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Nová observační axiomatizace kvantové mechaniky, nekonsistence ontického modelu kvantové mechaniky a konec kvantové nelokality
Souček, Jiří
In this paper we describe a new axiomatization of quantum mechanics (QM) in which we replace the concept of the measurement by the concept of the observation. We shall describe and discuss this axiomatization in details. We show that new axioms are clear and evident and based on the common sense. Our approach is based on the idea of the observation of the individual state of the individual measuring system. We distinguish two concepts of a state: the individual state of the individual measuring system and the state of an ensemble of systems. Then we prove that the ontic model of QM (where the wave function describes the state of the individual system) is inconsistent. This is our main result. It implies that the "standard von Neumann's text-book QM" is inconsistent. This implies the necessity to consider "non-realistic" models for QM. Moreover we show that the proofs of Bell's theorem and of quantum nonlocality are not valid in these "nonrealistic" models for QM. This implies that there is no valid proof of the quantum nonlocality.
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Wood sooner and now
Polášek, Marek
Dřevo dříve a nyní z hlediska jeho zpracovatelnosti, sušení, trvanlivosti, atd.
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The principle of anti-superposition in QM and the local solution of the Bell’s inequality problem
Souček, Jiří
In this paper we identify the superposition principle as a main source of problems in QM (measurement, collapse, non-locality etc.). Here the superposition principle for individual systems is substituted by the anti-superposition principle: no non-trivial superposition of states is a possible individual state (for ensembles the superposition principle is true). The modified QM is based on the anti-superposition principle and on the new type of probability theory (Extended Probability Theory [1]), which allows the reversible Markov processes as models for QM. In the modified QM the measurement is a process inside of QM and the concept of an observation of the measuring system is defined. The outcome value is an attribute of the ensemble of measured systems. The collapse of the state is substituted by the Selection process. We show that the derivation of Bell’s inequalities is then impossible and thus QM remains a local theory. Our main results are: the locality of the modified QM, the local explanation of EPR correlations, the non-existence of the wave-particle duality, the solution of the measurement problem. We show that QM can be understood as a new type of the statistical mechanics of many-particle systems.
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Enhanced publications in the Czech Republic
Pejšová, Petra ; Vyčítalová, Hana
The aim of this article is to introduce the notion of enhanced publications to the Czech audience. Enhanced publications are a new type of scholarly publishing. This concerns extra materials linked with electronic publications, such as research data, models, algorithms, figures, metadata, postpublication data (e.g. commentaries) and other items. The article includes a presentation of a survey of the state of enhanced publications in Czech research institutions.
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The personal archive of Ing. arch. Jan Moučka in the National Repository of Grey Literature
Vyčítalová, Hana
Článek ukazuje na popisu procesu ukládání a zpřístupnění děl z Archivu JM do NUŠLu, jak postupovat při ukládání obdobných typů dokumentů do institucionálních repozitářů. Nedílnou součástí článku je podrobný právní rozbor možností zpřístupnění děl v repozitářích s veřejným přístupem.
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E-sources do not fall from the sky
Žižková, Štěpánka
The paper describes the current coverage of Czech research, development and education with electronic information resources (EIZ). In comparison with foreign experience with financing of these costly albeit for knowledge advancement of science and research absolutely necessary and fundamental tools, the Czech Republic has chosen the way of grant competitions. After ten-year existence of grant programs supporting access to electronic resources, it is clear how system and conceptual solution as well as assessment of appropriate consortial model for the Czech Republic are in principle lacking in this field.
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The project of information education of teachers in a secondary technical school
Dvořáková, Drahomíra ; Chára, Luboš
This study is focused on training information literacy of teachers in one secondary technical school. The pilot training lessons were held from February to August 2010 and were a part of a project which resulted to the foundation of the Studying and Information Centre in SSTO Dacice. The aim of training was to improve the quality of educational process in school and in friendly way lead teachers to self-education in the area of orientation in electronic resources (digital libraries, open access resources and institutional repositories), searching information, citation etc. In the conclusion of this article there is summarized and analyzed the questionnaire action in which teachers participated. Results of this questionnaire will influence of the future The National technical library´s projects on information literacy training.

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