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New knowledge in the field of mechanism of action and use of auxin herbicides
Skůpa, Petr ; Petrášek, Jan ; Bárnet, M.
The methodology summarizes all the latest findings in the field of mechanism of auxin effects in the plant, which give users a new perspective on their use in agricultural practice.
The methodology for bit-level preservation of digital data
Růžička, M. ; Miranda, Andrea ; Hejtmánek, L. ; Vašek, Zdeněk ; Krejčíř, V. ; Bartošek, M.
The aim of the digital data bit-level protection methodology is to provide recommendations for implementing Long Term Preservation (LTP) storage. The methodology provides guidance on how to address the problem of bit protection of digital data in the environment of Czech libraries on the basis of good practice in this area available in the Czech Republic and worldwide. At the same time, this methodology is connected to project ARCLib , which aim is to develop open source LTP system. For wide availability to the libraries of the Czech Republic and elsewhere, the whole recommendation is based on freely available technologies with open source text and licenses allowing further development and adaptation to the needs of the user.
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Preparation and storage of fish samples for flow cytometry
Halačka, Karel ; Vetešník, Lukáš ; Mareš, J.
Flow cytometry enabling rapid measurement of cellular DNA content has been widely used in ichthyology and fishery practice. The aim of the methodology is to contribute to optimization of work on the flow cytometer by helping with the selection, sampling and possibilities of fixation of analyzed tissue and interpretation of obtained data. The target group are people from fishery companies and ichthyologists dealing with the problem of the fish population structure in free water. During the sampling and analyzing of samples problem can be limited availability of fixative and techniques as well as analyzes of material not originally retained for the purpose of ploidy determination. Typical examples are temporary usable or archive preparations, museum material, etc. For the verification were preferred representatives of polyploid complexes or economically exploited species with a known existence of polyploid individuals.
A method for the use of nanofiber scaffolds and stem cells for the treatment of severe damages of the ocular surface
Zajícová, Alena ; Javorková, Eliška ; Holáň, Vladimír
The method describes a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of severe ocular injuries in veterinary medicine. The protocol is based on a cultivation of stem cells and their transfer using nanofiber scaffolds onto damaged ocular surface. This method can be used in the cases when other available treatment options are not sufficient or cannot be used.
Regional yield forecasting for improved decision making in the plant production
Trnka, Miroslav ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Kudláčková, Lucie ; Balek, Jan ; Meitner, Jan ; Možný, Martin ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Bartošová, Lenka ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Bláhová, Monika ; Lukas, Vojtěch ; Žalud, Zdeněk
The methodology describes how to predict yields of key crops, and at the same time addresses reliability of the predictions and how these can be used. The ability to predict yield levels more than 2 months prior the harvest on the level of regions (NUTS3¨) and districts (LAU1) brings also new opportunities to mitigate impacts of adverse conditions. The methodology shows that the yield forecasts and yield anomalies in particular are consistent and usable in practices. In this methodology, the results of 2018 yield forecasts are presented as an example. The yield forecasting system for the Czech Republic is fully functional and is and will be available through

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