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Report on the survey of behavior and biomanipulation function of Europaen catfish population in Římov Reservoir in 2017
Říha, Milan ; Vejřík, Lukáš ; Peterka, Jiří ; Kubečka, Jan
Report summarizes our research of behavior and movement of wels catfish (Silurus glanis) in the Římov reservoir in years 2017-2018. Data about behavior and distribution were collected using a positioning telemetry system.
Hydrobiological monitoring of Medard Lake in 2017
Hejzlar, Josef ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Znachor, Petr ; Seďa, Jaromír ; Peterka, Jiří
The report summarizes the results of hydrobiological monitoring of Medard Lake 2017 and contains recommendations for further research activities. At the beginning of 2017, the lake was almost full, and at the end of March the last 30 cm water column was filled from the Ohře river. The ecosystem of the lake has reached its final nutrient load, which will be characterized by low levels of carrying capacity with low productivity planktonic and fish communities and specific seasonal changes in chemistry and biological parameters.
Complex ichtyological investigation of the Lipno Reservoir in 2017
Soukalová, Kateřina ; Kubečka, Jan ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Děd, Vilém ; de Moraes, Karlos Ribeiro ; Jůza, Tomáš ; Souza, Allan T.
The aim of the study was to monitor the overall status of the fish stock of the Lipno reservoir in the key year 2017, when the fishing rules were changed. The catches of multimesh gillnets, fry trawling, seining and electrofishing, and the assessment of European catfish were evaluated. The species composition and relative abundance of fish in all significant reservoir volumes were found, and the year class strength of all species 2017 was quantified. The report also contains recommendations for further fishery management of the reservoir.
Assessment of asp reproductive population in Švihov Reservoir in 2017
Šmejkal, Marek ; Blabolil, Petr ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Kolařík, T. ; Soukalová, Kateřina ; Děd, Vilém ; Boborová, K. ; Michalička, P. ; Zemanová, Z. ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Duras, J. ; Kubečka, Jan
The aim of the contract was to capture reproducing asp by electrofishing and tag fish individually using individual marking technique (PIT-tags). Estimate of asp reproductive population in the Švihov Reservoir was performed on the basis of mark-recapture methods. Furthermore, the length and weight increments were computed for recaptured asp individuals. Tagged individuals were monitored using passive telemetry systems on the tributary of Švihov Reservoir.
Final report on ichthyological work within NAZV project No. QJ1620240 in 2018
Blabolil, Petr ; Kubečka, Jan
The aim of the study was to carry out a survey of fish stocks in the inshore part of Švihov Reservoir with a special attention on the natural reproduction of pike and the spatial dispersion of marked asp fry.
Monitoring the fish stock of Bolevecké ponds in 2018
Jůza, Tomáš
The aim of the study was to investigate fish community composition in Bolevecké ponds after fish stock reduction and massive development of submerged macrophytes.\n
Complex fish stock survey of Lake Most in 2017
Peterka, Jiří
Aim of the complex ichthyological survey of Lake Most was to map the current state and succession of lake’s fish stock with particular emphasis put on abundance and biomass estimates of all fish species, evaluation of possible risks to the further development of the fish stock and recommendations for the lake management. Summarization of achieved results and recommendations for further monitoring are included in the presented report.
Combining the results of particle and pore water analyzes - setting decision criteria for sediment management
Borovec, Jakub ; Jan, Jiří ; Hubáček, Tomáš ; Tomková, Iva
The study focuses on the prediction of sediments behavior in specific locations within the reservoir, and determination of risks they pose in terms of phosphorus (P) release into the water column. The introduced combination of two methods is used for these purposes: i) the vertical profiling of dissolved ions in the pore water and ii) the specific composition of particles in the corresponding sediment layers.

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