4 was used. The theoretical part focuses on biodegradable polymers and solid dispersions. A faster course of salicylate release was observed in case of the polyester with higher molecular weight, higher branching ratio, and higher glass transition temperature. Higher content of ethyl salicylate slowed down salicylate release. After the incorporation of 5% salicylic acid into the polyester plasticized by ethyl salicylate, there was no expected elongation of salicylate release. The solid dispersion based on polyester...
Development of new syntheses of condensed aromatic compounds
Kaiser, Reinhard Peter
This work is divided into two parts that are focused on the synthesis and assessment of photophysical properties of two structurally related compounds: (i) 9,9'-spirobifluorenes (SBFs) and (ii) dispiroindeno[2,1-c]fluorenes (DS-IFs). (i) In the first part, a five-step synthetic approach to SBFs was developed and as the crucial step was used an intermolecular [2+2+2] cyclotrimerization of symmetrically or unsymmetrically substituted diynols with alkynes catalyzed by Rh-complexes. Catalyst screening showed that Wilkinson's catalyst (RhCl(PPh3)3) had the highest efficiency in yielding 1,2,3,4-substituted fluorenols - the key intermediates. The fluorenols were then converted into SBFs bearing various electron-donating and -withdrawing groups, aromatic substituents, and -extended aromatic hydrocarbon moieties (PAHs). Altogether 19 different SBFs were prepared and their photophysical properties screened. The fluorescent emission maxima em were in the range of 315-389 nm with excellent quantum yields s (up to 1.00). As far as the substituent effect is concerned the presence of electron-withdrawing substituents on the SBF scaffold results in the red-shift of the emission maxima. (ii) In the second part, a similar synthetic strategy was applied for synthesis DS-IFs. In this instance was utilized again the...
Modification of parameters of nanoparticles prepared from aliphatic hydroxyacids polyesters.
Křivková, Marie ; Dittrich, Milan (advisor) ; Šnejdrová, Eva (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Consultant: doc. RNDr. Milan Dittrich, CSc. Student: Marie Křivková Title of Thesis: Modification of parameters of nanoparticles prepared from aliphatic hydroxyacids polyesters Polyesters of aliphatic α-hydroxyacids are mentioned in the theoretical part. A significant part of it is mostly devoted to the polyester PLGA. Physicochemical properties, the process of biodegradation and biodistribution are described there. Subsequently, some examples of PLGA utilization in pharmacy and medicine are mentioned. The theoretical part deals also with the method of diffusion used for nanoparticles preparation, which was used in the experimental part, and the principles of size and surface charge measurements of these nanoparticles. The crucial part of this master thesis is based upon an experiment. It is focused on various approaches to the formulation of nanoparticles out of aliphatic polyester carriers with variable molecular constitution. Polymer PLGA with linear molecule and polymers containing PLGA branched on tripentaerythritol and polyacrylic acid were used. Using the diffusion method, nanoparticles were prepared out of these carriers. The outer water-based phase was modified by use of cetrimide of different...
The consent to the processing of personal data in the light of the General data protection regulation
Havlíčková, Klára ; Scheu, Harald Christian (advisor) ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee)
The work presented considers the data protection law formerly degulated via Directive 95/46/EC and presently regulated by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR was introduced as a response to the development of new technologies, such as growth of social networks and cloud storages, which did not exist when Directive 95/46/EC was enacted. Furthermore, GDPR is a reaction to the variery of data protection acts across the EU member states. Its aim is to consitently guarantee a high level of personal data protection across entire EU. The introductory part of the thesis is devoted to the terminology, history of personal data protection and shortcomings of the repealed directive. In particular, the territorial scope is identified as problematic. In adition, author i this part made an analyse of selected rulings of CJEU, which indicated the need for a new legal regulation, are discussed. The second part of the thesis considers the design of GDPR. Here, the question of necessity for such regulation is addressed. Furthermore, the author discusses the circumstances under which the IP address and cookies can be considered personal data which are protected by GDPR. The central theme of the thesis is the consent to the processing of personal data. GDPR does not modify the fundamental parameters of the consent...
Prerequisites for the obligation to compensate for personal injury from the provision of health services
Pokorná, Lucie ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Elischer, David (referee)
Prerequisites for the obligation to compensate for personal injury from the provision of health services This rigorous thesis is aimed on prerequisites which must be fulfilled in order to qualify for the compensation for the personal injury, taking into account the specifics that are related to the provision of health services. In case of dispute is the most difficult to prove infringement of the doctor and the causation between the infringement and subsequent damage. For this reason, together with the personal injury part, this is the core of this thesis. In this thesis, I first focus on civil liability in general and build on the issue of civil liability with regard to the provision of health services. There is also a chapter dedicated to health services and directly embedding this area in the legislation. The other parts are divided according to the individual assumptions of the obligation to compensate for personal injury, namely the infringement, the personal injury, the causation and the culpability. In each section, I try to bring the assumption on a general level and consequently with regard to the specifics that are associated with the provision of health services. The third part deals with the first assumption, it is an infringement. In connection with the provision of health services, I...
Accelerating structure search in small-molecule databases
Kratochvíl, Miroslav ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Hoksza, David (referee)
Structure search is one of the valuable capabilities of small-molecule databases. Available chemical cartridges typically provide acceptable search performance for processing user queries, but do not scale satisfactorily with dataset size. This thesis presents Sachem, a new open-source chemical car- tridge that implements a novel method of substructure search, which em- ploys newly designed fingerprints stored in inverted indexes. The perfor- mance of the method was assessed on datasets that contain tens of mil- lions of molecules. Comparison of the performance to that of other available cartridges revealed improvements in overall search speed, scaling potential and screen-out efficiency. Additionally, the thesis presents an application of Sachem; a SPARQL service that augments existing semantic services by including results of substructure and similarity searches in small-molecule databases. The result offers new possibilities for simpler querying of the interoperable heterogeneous data sources. 1
Paleogeographic development of the Cenozoic river systems in the central and northern Bohemia and its link to climatic changes and neotectonics
Štor, Tomáš
The main aim of this thesis is to provide greater details on the timing of the fluvial river systems formation in the middle and the northern Bohemia. We focused on the Ploučnice River and Vltava River evolution. The river systems are very complex therefore we have used multiple approaches of the research with the disciplines range from geology, sedimentology, geomorphology, geochemistry, over different dating methods such as 10Be and 26Al isochron burial dating, optically stimulated luminescence dating and radiocarbon dating methods. Our results suggests that the terraces are significantly older than previously proposed. The fluvial style of the Ploučnice River system changes from high-energy braided to long-bend meandered river in the upper terrace levels (36 to 29 m above the modern river) and from high- to medium-energy braided river in the middle terrace levels (22-14 m). In the lower terrace levels (13 to 5 m) high-energy braided to long-bend meandered river environments were identified. Terraces were dating at 34 m, 29 m and 14 m above the modern floodplain with cosmogenic radionuclides while the 19 m, 12 m and 6 m above the modern floodplain terraces were dating with OSL. The time span represented by the river terraces remains unclear and varies from Eburonian to Eemian (1.68 to 0.056 Ma)....
Analysis of sensory and toxicologically important compounds in beer
Vrzal, Tomáš
One of the most relevant group of toxicologically significant compounds in beer are N-nitrosamines. In this thesis, the attention was paid especially on non-volatile nitroso compounds whose concentrations in beer, a chemical structure, and a biological effect has not been known yet. For the reason of the lack of knowledge regarding this compound group, the method for their sensitive detection by chemiluminescence detection after gas chromatographic separation was developed. This method permits a classification of detected nitroso compounds to different groups (N-nitroso, C-nitroso, and combination of C-nitroso and nitro) and distinguish them from interferences. The method is based on recording of a pyrolytic profile of each chromatographic peak, the profiles are then processed by discriminant analysis. The method has been developed for finding and structural identification purposes of these unknown compounds. Its application on an artificially nitrosated beer sample, together with gas chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric analysis, led to structural identification of several representatives of nitroso compounds. Sensory active compounds in this thesis are represented by carbonyl compounds and fatty acids. Carbonyl compounds - furfural and hydroxymethylfurfural - were used during the development...
Reorganization and its importance in Czech insolvency law
Marian, Daniel ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The subject of this thesis is reorganization as a method of resolving a debtor's insolvency or imminent insolvency pursuant to the Insolvency Act. This thesis analyses the current legal regulation on reorganization, evaluates the existing empirical studies and presents the results of its own empirical research into the reorganizations which were permitted in the years 2014 to 2017. This thesis also seeks to answer whether reorganization truly represents a rehabilitation process and whether it can be considered a basic method of resolving insolvency next to bankruptcy, as originally envisioned by the legislators whilst enacting the Insolvency Act. Furthermore, whether or not the so- called "Revision Amendment" had any positive effect on reorganizations is also researched. Last but not least, this thesis deals with reorganization from the perspective of de lege ferenda and its importance for Czech insolvency law. First of all, this thesis shows that reorganization is not a purely rehabilitative process but that it can also have liquidation effects. The classification of reorganization as a rehabilitation method of resolving bankruptcy is therefore inaccurate. Furthermore, it is shown that the Revision Amendment to the Insolvency Act does not have any significant positive practical...

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