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Wilhelm von Bode and the International Art Market: the Unpublished Correspondence with Rudolphe Kann and Joseph Duveen
Watrelot, Michaela ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Winter, Petra (referee) ; Vlnas, Vít (referee)
Wilhelm von Bode and the International Art Market: the Unpublished Correspondence with Rudolphe Kann and Joseph Duveen This dissertation explores changing trends in the European and American art market in the late 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries, in particular their influences, presented from the perspective of Wilhelm von Bode, renowned connoisseur and, at the time, director general of the Berlin Museums and explored predominantly through his relationship with the private collector Rudolphe Kann and art dealer Joseph Duveen. At the time, the collection of Rudolphe Kann was considered to be one of the most refined among the European private collections, yet it hasn't received much attention by contemporary scholars. This dissertation therefore offers the most systematic review of Kann's collection since 1907, the year when Bode compiled the revised catalogue. Wilhelm Bode was actively involved in building the Kann collection, as shown by the extensive numbers of private, previously unpublished, correspondence, which provided the foundation of this research. After the dealer Joseph Duveen bought the entire art collection of this prominent Parisian collector in the summer 1907 and subsequently sold almost all of the artworks to American collectors, the competitiveness of European private...
Electronic clinical study management system with artificial intelligence-based data processing capabilities
Mužný, Miroslav ; Mužík, Jan (advisor) ; Štěpánková, Olga (referee) ; Ngo, Phuong Dinh (referee)
An increasing amount of data are collected through wearable devices during ambulatory, and long-term monitoring of biological signals, adoption of persuasive technology and dynamics of clinical trials information sharing - all of that changes the possible clinical intervention. Moreover, more and more smartphone apps are hitting the market as they become a tool in daily life for many people around the globe. All of these applications are generating a tremendous amount of data, that is difficult to process using traditional methods, and asks for engagement of advanced methods of data processing. For recruiting patients, this calls for a shift from traditional methods of engaging patients to modern communication platforms such as social media, that are providing easy access to up- to-date information on an everyday basis. These factors make the clinical study progression demanding, in terms of unified participant management and processing of connected digital resources. Some clinical trials put a strong accent on remote sensing data and patient engagement through their smartphones. To facilitate this, a direct participant messaging, where the researchers give support, guidance and troubleshooting on a personal level using already adopted communication channels, needs to be implemented. Since the...
Effect of Nanoparticles on Plant Metabolism
Cyrusová, Tereza ; Szotáková, Barbora (advisor) ; Hnilička, František (referee) ; Smrček, Stanislav (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biochemical Sciences Candidate: Mgr. Tereza CYRUSOVÁ Supervisor: prof. Ing. Barbora SZOTÁKOVÁ, Ph.D. Consultant: RNDr. Radka PODLIPNÁ, Ph.D. Title of Doctoral Thesis: Effect of Nanoparticles on Plant Metabolism Along with the expansion of nanotechnologies, which are used in many disciplines, the field of nanotoxicology has recently been developed. It deals with the negative effects of engineered nanoparticles on the environment and biota. Considerable attention has already been paid to the toxicity of nanoparticles to plants, however, the mechanisms responsible for their effects are not fully understood yet. At the same time, the possible positive effect of nanoparticles on plants has been investigated in recent years. The aim of our work was to study and evaluate the effect of nanoparticles on the growth of selected plant species and to evaluate their phytotoxicity. We focused on the study of nanoparticles in the form of metal oxides. The content of accumulated metals in germinating plants of mustard (Sinapis alba L.), in in vitro cultures of true-fox sedge (Carex vulpina L.) and the concentration of metal ions released into the culture media were measured by atomic absorption spectrometry (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn). and inductively...
Sudden release of toxic gas in built-up environment
Chaloupecká, Hana ; Jaňour, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Zelinger, Zdeněk (referee) ; Efthimiou, George (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with short-term gas releases (puffs) in an urban canopy studied utilizing wind-tunnel modelling. The urban canopy was composed of buildings with pitched roofs organised into closed courtyards. Into it, a ground-level point gas source was placed. The first part of the thesis is focused on specific definitions of puff characteristics. New definitions of puff arrival and departure times are presented. Various definitions of puff arrival time were applied on the same datasets and the results were compared. Moreover, it was studied how slight changes in determination of puff departure time can affect its values and other derived puff characteristics. The second part of the thesis is focused on modelling of probability density functions of puff characteristics with knowledge of sampling positions towards the gas source and mean values of concentrations valid for long-term gas sources. The found equations will be utilized in an operational model. The outputs in the form of the probability density functions of puff characteristics distinguish my model from the usually utilized operational models, in which only the ensemble-averaged puff outline and concentration field can be predicted.
Studying the distribution of substituents in derivatives based on hyaluronane
Sedláček, Jakub ; Šatínský, Dalibor (advisor) ; Zimčík, Petr (referee) ; Chmelař, Josef (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Analytical Chemistry Candidate Ing. Jakub Sedláček Supervisor doc. RNDr. Dalibor Šatínský, Ph.D. Title of Doctoral Thesis Studying the distribution of substituents in derivatives based on hyaluronan Derivatives based on hyaluronan have found applications in various areas of medicine. Prepared derivatives are commonly characterized by their molar mass and their degree of substitution, however, such parameters are unable to distinguish among derivatives with different distributions of substituents along the chain, which may exhibit different macroscopic properties. For this reason, methods to determine the distribution of substituents along the chain are needed. The presented thesis deals with the determination of distribution of amino groups in deacetylated hyaluronan. The theoretical part starts with a description of hyaluronan structure and of its derivatives. Next, the application, the preparation, and the characterization of deacetylated hyaluronan are discussed, focusing particularly on its depolymerisation into oligosaccharides using deaminative cleavage or enzymes that degrade hyaluronan. Finally, examples of liquid chromatographic methods used to analyse hyaluronan oligosaccharide are presented. The experimental part...
Development and optimization of chromatographic methods suitable for clinical application
Jenčo, Jaroslav ; Solich, Petr (advisor) ; Hroboňová, Katarína (referee) ; Šatínský, Dalibor (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department: Department of Analytical Chemistry Candidate: Mgr. Jaroslav Jenčo Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Petr Solich, CSc. Consultant: doc. RNDr. Lenka Kujovská Krčmová, Ph.D. Title of dissertation thesis: Development and optimization of chromatographic methods suitable for clinical application The presented dissertation thesis is divided into several parts, copying the workplaces, which I gradually worked on. The unifying element is the development and optimization of methods for the preparation of samples of biologically active substances and their subsequent analysis using separation methods. The theoretical part characterizes the target substances, from a biochemical, physicochemical, and analytical point of view. It describes the basic characteristics of extraction procedures and presents an overview of the methods used to determine the substances described in the thesis. In the first, main experimental part, of the dissertation thesis the development, optimization, and validation of an analytical method for chromatographic analysis of vitamin B1, its biologically active forms and the active form of vitamin B6 in blood is described. It illustrates the selection of sample preparation techniques, the optimization of the target methodology...
Volunteering as an allocation of human resources in sports organizations
Pecinová, Markéta ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Omcirk, Vilém (referee) ; Maršíková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Volunteering as an allocation of human resources in sports organizations Objectives: The objective of the thesis is to recommend the most suitable Belbin roles for job positions in sports organizations based on knowledge from research and literature. Methods: The thesis uses qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research will take place in the form of dialogue and subsequent discussion of the Focus Group with representatives of sports organizations. 9 respondents will participate in this group discussion. Quantitative research is conducted among volunteers in sports organizations through electronic surveys and the Click4Survey tool. The Belbin test is part of the questionnaire survey. The questionnaire survey includes a sample of 305 respondents. Results: The results of qualitative research show that the positions offered to volunteers include the positions of administrative worker, assistant, supervisor, organizer and coach. The results of quantitative research show that the most represented role in volunteers, according to Belbin's typology, is the role of the Implementer. There is no statistically significant relationship between the job position and the role of volunteers, however, based on the findings from research and literature, the author recommends the most suitable...
Gender aspect of playing video games
Fousek Krobová, Tereza ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Fárová, Nina (referee) ; Černohorská, Vanda (referee)
This dissertation deals with various gender aspects of playing computer games. It describes how gender stereotypes are connected with the level of production, content, and with the players themselves. In this sense, it shows that games are still created mainly by homogeneous male teams, in order to attract male players, they contain mainly male characters, while the female ones are created to be attractive to these ideal male players. However, the primary goal of this dissertation is to describe the different ways and intensities of the relationship with the avatar, the playable character in the game. The analytical part consists of two illustrative case studies, one concerning female heterosexual players, the other male heterosexual players. The basic premise is the fact that the player "plays gender" - that is, performs it similarly to social reality. However, this performance is not just a reconstruction and confirmation of hypothetically stable gender identities, but on the contrary their deconstruction ("playing with gender"). In this sense, the work pays particular attention to situations where the player and the avatar have different genders and the heterosexual player, therefore, identifies with the avatar but also objectifies him/her. This dissertation aims to emphasize the uniqueness of...
Multidimensional characterization of polyelectrolytes and interpolyelectrolyte complexes in aqueous solutions
Murmiliuk, Anastasiia ; Štěpánek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Šachl, Radek (referee) ; Hoffmann, Ingo (referee)
Multidimensional characterization of polyelectrolytes and interpolyelectrolyte complexes in aqueous solutions Abstract: This PhD thesis is dedicated to the study of polyelectrolytes and their self-assembly in aqueous solutions. The morphology and ionization state of individual polymer chains were investigated as well as their co-assembly with oppositely charged species. First, the charge regulation of short and long weak polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution was investigated to deeper understand their pH-responsive properties. The changes of ionization degree and charge of oligopeptides composed of 5 amino acids with acid side-chains and 5 with basic side chains were followed upon varying the pH in order to reveal the effect of interactions between the like-charged and oppositely charged groups. It was shown that intra-molecular electrostatic interactions and conformational flexibility caused the suppression of the total charge and enhancement of ionization of the peptides. To get an insight into the distribution of local H+ concentration in the proximity of a polyelectrolyte chain, a modified polyelectrolyte structure was used with a fluorescent pH- indicator, covalently attached at the end of the chain. Ionization of the pH-responsive fluorophore revealed its effective pK which was compared with the local...
Selected Prognostic and Predictive Factors of Pituitary Tumours in Patients with Acromegaly
Soukup, Jiří ; Ryška, Aleš (advisor) ; Ehrmann, Jiří (referee) ; Fryšák, Zdeněk (referee)
Selected prognostic and predictive factors of pituitary tumours in patients with acromegaly (abstract) Pituitary tumours in patients with acromegaly (somatotroph adenomas, pituitary neuroendocrine tumours - PitNETs) are a rare disease with significant morbidity and high impact on economic resources of the health care system. The surgery is the first line of treatment, and while it cures a subset of the patients, another therapeutical approach combining radiotherapy and pharmacotherapy is needed in the rest. This usually includes treatment with costly somatostatin analogues (SSA). On the opposite, the therapeutic response to SSA is not a rule. This work aimed to perform precise clinicopathological characterisation of available tissue samples of PitNETs in acromegalic patients (n=110) from REgistr SEllárních Tumorů (RESET registry) and further explore potential factors related to clinically aggressive disease phenotype (tumour size, invasion, biochemical parameters) and factors that might predict therapeutic response to the first generation SSA. An extensive immunohistochemical evaluation was performed: tumours were histologically subclassified (expression of cytokeratins, prolactin, TSH) and proliferative activity was assessed (Ki67, p53, mitotic count) as well as expression of possible pharmacological...

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