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Combustion by-products of the power station of Prunéřov and options of their utilization for nature-conservation purposes
Volfová, Michaela ; Hendrychová, Markéta (advisor) ; Petr, Petr (referee)
The experiment took place in the ash deposit of power plant in the north-west Bohemia, where wasps and bees were investigated. Data were collected on localities of different management and age in May to August, 2015 by pan color traps, when 106 traps were collected (70 traps on succession areas and 36 traps on reclaimed areas). In total, 603 individuals (88 species) were determined. Thirty two species stated in the Red list, 14 species are vulnerable, six species are endangered and 2 species are critical endangered. Succession areas were strictly preferred by 39 species (90 individuals) and reclaimed areas by 12 species (18 individuals).
Does water stress and interspecific competition contribute to the functional divergence or convergence of wetland plant species?
Műnichová, Radka ; Douda, Jan (advisor) ; Alena, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis is based on the experiment which took 5 years. In 52 plastic containers were planted four species wetland plants; two species of grasses (Calamagrostis canescens and Deschampsia cespitosa) and two species of sedges (Carex elata and Carex elongata). Three types of water regime were set up with: high, low and fluctuating water level, where the high and low level of water took turns after one year. One year before the data collection the strongest competitor Carex elata was cut out. For the evaluation of the role of water level (environmental stress) and removal of the dominant (competition) we selected two functional trait indicators: specific leaf area (SLA) and leaf dry matter content (LDMC). SLA is an indicator of resource strategies, competitiveness and efficiency of light photosynthesis. Species with high SLA are usually better competitors for light, but tolerate harder the environmental stress. LDMC reflects a plants investment in persistent leaf structures and therefore in nutrient retention. A significant effect of water regime on LDMC was observed in the species Deschampsia cespitosa that had higher average values of LDMC in dry water regime, which is indicating higher investment into persistent leaf structures. And the effect of the dominant removal on SLA, where the values of SLA in the containers without removed dominant were higher. Increased SLA implies increased intensity of competition for light. My diploma thesis supported that specific leaf area and leafdry matter content are important functional indicators different types of stress conditions in wetland communities.
Effect of long-term fertilizer application on content of risk elements in grassland soil
Jungová, Michaela ; Hejcman, Michal (advisor) ; Pavlů, Vilém (referee)
The long-term Steinach Grassland Experiment is probably one of the oldest still-running fertilised grass experiments in continental Europe. The experiment was established on an alluvial meadow Alopecurus pratensis in southeastern Germany in 1933. The meadow was divided into 75 plots and fertilised with both mineral and organic fertilisers of differing compositions and amounts. The aim of this study was to provide more detailed information about the effects of long-term fertilisation by natrium (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) on the contents of risk elements in soil. The effects of long-term fertilisation were investigated in the extracts of a) plant-available elements (extraction of CaCl2), b) easily mobilised elements (extraction of EDTA), c) potentially mobilisable elements (extraction of HNO3), the total concentration of elements (extraction of Aqua regia). Concentrations of risk elements As, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and Zn in the soil profile has increased substantially due to the phosphorus fertilisation; however, the limits for total trace elements concentration as set by the Czech legislation have been exceeded only twice, namely in the case of As and Cd. The total concentration of As (AsT) has been exceeded only once, on the plot fertilised only by nitrogen. The assumption is that that the increased level of AsT fraction in soil was probably caused in the past by fertilising with Thomas slag which is known to contain elevated concentrations of As. However, fertilising with the phosphorus-containing fertilisers has had the opposite effect on concentrations of Mn, Ni and Zn that are easily available to plants; concentrations of these elements in the soil extraction were substantially higher. In spite of the overall concentrations of Cd being lower than the Czech legislative standards, the results on several plots fertilised by mineral and organic fertilisers containing N, P and K showed higher concentrations of Cd and in one case reached the limit value. Plots fertilised by mineral fertilisers N160P44K174 (NH4)2SO4 recorded higher Cr concentrations. In overview, it could be stated that under various types of fertilising no substantial effects of long-term fertiliser applications on a higher content of risk elements in soil has been detected. Only two plots have exceeded the limits set by Notice 13/1994 Sb., in one case it was a total concentration of As and in another one that of Cd.
Public space use in a part of Vítězné náměstí in Prague
Kováříček, Jakub ; Peltan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macoun, Milan (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on observation and evaluation of the using public space. Main part of the Vítězné náměstí infront of General building and also near of Dejvická street in Prague - specifically part of the Prague called Dejvice.  The thesis examines what activities are represented in part of Vítězné náměstí. In this thesis is description of the places, where are these activities done - around Vítězné náměstí and indicate where the most frequent movement of people in this area. The thesis focused were for the influence of these factors, the possibielities  of using these spaces. These data is collection with two metods. First method what was used was picking of time and the second one by drawing in a cartogram. Data was processeded then created into the graph. From these charts was later made the conclusion determined factors of the impact use these public spaces.
Residentail developable areas in municipalities with low levels of development activity in the district of municipality with extended competence Sokolov
Sojková, Veronika ; Peltan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kirschner, Vlaďka (referee)
The aim of this work is to examine the quality of buildable delimitation of areas for housing development in the context of population and the subsequent unfolding of the territorial community development. The monitored area is located in Karlovy Vary Region in the administrative territory of the municipality with extended powers Sokolov. Data were used from the Czech Statistical Office, from territorial analytical data and data from local plans. From these sources were identified buildable areas in this area and. It has been identified villages Nová Ves, Josefov, Šabina, Rovná, Krajková, Habartov. These municipalities are further characterized and quantified by total volume buildable areas and their long term usage. Throughout the administrative territory it was carried out a survey in which respondents were included as representatives and officials of municipalities with valid land use plan. Based on the results of the survey are defined problems and negative effects associated with long-unused locations buildable areas. The basic principles of solution to the formulation of recommendations for the representatives of municipalities and planners in defining buildable areas in the planning documentation. They consist mainly in the processing of the detailed design territory. As a possible solution is provided through a legislative process, which is for representatives of municipalities a way out of this negative state.
Winter roosts of Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) and associated Jackdaws (Corvus monedula): social behaviour and interseasonal dynamics
Hofmanová, Martina ; Musilová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Šťastný, Karel (referee)
The presented work summarizes the literary knowledge of the collective winter sleepovers for Rook Corvus frugilegus and Jackdaw Corvus monedula, particularly focusing on the behavior during the day to revaluate the potential benefits of the causes of mass sleepover. Both species are migratory birds which have migrated throughout most of Europe. Rook is from Corvus genus and it is very kind, very social, preferring nesting gathering food in the colonies. It is synanthropy, which shows strong binding to areas inhabited by humans. He uses mass sleepovers and regularly fly between sleapover and food source. The work also includes analysis of own results mid season dynamics of Rooks and Jackdaws in traditional sleepover base in Kralupy nad Vltavou and their neighborhood. The results show a decrease in Rooks and Jackdaws. Among the main consequences of the decline of these specieslikely include changes in the landscape caused by natural phenomena in the form of floods, loss of agricultural land farmed soil, urban modernization, increasing development and by changing of climatic conditions.
Marketing study of users satisfaction with wood-buildings in the Regions of Karlovy Vary and of Hradec Králové and their mutual comparison
Adlof, Jakub ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Veselá, Michaela (referee)
This work is focused on ratings user satisfaction wooden buildings in Karlovy Vary and Hradec Kralove region. Information from users was recorded in a pre-prepared questionnaire, which reflects not only their satisfaction with the wooden system, but also their interest in wooden houses, educational attainment and age level users. The results of these inquiries can be used as a basis material for further scientific work in future or for a general improvement in public opinion about wooden system as appropriate building technology for the construction of houses or other buildings. The first part deals with the physical properties of wood and its history of use for construction purposes. It also contains a variety of mounting options in terms of design and use of diversity in individual regions. The second part (practical) provides information and evaluation of actual field research in each region processed into graphs, accompanied by commentary for easier understanding of the problem.
Design of Home Computer Network
Kykal, Václav ; Buchtela, David (advisor) ; Pavlíčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis describes the design of a home computer network. The first part deals with the study of local computer networks and their history. This part concerns network types and topologies and the reference models OSI and TCP/IP. Types of active and passive network hardware components are mentioned, as well as networking software and individual network standards for network communication. Furthermore, the thesis also discusses some possibilities of effective security of computer network. The second part deals with creating the design of home computer network. The network must meet the client s requirements. The description of space, for which is the network created, forms a part of design. There is also the list of required hardware for network implementation and hardware that will be connected to the network. As the main part of this work, the schema of the cable placement and the placement of other active network components is designed. The work also describes appropriate security of this home computer network using setting of the routers and the network storage connection.
Comparison of bark boring species composition on douglas-fir and spruce
Trepáč, Matěj ; Pešková, Vítězslava (advisor) ; Šenfeld, Petr (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's work was observation and follow-up evaluation of tree trap of Douglas fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii ((Mirbel) Franco, 1950), and Norway spruce, Picea abies ((Linnaeus.) H. Karsten, 1753). This work was focused on the attractiveness of Douglas fir in comparison with Norway spruce, primarily on bark beetles. Two years in sequence 6 pairs of tree trap above mentioned species were evaluated each year at locality Zelená Bouda. Evaluation were made during period of spring attack, before adult bugs were ready for swarming. Four sections were evaluated at each tree trap. The basic method was quantitative comparison based on results that we obtained during this research. Obtained results were recorded into transparent tables and graphs according to individual year with year-on-year comparison. Written evaluation was following behind. Results can be used as a basis for desicion making if Douglas fir is appropriate for growing in ours conditions in larger scale. So far we can presume from obtained results that Douglas fir is less attractive then Norway spruce.
Specifics of waste management in energy company
Zemanová, Šárka ; Hnátková, Tereza (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
Theoretical part of this bachelor thesis explains the terms concerning waste management in a power supply company. It further descibes the practice enforced in accordance with current law and resolves the origin, collection and disposal of waste. The practical part contains specific activities of a power supply company in cleaning a gas pipeline with resulting hazardous waste. It also specifies various types of waste, its quantity, classification in the catalogue of wastes and a detailed description of the technologies used and actions taken on waste disposal.This thesis aims to qualify the types of waste produced in a power supply company and to evaluate the procedures for waste storage and disposal according to current law.

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